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How to batch edit photos easily for ebay, Poshmark and Etsy

Do you have a ton of photos to edit, but you are finding that it is taking up way to much of your time?

If you have an ecommerce store or you resell items on platforms like ebay, poshmark or etsy, then you are very likely taking your own product shots. Figuring out how to get the lighting of those images just right to give you a bright, crisp photo can take some time to actually master. As a compromise, a lot of people go ahead and take the photos but then have to spend time editing the photos to get rid of shadows, make them brighter, and create a lighter background.

As a part-time reseller, I had hired a woman to help me with the photography aspect of my business. I would send her items to photograph and then she would upload them onto Google Drive for me to put into ebay listings. While this was very helpful, the lighting of the area she was using for the photos was pretty dim and I had to edit every single photo. With each item having up to 12 photos, this was taking quite some time. As a reseller, the goal is to get as many items as possible listed so people can buy them. Having to edit pictures is an unnecessary step that slows things down.

Easy Program for Batch Photo Editing

After some research, I finally found a program that allows me to edit all of my pictures really fast. And the best is that it’s FREE.

It’s called PhotoScapeX.

Tutorial on How to Use PhotoScapeX to Batch Edit Photos

Here is a video of the tutorial I created on how to use this free and easy program to batch edit photos.

I hope this helps make picture editing go a LOT faster. The faster you can get products listed, the more money you can make.

Happy listing

Looking for a quick way to bulk edit photos for your e-commerce store? Try this quick hack to save tons of time and make your items look better.

Use this quick and easy way to bulk edit photos for your ebay, Poshmark or Etsy business.
Use this quick and easy way to bulk edit photos for your ebay, Poshmark or Etsy business.

3 Comments on A Quick Free and Easy Way to Batch Edit Photos for Ebay, Poshmark and Etsy

  1. Although i didn’t check it earlier, after seeing this i will try to use it. Any i am photo editor, i always use adobe photoshop for photo editing for mysellf and my clients. Thank you for this tutorial.

  2. Hi there. I’m wondering how to edit photos for size, when I’m listing via laptop and for the times I’m listing via my phone. Surely there are two good methods to doing this? I have no idea where to start! Editing color, etc. is not the issue for me, so much as dealing with the monster-sized photos that Poshmark and Tradesy will not accept without them being substantially reduced. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Katt,

      On Poshmark, they want the pictures in square so if you’re phone has that option, you can just take the picture that way. Iphone does, but not sure about android. If you list on ebay and want to crosspost those images from the listings into Poshmark, then there is an easy way to do that. This youtube video can explain it better . There are also websites like where you can upload a photo and change its size for free, but that’s cumbersome. Hope that helps!

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