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Finding motivation and keeping a positive mindset as a mompreneur isn’t always easy.


Things can get pretty chaotic as a stay at home mom running an online business. Being sad, overwhelmed or stressed isn’t useful for getting things done and honestly just isn’t a pleasant state to be in.

My go-to strategy for getting a good pick me up when I start feel the negative thoughts start to creep is listening to podcasts.


For me, characteristics of a good podcasts are:

  • Engaging content

  • Inspires change in some way

  • I learn something

  • At least 30 minutes per episode (otherwise it’s not deep enough to provide value)

If you’re into podcasts with 10 minute episodes, then these probably aren’t going to be your cup of tea.


But if you love getting a ton of value while actually enjoying the podcast, then these are perfect for you.

The Best Mindset Podcasts for Mompreneurs

Now I know there are tons of podcasts out there and plenty of different lists of the “best” podcasts you should listen to, but this is a list of my personal go-to podcasts that have actually helped me and still help me overcome any mindset hurdles I have as I’m working on growing my business.

Mind Your Business

Host: James Wedmore

Episode length: Anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Most are 30-60 minutes.

This podcast is amazing.

I literally love every single episode and learn so much every time I listen.

James does a great job at inspiring you to work smarter not harder. He often challenges traditional thinking like needing to hustle to be successful.

What I love about this podcast is that he doesn’t just tell you how to run a successful business, but he helps you get to the root of the issues you are having.

This revolves all around your mindset and subconscious thoughts and will help you gain a better sense of how to master your thoughts so you can be successful as an entrepreneur.

Epic Success with Dr Shannon Irvine

Host: Shannon Irvine

Episode length: 30-40 minutes

Dr Irvine is a neuropsychologist that specializes in helping entrepreneurs reach success in their business through better understanding how their brains function.

She covers everything from business tips and strategies to achieving mastery over your mindset and habits.

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My favorite episodes are the ones where she talks about mindset and neurohacking, which is basically where you tap into how your brain works in order to get it to think and do what you want.

As a former scientist myself, I love that she fuses the science behind brain function with our thoughts and mindset.

This podcast gives me a sense of control when I get overwhelmed because I feel like I can at least have some control of the chaos if I can understand how my mind works.

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Do It Scared

Host: Ruth Soukup

Episode length: 30-60 minutes

In this podcast, Ruth talks about how to face adversity and gain the confidence to do what you’re called to do in your business so you can build the life you’re wanting. She provides a lot of ways to get to know yourself better and she often challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone to move your business forward.

The Goal Digger

Host: Jenna Kutcher

Episode Length: 30-60 minutes

Jenna is a photographer that has built a huge social media following and grown her business in the process. Her podcast focuses on motivation and practical business tips to help you turn your passions into a business. The thing I love about her podcast is that her energy is always contagiously positive.

Jennifer Allwood show

Host: Jennifer Allwood

Episode length: 25-60 minutes

Jennifer’s podcast is so inspiring and motivating. She started out focusing on creative businesses owners, but honestly, her advice is pretty much universal. I love how real and down to earth she is when she is sharing her message. The podcast talks about overcoming mindset challenges, business strategies, and how to stay encouraged and motivated to keep moving forward in your business. She also references scripture a lot, which I love, but it’s not in a preachy way. I love how she makes it practical and applies it to your business. If you aren’t a Christian, I’d still encourage to listen to this one because the advice is seriously so good.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Host: Cathy Heller

Episode Length: 40-60 minutes

I don’t even know how to express how much I love this podcast. It focuses on helping you turn your passion into a business and overcome the self doubt and other mindset issues that are getting in your way.

Cathy truly believes everyone can make a living by doing the thing they love and it comes across so strongly in her voice podcast. Every time I start doubting my purpose in my business, I listen to an episode of this podcast. Remember this one as a go-to get that extra bit of encouragement, motivation and inspiration to keep you going when things get tough.

Blogging Breakthroughs with Faith Mariah

Host: Faith Mariah

Episode Length: 20-30 minutes*

*These are shorter than I normally like but the value makes it totally worth it.

This one is the newest on my list of favorites, but Faith does such a great job of meeting you right where you are with the struggles in your business. This one is blogging specific but since a lot of stay at home moms with online businesses are probably going to have a blog, I wanted to go ahead and include it.

Faith is very real and down to earth and she is very motivating and inspiring in her message on the podcast.

I listen to this one when I’m wanting encouragement to keep on keepin’ on when I start to doubt being good enough to blog, think I’m never going to make any money with this thing, or feel completely inadequate as a blogger.

Final Thoughts

These are some of my favorite go-to podcasts to help me to find encouragement, motivation, and/or inspiration as a stay at home mom running an online business.

Things can get tough and it’s totally ok to need some words of encouragement.

Honestly, you may not have people around you that really get what you’re going through, so these podcasts can really help keep you focused and on track to keep working toward your goals.

I’d love to know which podcasts you love to listen to that encourage you as a stay at home mom. Share your recommendations in the comments below. I’m always looking for podcasts to add my list!

Mindset podcasts for mompreneursKeep your sanity with these mindset podcasts for mompreneursPodcasts to encourage you as a mompreneur

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