Black Friday is here!

As resellers, we tend to see the Black Friday deals as stuff we could resell but there are also things on sale right now that could actually improve your business. 

If you’ve had your eye on some new tools for your business or looking to gain some knowledge to uplevel your reselling business, then these deals are for you. 

Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links meaning I get a commission if you purchase through them at no cost to you. I’m part of the Amazon Associate program so any Amazon links are affiliates as well. I only recommend products that I love and know would be super valuable for you and your business. Thanks! 

Reselling Tools

Ring Light

If you sell a lot of shoes or hard goods, then having a ring light is super helpful. They evenly disperse the light to make it really easy to get super bright and clear lighting to have the best pics. 

Quite a few ring lights are on sale right now.

This is the one I use and I love it.

Lighting Kits

If you’ve been eyeballing some lighting kits then now’s the time to get one.

They have a few varieties on sale.

Fabric Shaver 


If you’re a clothing seller, then having one of these can make or break a sale or even give the chance to buy stuff you wouldn’t otherwise get since you can make it look better.


You can always use more shelves for storing inventory. These are on sale on Amazon for Black Friday.

Reselling Guides & Courses

Intro To Reselling Group Coaching Program (Liberated Mommy)

So excited to finally start offering more help with reselling!

Introducing my new group coaching membership all about starting your reselling side hustle. 

Want to make money reselling, but aren’t really sure where to start? 

If you’re wanting extra help getting your reselling business off the ground, connect with fellow intro resellers, or you just want a place where you can ask all of your reselling questions, then this is for you! 

Right now, it’s got a founding member price of only $25 a month for the first 25 people so don’t miss it! (You can totally sell 1 item to make that back so it’s a no-brainer!). 

For more info about what the group looks like and what’ll be included, head here. 

Raiken Profit Sourcing Guides

If you’re a reseller, then you’ve probably heard of Steve Raiken of Raiken Profit. 

He’s having a big Black Friday sale on all of his sourcing guides. I personally love the two shoe guides but he has quite a few different ones. 


Flipper University

Rob and Melissa are the Flea Market Flippers behind Flipper University. Their style of reselling is a bit different and they specialize in selling large items (think recliners or exercise bikes). 

They are having a big Black Friday sale with a ton of bonuses. When you take advantage of their $100 off for either of their foundational courses, you’ll get some awesome bonus deals: 

  • Sourcing guide (ebook)
  • Buyer’s Guide (ebook)- Top 100 items to flip
  • Ultimate tax guide for reselling (ebook)
  • Shipping 101 library
  • Drawing for a chance to win a sourcing trip in Orlando with them


While I do have an ebay course coming out soon, I wanted to go ahead and include this deal because you might want to learn more advanced reseller techniques or learn about how to buy and ship the big stuff. (I’ve got their freight shipping course just for that reason). 

Business Tools

Book Deals

As an entrepreneur, there are so many books on your list I’m sure.

Right now, there are two big promos Amazon has that are worth mentioning.

  1. Buy $20 in ebooks (Kindle) and get $5 toward a future book. Shop the deal
  2. Buy 3 books for the price of 2. Shop the deal


Wrap Up

I know you’re flooded with a ton of Black Friday deals and while I love getting them right to my computer, it can also be overwhelming. With that in mind, I picked out the best deals that I could find that I thought would be of the most value to you. 

If more come out, then I will be sure to add them to this page. 

Happy shopping. May you find amazing deals and not get overwhelmed.

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