Find Money In Your Closet 5-day Challenge

Struggle with knowing what’s worth something for selling online? This challenge teaches you how to spot value starting in your own closet. 


In this challenge, you’re going to learn how to find items worth reselling from your own closet.

What You’ll Learn in the Challenge

So, to help you learn more about how reselling works and how to spot value in everyday items, I created this challenge.

While you can technically sell lots of things on ebay or Poshmark, we’re going to start with clothing because a) you can probably spare some pieces and b) it’s in abundance in thrift stores so if you did decide to move forward, then it’ll be a great item to know about for reselling.

After this challenge, you’ll have the tools to:

  • Figure out if something is worth reselling
  • Spot items that are probably valuable (so you aren’t looking up the resell value of every single thing you see)
  • Start reselling items right from your own closet to make extra cash (or get started on your side hustle)

Challenge Specifics

Each lesson contains a quick lesson,1 simple assignment to help you put into action what you’ve learned, and some of them have a printable cheat sheet for you to refer back to.

If you want feedback on what you’re doing or to ask questions along the way, then make sure to join my free Facebook group and use #resellerchallenge when you post a question. 

Wrap Up

I’m excited to teach you how to make some extra cash for stuff that you don’t want in your house, give you the skill of learning how to make your own money online, and improving your reselling knowledge. 

Let’s do this! 

Click the icon below to see each day’s lesson. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


Day 1: Looking Up Prices

Learn how to research what things are worth

Day 2: Jeans

Learn what makes jeans valuable

Day 3: Coats

Which coats are worth reselling?

Day 4: Shoes

How to spot valuable shoes

Day 5: Applying what you've learned

Take these skills to the next level

Alexia carrillo at the liberated mommy

Author spotlight

A few years ago, I stumbled across reselling as a way to make money online. I ventured to the thrift store to try my hand at it and sold my first item a short time after. Someone online actually bought my item, and I made 10x my money on it?! I was hooked!

Now after selling over $50k on ebay, I love sharing my reselling knowledge with you to help you also start a reselling side hustle. My mission is to empower you by giving you the skills to make money online so you can your finances into your own hands. 

Alexia Carrillo

Readers say

“I’m happy to say I sold it for full price! … THANK YOU Alexia for this challenge – I promise I never would have listed this on eBay without you!!!” – 


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