Christian Clarity Coaching Services

Let’s craft a plan to help you follow God's calling on your life.


I’m passionate about helping moms like you successfully pursue the calling God has on their life.

You don't have to feel lost and confused about which business to pursue or if you should even do it at all.

As your coach, I can help you:

  • shift your thinking so you can get past the imposter syndrome
  • overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty keeping you stuck
  • find clarity on which business God has equipped you to start

Using Biblical inspiration, let's get the clarity you're wanting (and needing) right now.



First, I listen and learn.

I’ll start with an honest conversation with you to understand you, your goals/dreams, and really understand your natural gifts and talents.

Then, I help guide you.

Together, we'll dive deeper into understanding these natural gifts and your personality traits. We can use these to get an idea of what business resonates with you.

Last, you find clarity and make a plan of action.

You'll leave the session feeling more in alignment and have clarity about where God is calling you. Using all of this, we can create a plan for you to move forward pursuing your calling.


I’m Alexia Carrillo.

Mama that went from a pursuing a scientific career to being a work at home mom entrepreneur blogging and podcasting with a bunch of other income streams thrown in there along the way.

Overcoming the mental hurdles along the way and finding peace in knowing that God was calling me down this path has been so important. I'm passionate about helping other moms realize they don't have to stay stuck in their careers.

There is a bigger calling for you and I'm here to help you find and pursue it.

Not sure if coaching is right for you just yet?

No prob! I totally get that.

Here's a free mini-course that guides you in finding your calling.

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