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Looking for YouTube channels focused on selling clothing on ebay and Poshmark?

Here is your roundup of great YouTube channels that focus on selling clothes on ebay and Poshmark.

So you’ve decided to start a reselling business selling clothing on ebay or Poshmark. You’ve heard about the income potential that people are making simply buying used clothes and selling them online, so you want to give it a try.

But then you realize that it’s not quite as easy as you were hoping. There are tons of clothing brands and thrift stores are full of them.

Where do you even start? Which brands will bring you the most money on ebay? And will those same clothes sell on Poshmark? 

This is where a lot of resellers either get stuck or they just give up.

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They think it’s too hard to figure out what is going to be worth money online so they just move on to another side hustle. In reality, all they needed to do was learn a few key skills for picking out valuable items and spend some time researching and learning what’s selling from other resellers.

Since you’re reading this, you’re not one of the ones that are just going to give up. You’re willing to learn and give this reselling business a real shot.

A great way to learn about what clothes to sell on ebay and/or Poshmark is Youtube.

I have been watching resellers on Youtube since I started reselling over 4 years ago and have learned a ton of great information to help me grow my reselling business.

Here are a few of my favorite ones to watch (in no particular order; updated 2/2020):

Ralli Roots

This is an amazing couple that sells on ebay and Amazon FBA full time. They have a lot of energy and share a lot of information about reselling in general. They share a lot of vintage clothing brands and styles that do well. This channel is really fun to watch and they put out regular content.

Nicole State

Nicole is a long time reseller and someone that I’ve watched for years. Watching her is how I got into selling clothing in the first place.

She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to selling clothes online. She’s killing it on Poshmark right now and she shares a lot of tips in her videos especially when it comes to learning about new brands to look out for.

Hustle at Home Mom

This has become one of my favorite reseller channels to watch when it comes to clothing. Ashley shares tons of great information regarding brands to be on the lookout for. As a stay at home mom, she also gives a lot of tips and strategies for fitting in your reselling business as a busy mom.

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Empty Hanger 

Jenna is a full-time clothing reseller on Poshmark. This channel talks about trendy brands and styles that sell well on Poshmark. Even though she focuses on Poshmark, you can apply these same ideas to ebay as well.

Lavender Clothesline

This channel covers all different items that are valuable for reselling on both ebay and Poshmark. I’ve included this one on the list because there are a lot of videos that focus on clothing as well.

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el ducho

A channel that focuses on reselling clothing on both ebay and Poshmark. Lots of videos showing what sold and how to make thousands of dollars in sales each month with her tips.

The Poetry of Nice

Carlie is a busy mom reseller that shares a lot about different brands and styles as well as what she actually sold. Mixed in are tips about mom life as a reseller.

Rockstar Flipper

This channel has tons of info on how to sell items on eBay and how to run your business. One thing I like about Casey is how down to earth he is. He likes to tell it like it is but not in a mean way. He has some videos on top brands to look for as well. He does this full time while living in Florida so I would say he is doing pretty well.

Reseller Revolution

This channel focuses mainly on trendy vintage clothing. She is also a mom doing a ton of different things besides reselling but still fits it into her busy schedule. Tons of good info here.


He sells mostly clothes but really anything that will make money. Chris is all about the business aspect of running an eBay business, and he has added in Poshmark. He shares a lot about what works best as far as shipping, listing methods etc. His channel is both informative and inspirational.

Suzanne A. Wells

This channel is a wealth of knowledge of all things ebay related. Often you will find that she has detailed videos on certain brands and styles of clothing that sell well on ebay. If you are wanting to get in-depth on a topic, then this channel is definitely a must.

Bin Pickers

This husband and wife team share a ton of knowledge by doing both haul videos and what sold videos. They primarily source cheap from the Goodwill outlet so it’s a great way to see the types of items available at such a low price point (less than $2 per pound of clothing!).


I love her quirky, fun personality. She provides a lot of good info through her haul videos for sure.

Rosa Klochkov

Rosa sells mostly clothing on both Poshmark and ebay. Her channel also talks about things like budgeting and paying off debt with her earnings from reselling.

Raiken Profits

Steve Raiken is a great resource for all things ebay. He sells all sorts of items, but he also sells a lot of clothing; primarily men’s I think. He has quite a few videos out on how to be efficient in your ebay business, good brands to look for, and how to really be profitable.

Hart Pickers

If you’re interested in learning more about selling high end men’s clothing. then this channel is the one for you. He doesn’t sell a lot of items per month but sells a lot of higher dollar items to make a full time income. Who wouldn’t want to sell fewer items but make more money?

Want to reach your reselling goals? 

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Final Words

There you go. A list of Youtube channels that will teach you about selling clothes on ebay and/or Poshmark.

I hope you find these helpful.

Resources to help you get started with reselling: 

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