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Interested in working from home selling clothes online so you can be with your kids?

Well you’re in luck!

Selling clothes on ebay and/or Poshmark is a great way to make money online relatively quickly, so you can start working from home ASAP.

Most people wonder if it’s even a legit way to make money online or if you’ll get scammed and after selling over $50k worth of used clothes, shoes and more on ebay, I can vouch and say that it is definitely a viable way to make money online.

Grab this guide to help you align your online business with your calling.

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What supplies do you need to start reselling clothes?

This quickstart guide explains all of the tools you’ll need to get started and why they’re important. That way you can decide for yourself which items you want to get and which ones can wait a bit.

It’s exactly what you need to eliminate any overwhelm and start reselling clothes online today.

Can you make money selling clothes online?

Short answer: yes! but…

(There’s always an exception isn’t there? )

When I am saying “clothing” I mean clothes, shoes, and accessories like hats and purses.

While I do know clothing resellers that are killing it, from own personal experience there are plenty of reasons to diversify within the clothing niche.

  • Allows you find more inventory
  • A larger variety of price points
  • Creates variety in your store

Head into any thrift store and you’ll see an abundance of clothes. This is good and bad as a reseller. Good because there’s more potential for you to find good stuff. Bad because it’s a lot of stuff to sift through and figure out what’s worth reselling.

This is why clothing is a great place to start when starting your reselling business.

Clothes sell on both ebay and Poshmark so it’s easy to crosspost and get your items in front of more eyeballs.

Now that you feel good about your choice to start a business reselling clothes, let’s get you set up with the right supplies.

This article may include links that are affiliate links which means I get a small commission for your purchase and doesn’t affect your shopping experience. I am part of the Amazon Associate program as well as others. My recommendations will always be honest. For more information, you can find our disclosure policy here.  

Reseller Starter Kit for

Your Online Clothing Business

To get you started on the right foot, I’ve put together a list of items that I’ve found helpful for selling clothing on ebay and Poshmark. After selling over $50,000 on ebay, these are the items that I’ve used the most and would recommend for anyone starting their reselling business. 

All of these aren’t required but they’ll definitely make things easier and can get your clothing business off the ground faster so you can be making profit sooner. (Um yes please!)


To take pictures of your clothes, you’ll need to have a good way to display them.

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Sometimes you’ll see people create a flat lay where the items are laid out on the floor or a rug. I do this some but it’s not my favorite way because honestly it’s harder for me to find enough dedicated floor space for that.

I’ve found it much faster to put clothes on a hanger up against a plain wall.

Technically, you can use any hangers you want to, but it can really make your pictures look more professional if the hangers look nice.

I personally like using hangers that are non-slip like these velvet ones and they have notches on them to hang straps of dresses in and swimsuits.

For pants, shorts, and skirts, I use pant hangers like these. They work great!

Lighting Kit 

lighting kit

The idea with taking pictures of items to sell on ebay and Poshmark is that you want the items to look appealing and true to their actual state (aka make sure the color looks the same in the pics as it does in front of you).

The more appealing it looks, the more likely someone will buy it and that’s our goal here, right?

If you’ve got a great area to take pictures with really even natural lighting, then use that, if that works for you. The biggest limitation with that is, of course, that you rely on the sun to take pictures. If you’re only able to take pictures late at night once the kids are in bed, then you will have a hard time getting those pictures taken.

So to make life a lot easier and avoid so much frustration, a lighting kit is great.

I put off getting a lighting kit for the longest time, but I really struggled with getting my pictures to look good, to not have terrible shadows, and for my phone to have enough light so that the pictures weren’t all grainy.

The goal with lighting is that you want even light distribution so you don’t have shadows, you want more white light than yellow because you need to item to be as true to color as possible, and you want the pictures to be bright (ideally done with lighting but technically you can edit them later but we are all about saving time here).

Once I got the lighting kit, it was SO much easier to take pictures, and I was able to photograph more things to get listed since I wasn’t struggling with the lighting situation.

They really aren’t that expensive but can make a huge difference in sales and profits. The big con with the lighting kit is that you need a good bit of space to set up the lights in a way that they project enough light but give you space to take the picture. If space is an issue, then I’d suggest the ring light below.

After awhile I also bought an 18″ ring light. I originally got it for my YouTube videos, but I found that it was a great option for flat lays and smaller items.


Since you can use free USPS shipping supplies for selling on Poshmark, getting the polymailers is really just for ebay shipping light weight items (under 1 lb).

Polybags don’t weigh a whole lot so they make shipping cheaper and they are SUPER easy to use. You literally just place the item inside and then pull off the protective paper and seal it shut. Viola!

There are a ton of options for both the color of the bags (you can get cute printed ones or plain ones – cactus print anyone?) and the sizes.

If you are going to be selling items like shirts and dresses, then the 10″ x 13″ polybags are a great starting size.

Shipping Tape 

shipping tape with dispense

Shipping tape is important for those items that you need to ship in boxes or for securing the polymailers (if needed). You can either pre-order USPS boxes for shipping items or if you only have a few heavier or larger items, then you can buy the box as you sell it (or reuse another box you may have lying around).

While you’d think most shipping tape would be the same quality, that isn’t necessarily the case (believe me). If you have a tape dispenser already, then you can buy bulk packs of tape rolls. Scotch also has a pack with temporary dispensers which are perfect as you are getting started (You can also get them at Sam’s Club for a similar price point).

Sweater Shaver 

Sweater shaver is an important tool for any clothing seller for ebay or poshmark.

Sweater Shavers are amazing. Honestly, before selling on ebay, I didn’t even know they existed.

Basically, these little guys gently remove the pilling and fuzzies off of sweaters, bras, etc.

Having one of these isn’t really required, but it is going to increase your chance of selling an item and increasing your potential profit. I know I’ve definitely gotten a negative comment left if something had too much pilling.

You can also try using cheap razors but there is an inherent danger there which may not be a good thing with little ones around and you also have to create lots of waste replacing them.

Clothing Steamer 

Having a clothing steamer can really help for a quick fix to get wrinkles out and have clothes looking nice and presentable.

Again this is a way to increase profits and sales because someone is more likely to pay up for a shirt that isn’t all wrinkled than for one that looks like it’s been wadded up in a drawer for a few years.

Shipping Scale 

Shipping Scale for selling items on ebay.

A shipping scale is a must (I’ve even heard of some people using a food scale).

You save a ton of money (and time) printing your shipping labels through ebay from home (just print right from your printer). To do that, you need a scale that can measure in ounces (1-16 oz) and is precise to the 0.1 lb (e.g. 1.4 lbs) like this one.

Cloth Measuring Tape

Using a Clothing Measuring Tape can increase your sales and profits in your ebay and Poshmark Businesses.

Having a cloth measuring tape (or any other kind of measuring tape) on hand will make it really easy to take measurements of clothes to ensure your customers are satisfied with their purchase and hopefully don’t return it because it didn’t fit.

Lint Roller 

Lint Roller helps make items more presentable for ebay to sell faster.

A lint roller is a must have to get fuzz and hair off of your inventory. If you get the Gain lint roller, then you can also leave a light fresh scent. The last thing someone wants is to get an item that is covered in pet hair. Having a clean item will also help it sell faster. (Noticing a pattern here? Selling items quickly and for the highest profit are key)


So there you have it! A list of supplies to get your reselling business started.

Resources to help you get started with reselling: 

Starting a reselling business is a great way to make money quickly online but it can be a lot to organize when you’re first getting started.

I hope this quick guide to all the supplies you’ll need to get started selling clothing on ebay or any online platform such as Poshmark was helpful so you feel less overwhelmed and ready to start making some money. 


Everything you need to get started with an online clothing reselling business. Free checklist, too!
Everything you need to get started with an online clothing reselling business. Free checklist, too!
Everything you need to get started with an online clothing reselling business. Free checklist, too!

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  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing this informative content. Indeed starting a business needs strategic planning including the materials to be used and what will be the marketing method to use. Putting up a business is a learning process. You have to establish first your business branding and have strategic planning on how to market your products. In today’s generation, the majority of people using social media daily, and this is a good opportunity for business owners to market their products through social media. I’d like to share one of the great articles I’ve read on how to grow a business and sales.

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