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Do you find yourself struggling to stay encouraged and find motivation to keep working on your side hustle as a working mom?

Life can get overwhelming and you basically have 3 jobs: full-time job, part-time job (aka side hustle) and being mom.

That’s a lot for anyone to manage, but you’re doing it. Even though you’ve got it handled most of the time, there are going to be times when you’ll need some extra encouragement and motivation. 

In this article, I’ll share how to keep going when the going gets tough and you really need that extra bit of motivation and encouragement to keep working on your side hustle as a working mom.

Stay motivated to work on your side hustle while being a working mom

Need help staying motivated to keep pushing through on your side hustle as a working mom? Use these tips to keep you plowing forward.

As a working mom, it’s tough to fit in the kids, home duties and work. Add a side hustle in there, and stress can feel like an everyday emotion. 

Staying up late or waking up early (or both!) and giving up big chunks of your weekends to work on your side hustle business becomes routine.

At first, this can feel exciting because you’re figuring out to make money online. You’re working toward a life where you can work from home and be with your kids as much as you want. 

But what about when this goes on for a while.

Most side hustle businesses don’t just take off in the first month. You’ll likely have to adapt this stretched lifestyle for months or even years. All the while sacrificing time with your family, and they’re the reason you’re doing this side hustle in the first place. 

This is what Brooke Castillo calls the “river of misery”

Where you’re working on your business and making all of these changes in life but you aren’t seeing the results you want just yet. It can feel defeating in this phase. 

It’s here that you’ll need the most motivation and encouragement to keep pressing forward. 

I want to share the one thing I used to help me keep working on my side hustle for 2 years until I finally quit my job in 2018. 

The secret to finding side hustle motivation

Frustrated work at home mom at her computer.

Recently, while looking for new content to fuel my long commute, I found two great new podcasts: the Pursuit with Purpose by Melyssa Griffin and the other was Entrepreneur On a Dime with Amy and Kristin from What I loved about these two podcasts was that they were focusing on change and pursuing your dream. Exactly what I’m all about right now!! 

Both of the episodes basically focused on the importance of “finding your why”. When I hear something over and over again, I tend to really pay attention to that message because it’s clearly something I need to hear. 

What does it mean to “Find your why”?

If you’ve been listening to anything entrepreneurial lately, then you’ve probably heard this phrase a lot. It’s used quite a bit to encourage entrepreneurs when things get hard.

But what does it really mean?

Basically, it’s THE reason that you’re wanting to do this whole entrepreneurial thing in the first place.

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Yes, there are a ton of benefits to having a side hustle, but there is something that really got you to start taking action and get going on this business.

That’s your “why”.

Tips to find your “why” in business

First step is to evaluate your life.

Is there something that you are missing out on that having this ability to work from home would allow you to change? It could be your kids or traveling or simply being your own boss.

For me, it’s all of the above. I have the personality where I really don’t like being told what to do all the time. I’ve got ideas and opinions and I want them heard. Honestly, I just wanna be the boss. On top of that, I want to be able to raise my son (not a babysitter) and visit my family that lives 4 hours away.

Now, answer the following question in one or two sentences: What is my biggest reason for wanting to work for myself?

Mine is something like this: I want to have my own business because I want to be my own boss, raise my son and own my own time.

You know you’ve nailed it when saying this reason makes you yearn for that to happen. The immense desire for that life will overwhelm you with motivation and drive.

That’s the kind of “why” you want and are going to need. 

How does having a “why” help with motivation?

Sure, the “why” sounds nice, but how is it really going to help with motivation?

When things get tough and you consider quitting or start asking yourself why you’re putting yourself and your family through this, pull out your “why” to remind you of the whole point. 

For me, knowing my why became crucial when things got hard or I was just tired of hustling all the time.

I mean hustling is hard. That’s why it’s called hustle.

I remember playing sports in school and “good hustle” was given as a compliment to those that ran the fastest and tried the hardest. It isn’t for those that go to bed early and sleep-in every chance they get.

Hustling as a mom with a side hustle looks like working on your business after the kids go to bed. Working more on your lunch break at work instead of chit chatting the hour away. Taking every chance you get to work on your business. 

Knowing your why is going to keep you moving forward. 

Using the “why” to motivate and encourage yourself

When life gets crazy (and it will), that passion and drive you had for killing it with your side hustle will likely be the first thing to go.

It’s not something you HAVE to do, so it makes sense. Sometimes life can get so hectic that you may even lose sight of why you’re doing this side hustle at all.

The thing that’s going to keep you focused and on track?

Finding you why. Your purpose. 

Once you have this, put it on a sticky note or in your phone or where ever you need to be reminded of it daily.

I’d suggest even setting up a daily reminder on your phone to have it pop up and tell you why you are doing this. Or frame it above your workstation. Or both. Whatever it takes to not forget your “why”. 

Final Thoughts

This entrepreneur thing is hard. Working long nights after the kids have gone to bed will eventually get to you and in those moments you’ll need to come back to your “why” to keep you going. The biggest thing to remember is that you may be sacrificing now, but it’s so you can live the life of your dreams later.  Missed time with the kids now will yield so many hours to be with them later.  Keep working hard, Momma. You will get there eventually. You just have to stay focused on your “why” and keep moving forward…even if it is with lots of caffeine fueling you along the way.  Do you have a why statement? If so, how has it motivated you in your business? [convertkit form=5129874] Need help staying motivated to keep pushing through on your side hustle as a working mom? Use these tips to keep you plowing forward. Stressed mom working on her computer with toddler near.

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