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If you’re starting a side hustle selling on ebay, then you’ll definitely want to know the must-have tools to save you time and money as a ebay seller. 

Now most of these tools aren’t required to get started reselling. A list of basic tools you need to get started can be found here

The tools I’m sharing with you here are tools that I’ve found over the past 3 years of running my business that make things faster and easier.

Shipping Scale

Having a shipping scale is definitely something you want to have. Ebay offers you the option to purchase and print shipping labels, and it not only saves time standing in line at the post office but saves money. Often it’s 10-18% off of the normal USPS prices!

Typically, this scale will do just fine. I use it for 97% of my shipments. If you’re selling larger, heavier items, then using a larger scale will be more useful because the screen can be moved around. and 

Tape Gun and Good Tape

A tape gun and good tape will make life so much easier when you’re shipping things in boxes. Get one that holds at least 2″ wide tape to make it faster. This is my favorite one.

Let me help you learn from my mistake. I thought that tape is tape but that’s definitely not the case. I ordered super cheap tape and it shredded when I tried to use it and when I finally managed to get it onto a box, it wouldn’t even stick. So save the headache and get good tape, like the one I use.

Ring Light 

I didn’t stumble upon a ring light until last year, and I wish I’d found it so much sooner.

It makes taking good pictures with even lighting so easy.

If you want a visual, I created this video tutorial to show how you can set it up for yourself.


The majority of people (including myself) use their smartphone to take their pictures, so I’d recommend the ring light that comes with the smartphone holder that goes in the middle.

If you aren’t going to be using the smartphone or just want to save a little bit, then they offer it without the smartphone holder as well.

Variety of package sizes for shipping

As you start expanding your inventory, shipping can get more complicated. Instead of having to run out to Staples every time you need a box, have a variety of boxes and polymailers on hand for any of your shipping needs.


You can order a ton of different size boxes through USPS that are free if you plan on shipping priority mail.

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If you want other shipping options, then you’ll need to get non-USPS boxes.

If you have an ebay store, then you can use your quarterly shipping credit to get a variety of box sizes from their shipping supplies store.  Some of my favorite ones are the 12 x 6 x 6 box for shoes and the 16 x 12 x 8 for bigger items.

I order a lot of boxes from Amazon, too, like these 13 x 10 x 5 that are great for boots.


Mostly, I use the ones in the ebay shipping supplies store. My favorite sizes are the 10 x 12.5 (for most clothing items) and the 14.5 x 18.5 ( for larger items like coats). I’ve also gotten other sizes from Amazon as well as padded mailers.

Packing Materials 

If you’re shipping breakables items, you’ll want to have packing materials on hand so you aren’t scrambling when it’s time to ship something.

Some items I use all the time in shipping is bubble wrap, brown packing paper, and air pillows.

For leather shoes, I like to wrap them in tissue paper so they don’t bump into each other and it helps the presentation. You can grab a few sheets at the Dollar Tree or order some if you’ll be using it a lot. I got this one since I ship so many shoes.

Another easy way to get packing materials is to save it when you receive a package yourself or ask those around you to save their packing materials for you. I had my office friends gather their packing materials when they got shipments in and I’d go collect it once a week. I didn’t buy packing supplies for months!

Half Sheet Sticky Labels or a Label Printer

One of the perks ebay offers to sellers is being able to ship items from home at a discounted rate from the USPS prices.

While you can print the labels on paper, cut them out and tape it on, this takes time. I did this for months so it’s definitely doable. When I got the half sheet sticky labels, it was so much faster to get items shipped out because you just print, peel, stick and you’re done.

Another option is to print labels on a thermal label printer . A lot of people talk about the Dymo because of the price but I’ve heard great things about the Zebra as being the best one but it’s pricier.

Totes and Shelving for Inventory

I made the mistake of not having an inventory system in place until I had over 200 items in my ebay store. It’s tempting to just try to remember where stuff is but believe me, it can be so time consuming searching around for the items that you’ve sold.

From the beginning, it will make life so much easier and your business run a lot smoother if you have totes to store stuff in.

I personally love the clear totes because you can see when a bin is low and do a quick glance to help find an item. A good size tote to use is somewhere between 55-66 QT. That way they don’t get too heavy or too overwhelming when searching through them. These 66 qt Sterilite totes with handles are my favorite ones.

Shelving helps keep your totes organized and easy to get to. Sure you can stack them, but if you need something on the bottom, you’ve got to take your tote tower down and then get the item and then restack.

To save time and have it be safer than a tote tower, I use shelves like this. A lot of people also use these shelves as well. You just want to make sure that the opening of the shelf is tall enough for your tote to fit in there.

Ikea Bags

When you’ve got a large haul of items that you’ve sourced, these bags are great. I like to use them when I go to the Goodwill Bins. They are also really helpful when you have a lot of packages to ship out. Just put the packages in here and you’ve got an easy way to get all of your stuff into the post office. 

Don’t forget that you can save on shipping by being an Amazon Prime member.  



There is my list of items that I love using to make my ebay business run smoothly and save me tons of time. 

The items were: 

Are there any items that you use in your reselling business that make things run smoother that I forgot on this list? Let me know in the comments. 

Want to remember this list for later? Pin it to your favorite board. Just click the image below. 

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About The Liberated Mommy

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