God has called you to something bigger. All you have to do is say YES

Don’t let fear and worry stop you from pursuing your calling and stepping out in faith for God. 

Use these scripture-led journal prompts to see the truth about what God says about worry. 

Hi, I'm Alexia and I want to help you start your online business as you pursue God's calling on your life.

Feeling called to be home with my son, I started an online business and left my career in academia in 2018.  Since then, I’ve been helping other moms get clarity on their own calling and create a clear path to fully step into the life God has for them. 

Feeling overwhelmed with starting the business God is calling you to? I'd love to help you with a free breakthrough session.

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Worry is something that will come up a lot as you start a business and settle into life as a mom entrepreneur. The best remedy? Biblical promises and insight to hold on to. 

A verse for each day

Start your day off right

specific to your unique needs

These speak to struggles you might face as an entrepreneur

Bonus journal prompts

Go a little deeper with each verse and reflect on what it means for you in your business life

More about Alexia

After leaving behind my career in 2018, I completely pivoted from a career in science to online blogger/podcaster/more. That transition from career woman to mom entrepreneur was challenging and after years, I finally figured out how to stop feeling like I was losing my mind all the time. I gained a sense of balance, reduced the mom guilt, and learned how to do all the things that are important to me. 

Getting closer to God helped me realize that there’s so much in the Bible that can help reduce overwhelm, worry, doubt and fear. 

Through the podcast, blog, coaching and a community, I’m here to help other moms, just like you, maintain their own sanity so they can step into their purpose and live a full life just as God intended. 

I’m so glad you’re here!

Finally feel like you know what you're doing

No more overwhelm, stress, worry over money or doubting God called you to this.

I’m here to help you fully step into your calling.