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Struggling to get everything done in your reselling business as a work at home mom?

In this article, you’ll learn 6 proven productivity hacks that help you get more accomplished in your business, even when you don’t have childcare, are traveling, or simply can’t find large chunks of time to solely work on your business. 

6 productivity hacks for moms with a reselling business

Running a reselling business on ebay, Poshmark or Etsy can be a fun and lucrative business, but with all of the things you have to do, it isn’t always easy to get it all done; especially as a work at home mom.

The biggest parts of making money reselling is shopping, photographing the items, and getting them listed. Toddlers and photography setups don’t always go well together by the way.  

As busy moms, it can feel like you need to have kid-free dedicated hours to get these things done or your business isn’t going to grow. So you may find yourself asking this question: 

How can I be productive in my reselling business with young kids around? 

While you may need to work on those parts of the business when you don’t have the kids around, there are actually lots of other things you can do to move the business forward when you do have the kids.

These are also handy for traveling and when you aren’t at home to work on your business.

Here are 6 ways you can work on your reselling business as a busy mom with little ones.

These tips aren’t just things to do for the sake of busy work but they’re actually ways to improve your chances of making a sale and making that money, and all are things I do myself.

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Online arbitrage

Shopping at thrift stores and garage sales isn’t the only way to find inventory and it often doesn’t make sense for you to stress yourself out by going shopping with a squirmy toddler. If your child acts like mine and doesn’t exactly cooperate while going shopping, then there are other ways you can find inventory online.

Lots of stores have online clearance sections and flash sales where you can find items with a good profit margin to sell on ebay or poshmark. Sometimes you can even buy from ebay to sell on ebay or definitely from ebay to sell on Pposhmark if someone has the price low enough. You may have to do some searching to find the items that’ll work for you, but it can be done.

Promoting or sharing your items

This is particularly useful for Poshmark but it can also work for ebay and etsy.

On Poshmark, a huge part of selling is sharing your items within the platform itself. If you are with the kids, then it’s very easy to just hit that share button for all of the items in your closet while your toddler is building his 5th playdough snowman.

Another idea is to share your items on social media and Pinterest. This works for ebay and Etsy as well. People don’t do it as much, but you can definitely promote your own items and try to drive traffic to your store and hopefully get that sale. Try to write about the item as though you’re telling a friend rather than trying to sell people something so it doesn’t look like you’re just spamming your feed with promo salesy stuff. 

Research potential items to sell

The saying “Knowledge is money” is definitely true with reselling.

Knowing what to sell is a huge part of your success as a reseller. If your kids are entertained for a bit playing with some blocks, get on your phone and research what items have sold on your platform.

I do this all the time and learn so much.

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I will pick a random category and just type it into ebay and then filter to see the sold items sorted by price and look at the expensive items. It’s actually really fun to see all of the items that can bring in such a high price when you would’ve never looked twice if you saw them in a store.  

You can jot down notes in your phone or on a Rocketbook Everlast notebook and make a digital file of it for later.  Then next time you’re out shopping for new things, you can keep an eye out for these goodies.

Improving the SEO on your listings

We all have them. Those items that just aren’t selling.

Either they have very little interest or lots of views but no buyers.

This is likely not because it isn’t a good item but because the listing isn’t optimized correctly to get it in front of the right buyers. This can be easily done on your phone. Tweak the titles of your items. Improve the description. Make sure the price is still in line with the market.

Keep in mind not to change too much if your item is getting lots of views. In that case, it may just need a bit of tweaking on the price.

On the flip side, if it’s only got a few views, then you might want to change a lot because that means it’s not getting seen or clicked on but the price might be just fine.

Relisting unsold items

This doesn’t apply to Poshmark, but on ebay and Etsy, your listings will expire. Using your phone, you can analyze why your listing might not have sold. Is the price still competitive? Did it get a lot of views? If not, then something needs to be fixed.

See the previous tip for suggestions on how to improve your listing. Then relist it. This is a big one because it’s a quick and easy way to get your items back up online so they can sell.

Remember, if they aren’t listed, then they can’t sale.

Have Product Photos Available on Your Phone to List

This one requires some planning out, but this is huge for me as a work at home mom and even when I was working full time out of the home.

Taking pictures of my inventory requires me to have my photo area all set up and the time to actually take the pictures without my toddler trying to pull down the lights. So my only option at this point is to take pictures when my son isn’t around. No way to get around that part (unless you’re going to hire someone of course).

Once you have the items photographed, you can do the rest of the listing process from your phone.

This is awesome for you as a busy mom. With this in mind, if you can get a ton of items photographed, then you can essentially list them whenever you have a spare moment.

When I was working full time, I would list items on my lunch break, in the bathroom (don’t judge) and after work before I picked up my son. Now as a work at home mom, I still use this strategy to list while we are watching a movie, while I’m waiting for water to boil, etc. 

When I have childcare, I focus my time on photographing items because I know that when my son is here, I can easily list from my phone throughout the evening. This has allowed me to keep getting items listed without having to be at home or have kid-free time and that’s been huge. Without this productivity strategy, I don’t think I would be nearly as successful with reselling. 

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There you go. These 6 things keep moving my business forward throughout the day when I have my son running around my feet.

The 6 productivity hacks are: 

  1. Online Arbitrage

  2. Promote or share your items

  3. Research potential items to sell

  4. Improve SEO on your listings

  5. Relist unsold items

  6. Have product photos ready to go 

You’ll often find me sitting with him working on my phone while he watches a show or on the rare occasion that he sits and plays quietly.

Implementing these will help you get more done and also help you feel less stressed because you won’t be anxiously waiting for nap time or the middle of the night to get work done.

Are there any other ways to work on your business when you’ve got the kids? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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