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Interested in ways to save AND earn money at the same time?

If you’re anything like me, then you are always super busy.

Working full-time, trying to be a good mom and wife, and then potentially running a side hustle somewhere in that mix. 

With very little free time, I am always looking for time-saving hacks and one of those is to shop online for as many things as I can.

money back cash back money saving

Recently, I figured out a super easy way to turn my online shopping time into a money-saving hack as well!

Uh, yes please!

All I did was sign up for ebates and add the chrome extension to my browser.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

It was so easy! Why have I never tried this before?

How legit is ebates? 

You’ve probably heard of ebates before and wondered if it was legit. 

Honestly, I wasn’t so sure myself. It seemed to be too good to be true. 

I mean, I shop online (save time), they give me discounts (I save money) and all I have to do is install the ebates chrome extension?

So I gave it a try and it worked! 

I saved money (it was very easy) and I actually got the money into my account. 

What is ebates?

Ebates is a website that allows you to get cashback on purchases made online.

You can then request a deposit straight into your bank account.

Basically, they are getting a referral commission from the companies they are sending you to and then they pass on part of that to you. 

So if you go shop at, ebates gets a certain commission for whatever you purchase, let’s say 5%. Then ebates offers you 1-2% of your purchase in cash back. 

The ebates chrome extension makes it easy

With the chrome extension, they make it super easy to use ebates.

Anytime there is a deal on a website, the ebates chrome extension will popup in the top right and let you know there is a potential offer. You can choose to activate the deal and that’s it.

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Any purchases you make then have the potential to go toward getting some money back.

Once you sign up for your ebates account, just add the chrome extension and viola! You’re on your way to saving money while you shop online (which you’re doing anyway).

cash back money making
The ebates chrome extension makes saving money easy.

What Stores are on Ebates?

They have tons of offers through popular sites you are already shopping on a lot, like Amazon, ebay, Shutterfly, Zulily and more. 

There are also promotions from specific stores where you can get a double or triple cashback and other deals. 

You can check out their list of stores and offers when you sign into your account on

Is ebates worth it? 

When I am buying items I already need, I just activate the offer and get cash back.

This is a great way to save money on your supplies needed for your side hustle or business, household items, gifts, you name it.

I’ve personally used it to save money when buying my son a new car seat and items for my home. 

If your’e making a big purchase, then it can really add up. 

I know that any way to save money is something that every mom needs to know about. 

And honestly, it’s so easy to use that it is definitely going to make life easier and not get in the way. 

So if you haven’t tried ebates, you can click here to sign up now and start saving money.

Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll get $10 back after you’ve spent your first $25!

Final Thoughts

I hope this quick and easy hack truly saves you time and money as you’re doing your online shopping.

As busy moms, I know we can always use more time and money.

Happy shopping!

Ebates Coupons and Cash BackUse this easy hack to save time and money. Perfect for busy work at home moms.
Use this easy hack to save time and money. Perfect for busy work at home moms.

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