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What if you could run your reselling business without feeling frazzled and overwhelmed? 

So you’ve started your reselling business and you’re super excited about shopping and getting paid to sell used items online. I mean is this seriously a way people make money online!?

I mean how hard can it be to shop for stuff, take some pictures, list it and wait for it to sell? Sounds like the best side hustle ever as far as you’re concerned. Cash will be flowing your way in no time.

Then you realize there’s a lot more to reselling than that. With all the shopping, learning what to buy, listing, organizing, shipping and more, it quickly feels overwhelming to fit it all into your week. 

On top of that, you basically feel like all you have time to do is shop and list but you know there’s so much more to running a thriving reselling business that you keep meaning to get to. 

This is where the Reselling Business planner comes in. It’s a planner designed by a reseller (aka me) specifically with you in mind. 

Finally get all of your reselling tasks organized and in one place so you can rock it out in your business and finally make that full time income you know is possible. 

Starting a reselling side hustle business can be stressful with all the things you’ve got to do to get your business off the ground and running smoothly. 

As a busy mom, you need a system in place to help you keep all of your reselling business tasks together and organized so you know exactly what you need to be working on when you finally get someone to watch the kids for a little bit so you can work on your business. That time is precious so you don’t want to waste it.

You can get exactly what you need below. 

No more wondering how you’re going to fit your business into your life and worrying if you’re doing it right – you can download the planner right now and get started. 

Imagine if you could…

  • Make sure you don’t forget to do anything (again) by keeping all of your business tasks organized in one place
  • Run a more profitable business by looking at expenses vs income and where your money’s going each month
  • Stop looking back at your week and wondering how many listings you actually did
  • Know exactly what you’re working on so when you sit down to work on your business, you aren’t wasting time trying to figure it out 
  • Grow your business faster by setting goals and priorities in your business
  • Turn this side hustle into a full-time business so you can quit your job sooner 

Didn’t realize a planner could do all of that did you? 

The classic planner just got a makeover that is specific to your needs as a reseller. 

The Reselling Business Planner (Printable)

This planner is perfect for busy moms on the go but wanting to still grow a reselling business on the side. 

Pages are easy to fill out, and the planner makes it super easy for you to keep track of all areas in your business. 

Because it focuses on the business side of things, it doesn’t matter if you sell on ebay, Poshmark or some other reselling platform. So if you change platforms or sell on multiple, it’ll still work for you. 

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And it’s convenient to print and put into a binder for easy access. 

It’s also undated so you can get started at any time. The big perk of it being printable is when you need another planner, you can just print it again for next year.

You can order and print your Reseller Side Hustle planner right now

With over 125 pages, you’ll cover everything from setting business goals to tracking expenses to weekly checklists to make sure you get all of your reselling tasks done.

Instead of having to wait for a physical planner to be shipped to you, you can print it right away (a PDF file you keep forever). Of course, it comes with instructions for every section to walk you through exactly how to use the planner. 

It fits standard 8.5” x 11” paper and can be stored in a 1-1.5” 3-ring binder. 

Pages include:

  • Binder cover page
  • Big vision statement 
  • Instructions for how to make most out of the planner
  • Brainstorming your business vision worksheet
  • Yearly goal setting sheet (includes an example and a blank)
  • Goal setting sheet to create big steps to reach yearly goal
  • Expense trackers for both supplies and inventory
  • Suggestions for what types of items you should be listing each month 
  • Income tracker 
  • Monthly goal overview checklist
  • Monthly calendar (undated) with reseller tips 
  • Monthly expense tracker 
  • Supplies needed list (blank)
  • Monthly overview page to track business stats and cash flow
  • Weekly checklist 
  • Weekly overview sheets with weekly stats section for tracking progress
  • Motivational quotes throughout 
  • Examples of the monthly overview page and weekly checklist from a pro reseller
  • Bonus:
    • Checklist of steps you need to start your reselling business right 

Clearly, there are so many things to keep up with in a reselling business.

With such a comprehensive reselling business planner, you’ll have every area of your business covered so you can meet your goals without feeling frazzled doing it.

Yearly goal planning sheets
3 ways to track your monthly goals and stats
Weekly planning with tracking of stats
Track costs, expenses, supplies, etc

This isn’t a regular planner that you have to try to make work for your business. 

The reselling business planner was designed specifically for you and your reselling business needs. 

Order the reselling business planner now. 

Who is this planner perfect for? 

This planner is perfect for anyone starting a reselling side hustle but feels overwhelmed or stressed because of limited time and/or too many tasks to remember. 

  • Working moms starting their reselling business with little time to devote to their business
  • Stay at home moms wanting extra income through reselling but have limited kid-free time
  • Brand new resellers unsure of where to get started
  • Anyone wanting to make sure they don’t waste time and money starting a reselling business 

Tips for Running a Successful Reselling Business With Limited Time

When you don’t have a ton of time to work on your business, but you really want to have your business be successful, it helps to have a planner to organize all your thoughts, tasks, money, etc. 

Don’t think you need to buy a planner because you’ll just write it all down on paper or just jot it down in my normal life planner? I totally get that. In fact, that’s exactly what I thought myself. 

After trying to use a regular planner and realizing it didn’t have the space to track the things I wanted with reselling, I created the Reselling Business planner. It literally includes all the things I used to track for myself on random planner pages before. Having it in a format designed specifically for reselling makes it so much easier to track and to not forget other important tasks like bookeeping. 

Whichever method you choose, being organized in your business is key to its success. 

A few of my tips for how to stay organized in your business and get more done are: 

  1. Every week, spend some time planning our weekly tasks based on your monthly goals. 
  2. Each week go over your store stats so you can see how much progress you’ve made and if you’re on track with your goals
  3. Honor the tasks you put in the calendar and do them when you said you would. If you’ve mapped everything out in order to reach your goals, then you know that finishing tasks will lead to success. Don’t let things slide. Create accountability if needed to ensure you complete the tasks you’ve outlined. 
  4. Remember your big why for doing this business in the first place. Until you get a routine in place, starting a new business can feel really challenging. Having a plan in place helps but even still, things aren’t going to always feel like rainbows. That’s when you turn to your why and hold onto that vision. 

Don’t feel stressed about your reselling business any longer. There’s enough stress in other areas of life. Your reselling business doesn’t need to be one of them. 

Get organized, have a plan in place, track your progress, and make your goals happen with this planner. 

Whether you’re a brand new reseller or an experienced seller that’s tired of always feeling behind in your business, this planner is for you. 

You can be a reseller on ebay, Poshmark, etsy or somewhere else. The planner isn’t specific to a reselling platform but rather the reselling business so no matter which platform you use, it’ll still work for you. 

I hope you love the planner as much as I have. Reduce stress and start your reselling business off on the right foot with this planner.

Normally $34 but now only $27

Not sure about getting the full planner yet? Don't leave empty handed.​

Get these free weekly planner sheets just for resellers!

Weekly Checklist

Reselling tasks to keep your business on track

Weekly Checklist (blank)

Brain dump all the weekly to-dos for your business

WEekly Overview

Organize when you'll do your weekly tasks and track your store stats

About Alexia

About Alexia

Hi, I'm Alexia.
Scientist turned high school teacher turned online entrepreneur.

As a mom wanting to work from home, figuring out which online business is best can be overwhelming.

I found reselling and after selling over $50,000 on ebay, I wanted to help moms just like you realize that there was a legit way to make money online. You don't have to stay stuck in your 9-5 forever and not be able to be with your kids like you want to be.

Being a mom entrepreneur is hard and you don't have to go the journey alone.

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