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Reseller group coaching (1)

Normally $47 but for this special offer, it’s only $25!

This group is only open to the public a few times a year but as a new subscriber, I’m giving you secret access!


Here's What You Get In The Group:

Who’s the group best for?

The Reselling Group Coaching program is for those wanting to start a reselling side hustle or take their reselling from hobby to side hustle status. 

Want to make money reselling, but aren’t really sure where to start? 

It’s overwhelming when you get started reselling. 

  • What supplies do I need? 
  • What should I buy so I can not waste money?
  • How do I get consistent sales? 
  • Can I really make money doing this?  
  • I just wish I could ask an experienced seller my specific questions and get help for my situation

So if you’re wanting the fast track to having a consistent side hustle, then you’ll want to join the Intro to Reseller Group Coaching program.

Take advantage of this special offer and get it now for only $25!

Content to be Added

The group is new so I’m still adding content, but right now the plans are to add: 

  • Training modules/ courses

  • 1:1 sessions

  • An affiliate program so if you’ve got friends that would benefit from this group, you can send them over and you’ll get a commission from me for being so awesome and spreading the word. 

As a Founding Member of the group, you’ll be able to help make this an amazing place for beginning resellers to get their business off the ground and creating consistent sales. 

More about me as a reseller

  • Sold over 2200 items and $50k worth on ebay

  • Sold everything from stuffed animals to clothes to household items
  • Left my career (have a PhD in cancer bio) to be a full-time reseller/blogger and be with my son who’s now turning 4

  • I’m a teacher at heart and love to help others succeed. 


  • You’ll be locked in at the $25/month special price (normally $47)*

    • *Intro price is locked-in as long as you’re in the group. If you cancel and come back, you’ll get the regular price. 
  • You can quit at any time; no hard feelings. 

My goal with this group coaching group is to help you succeed as a reseller so you can finally start your side hustle with confidence and get consistent sales. 

Can’t wait to see you in the group!

Take advantage of this special offer and get it now for only $25! (next time doors open, it’ll be $47)

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