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As a reseller with a full-time job, finding time to work on your business can be a challenge. Since we always have our phones with us, one big tip that I have for you that will help your reselling business is to listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to learn more about your reselling business when you’re low on time. As a busy mom selling on both ebay and Poshmark, I listen to podcasts while commuting to work, running errands, doing dishes, or even while I’m listing. 

Hearing other resellers talk about all things ebay and Poshmark, including what’s selling and what’s not, can keep you motivated and on top of recent news that’s important for all resellers. 

Earbuds and smartphone for listening to reselling podcasts.

How Reselling Podcasts Helped Me Grow My Business

When I started listening to podcasts daily, I was learning so much about reselling to the point where I could take that knowledge and find new items worth money online. This in turn helped me grow my business faster. 

Beyond just learning more about what sells on ebay, I found a lot of motivation and inspiration from hearing the success stories of others that were reselling full-time.

In the messy middle of running a side hustle and having a full-time job, it can feel like there’s no end in sight. The days are long and you’re constantly, well, hustling. When you’ve got little ones at home, you get to throw in a nice big dose of mom guilt (at least for me), and you start to question why you’re adding this extra layer of stuff to do for a side hustle. You don’t need it. 

So listening to these podcasts kept me at the forefront of reselling even if I wasn’t able to physically do much in my business. Learning is just as important. 

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List of  Reselling Podcasts

Pure Hustle podcast

They talk about ebay and Poshmark mostly including everything from what’s working, tips, and recent reselling news. They also cover topics about how to fit in reselling when working full-time. 

Scavenger Life

This is the original reselling podcast that I started listening to when I first started reselling. It definitely made my 1+ hour commute (each way!) worthwhile. I’ve learned so much about reselling from these two. They talk about ebay mostly with some FBA thrown in there. 

What’s unique about them is that they sell mostly antiques, collectibles and unique items so you’ll learn a lot of BOLOs through this podcast. If you live in a rural area, then this can be helpful because they talk about more unique items that they find in their rural area and ways they get creative about finding inventory. 

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They have their own take on reselling for sure, but it’s really interesting to hear about their perspective. 

Ecommerce Momentum

This is a good podcast as well. He interviews a lot of different kinds of resellers including a lot of Amazon sellers. 

Ebay for Business

This is the official podcast from ebay themselves. While it can sometimes feel painfully scripted, there is really a lot of good information provided. Any reseller updates, news, trends, etc will come through the podcast. 

Reezy Resells

He was one of the first resellers I saw that did Amazon FBA. His story is pretty inspiring, too. The podcast covers all areas of reselling from Amazon to Poshmark with a lot of interviews. 

eCom 101: Buying and Selling on ebay, Poshmark, and more 

This one is relatively new but it’s done by experienced resellers covering all things reselling. 

Flip The Script

If you’re looking for the stories of real resellers, how they got started and what they’re doing now, then this is for you. It’s hosted by Denali who has a popular reselling Youtube channel

Jennie Girl’s Closet 

This is a new one to me. She covers all things fashion reselling with a big focus on Poshmark. 


Wrap up

You may have noticed, but there really aren’t a lot of podcasts that focus on reselling. These are some of the ones that I found that are still active. 

Every week, I try to make sure I listen to the Pure Hustle podcast to keep me on top of things and up to date and to Scavenger Life for new ideas on what I can be on the lookout for when I’m sourcing inventory.  

I hope these podcasts help you stay motivated as you work on your reselling business. 

If you’re still working a full-time job, then using these podcasts to learn and grow as a reseller during your commute can be a great way to make use of that dead time. 

Are there any podcasts that I missed? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments. 

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Earbuds and smartphone for listening to reselling podcasts.

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