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Amazon Prime Day is here!

All of the amazing deals can be overwhelming. You just want to see if there are any good deals you should pay attention to as you grow your reselling business.

I’ve got you covered with the best Prime Day deals for resellers. 

Don’t forget, you have to be  Prime member to take advantage of the sale.

Links included may be affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I earn for qualifying purchases. This means purchasing through one of my links will provide me with a small commission.  I only recommend products I believe would provide great value to you. 

Here are the Prime Day deals that are perfect for anyone selling on Ebay or Poshmark.


Label Printer

If you’re wanting to upgrade from a regular printer to a thermal label printer, then now is a good chance to do that and save some money.

This Brother label printer are on sale right now.

Label Sheets

Having printable sticky label sheets makes shipping so much easier. These half sheets are on sale for use with a regular printer.


They also have these dymo labels on special as well.


Tape Guns

Shipping items can be a pain, so make sure you’ve got tools that help make it as painless as possible.

I love my tape gun because it makes sealing up boxes so much easier. I use the 2″ but they also have other sizes.

                          Shop all tape gun Prime Day deals.

Shipping Supplies

There are various Prime Day deals on different shipping supplies.

Lighting Kits and Ring Lights

Lighting is a big deal as a reseller because you need your photos to look great.

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There are a lot of lighting kit deals going on right now so if you’ve been holding off on getting one, see if you can save some money.

This one looks similar to the one I have.

If you’ve got a Youtube channel or do a lot of social media, they can also come in handy for that, too. I love having a Ring light for both social media and for taking pictures of hard goods.

There are lots of different ring light prime day deals, including this one with a cell phone holder.


Fabric Shaver

These are life savers! If you’ve got a nice clothing item to sell but it’s got a ton of piling, then taking one of these and going over the item can literally increase it’s resell value. Plus the more appealing it is, the faster it can sell.

Check out the different options on sale for Prime day here.


Clothing Steamer


Having one of these is great to quickly make clothing look nice for photos.

                             Shop all steamer deals here

Shelves for Inventory Storage

Shelves are great for keeping your inventory organized and easy to get to when something sells.

For prime day, these wire shelves are on sale.

If you sell a lot of shoes, then you’ll want to have a way to store them without them damaging each other. This shoe rack can be a great starter option. The “shelves” are a soft material but it works.

Prime Day Laptop Deals

As a reseller, our computers are essential. If you’re needing a new one, there are some great deals.

I love my Microsoft Surface Pro and they’re on sale right now.

Some other deals to check out are the Asus Chromebook Flip and the Apple Macbook Air.

* A variety of select Chromebooks are on sale, too.

Smartphone Prime Day Deals

If you’re taking pictures on your phone or listing from your phone, then you know how important having a good phone can be. 

There are quite a few phones on sale if you’re looking to upgrade. Here are a few that I saw:

I hope these deals were helpful. If I find anymore, I’ll be sure to add them here so check back.

How to get even more of a deal on Prime day?

Don’t forget to sign up for Rakuten (formerly ebates) to get potential cashback on qualifying Prime day purchases. It’s a free Chrome extension, works super easy, and is legit. I use it all the time as I’m shopping online.

When you sign up with this link, then you’ll get $10 after you spend $25 using Rakuten. Even more savings!

The specifics about Amazon Prime Day 2019

    • It will officially begin at 12 a.m. PST (3 a.m. EST) on Monday, July 15.
    • Prime Day 2019 will last a full 48 hours, ending at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16 (new this year!)
    • Expect sales from Amazon competitors like eBay, Target, and Walmart.
    • You have to be a Prime member to take advantage ( They’ve got a free 30-day trial if you’re new)

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