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Welcome back for Day 3 of the challenge.

How did it go yesterday with jeans/pants from your closet? Did you find that some of your jeans are worth a good bit? I hope so.

One of the goals of this challenge is to teach you how to spot value in items that you can readily find at thrift stores if you decide to start your reselling business.

Since a lot of places are heading into their cold season, a great category to know about is coats/jackets.

(One thing you’ll notice about the criteria for figuring out if something is good to resell or not is that a lot of them are the same (like material) but there are some differences worth noting.)

General Criteria I Use to Evaluate Jackets/coats for Reselling:

Material: What something is made of can be a good indication of value. Higher end materials like leather, cashmere, and wool can be good. Avoid polyester and synthetic fabrics on modern jackets (unless a windbreaker or athletic jacket). Unlike most other clothing categories, if jackets/coats are a synthetic material, it doesn’t mean it can’t resell for a high amount.

Condition: The item should be free of any holes, stains, rips or piling (little fuzzy fabric balls where it’s worn). The exception here is if it came like that from the factory. If an item still has the tags on it, then you can expect around 50% of that value (most of the time).

Vintage: With jackets, 80s and 90s styles can do well especially if they have more bold colors.

Original price: If you know that the item was worth quite a bit retail, then it might indicate that it’ll be worth a good bit when resold. This isn’t always the case though so you’ll still need to check.

Style: The style of jacket or coat makes a huge difference in the resell value. Military-style jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets, trench coats, etc. So even an American Eagle bomber jacket can sell for about $30. Also if the coat is used for a specialty purpose like hunting, hiking or skiing, then it can often be worth more.

Day 3 Assignment

1) Pick 2-3 coats/jackets from your closet (at least 1), and research how much they’re selling for and their sold value. (Note: make sure you filter by the condition of your items (used vs new) because that can make a big difference in pricing.) 

2) If you have a listing on ebay or Poshmark that you’d like me to give feedback on, drop it in the Facebook group.

3) Grab the cheatsheets if you haven’t already (see below)

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