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I hope you’ve been able to find some things in your closet that are worth reselling. I’d love to hear if you found anything that you were shocked by. It’s always fun to realize what will sell on ebay and for how much. I get surprised all the time (like the time I sold a stuffed animal for $400!).

Today, I’m going to teach about my favorite thing to resell: shoes.

I love selling shoes because more often than not, they are going to bring at least $20 plus shipping. Men’s shoes sell faster and for more so I prefer to go shopping for those (which is funny to see me walking around with a cart full of men’s loafers haha).

General Criteria For Finding Valuable Shoes:

Brand/Original price:

If you know that the item was worth quite a bit retail, then it might indicate that it’ll be worth a good bit when resold. This isn’t always the case though so you’ll still need to check.

With shoes, brand really matters and the best way to know if a brand is valuable is to know the original selling price range (or look at the indicators I give below). In general, the higher the price point the better quality so you don’t HAVE to know brands but it can help.

Some of my favorite brands to resell are Tory Burch, Frye, and Birkenstocks.


Genuine leather is the best indicator of quality shoes. This doesn’t mean that shoes that aren’t leather won’t sell for a decent amount though. An example might be espadrilles that are canvas and twine. 


Shoes need to be free from holes, cracked or broken areas, stains on outside and smells. Since they’re worn a lot more, shoes often have quite a bit of damage especially on the soles/heels. While the soles and heels can show signs of wear, if it’s worn out, then it’s not going to sell or if it does, it won’t be for much. 


The style of shoes makes a big difference on value but more so it affects whether or not it’ll even sell. To keep up with trends, I’ll often check out Pinterest and YouTube for the fashion bloggers to see what’s hot. Or just notice what people are wearing when you’re out and about. When I taught high school, I got a very good sense of what was in style by noticing the style of clothes and shoes the students wore. 

Type of shoe: 

Boots and dress shoes are going to sell better and for more than flip flops or flats.

Like everything, there are exceptions but these are the general things I look for when shopping shoes (which is a lot).

Day 4 Assignment

Using the criteria above, pick 1-2 pair of shoes from your closet, and research how much:

– they’re selling for and

– their sold value.

(Note: make sure you filter by the condition of your items (used vs new) because that can make a big difference in pricing.)

Grab cheatsheet bundle which includes one for shoes. 

As always, if you want feedback or have questions, pop them into the Facebook Group using the #resellingchallenge. 

The goal with these assignments is to help you learn what’s worth reselling and what’s not. One of the best ways to learn is trial and error. I’m giving you foundational knowledge in how to spot the value, but when you actually look them up, that’s where the real learning is happening. So don’t skip that step! 

Tomorrow wraps up the challenge by talking about how you can use what you’ve learned in your own reselling side hustle business. 

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