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Today, we wind down the Find Money in Your Closet challenge.

I hope you’ve realized how simple it is to find things that you can resell, starting in your own closet.

When I was looking for ways to make money online so I could be home with my newborn, I really didn’t know where to start. With a degree in biology, my online money-making options seemed rather limited (and they were in that field).

Then I found reselling on ebay.

It intrigued me because of how prevalent thrift stores are and how I could literally be in control of the money I was making. List more = make more.

All I had to do was figure out what would actually sell for a decent profit. 

So I dove into figuring out everything I could about what sells (and what doesn’t), improving my efficiency, and growing my new ebay side hustle. 

There weren’t really courses on how to do it. No one was really teaching all the pieces of starting and building an ebay business in one place.

I had to watch hours and hours of YouTube videos, listen to lots of hours of the Scavenger Life podcast, and just get out there and figure it out through trial and error.

I remember when I sold my first item for $15 that I had bought for $1. It was the first time I saw the power of reselling. Turning $1 into $15 might not seem like much, but I could definitely see the potential if I could do that over and over. And an added bonus was how fast I could earn the money. 

Open sign on shop symbolizing the opening of my online ebay store.

After selling over $50k on ebay and figuring out how to get consistent sales each month, I realized how empowering it felt to know that I could make my own money whenever I needed it. If I needed extra money for a vacation or paying off debt, then I knew how to create that. If I wanted to supplement my income, then I could do that. This was such a liberating feeling. Not feeling trapped by my 9-5 job because I had the skill to make money online.

So, I became passionate about helping other moms learn how to do the same thing.

I hope through this challenge you feel like you’ve gained some foundational knowledge to let you spot value in items for reselling. 

While you can definitely start in your own house, you can now take these skills and head to thrift stores, garage sales etc and start buying items with the intention of reselling them. 

Get the cheatsheets for easy reference and start looking for items to resell. 

Take great pictures of them, list them on ebay, and start your side hustle. 

Happy selling! 

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