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Curious about which platform to choose for starting your e-commerce business?

This article is going to highlight the top 5 platforms that you can use to start your online reselling business.

When I first heard about the concept of selling online, I was really only aware of eBay as the platform to sell on. Then, the more I read and watched about online selling, I found out there were a variety of platforms available to sell on. After some trial and error, my personal e-commerce business focuses primarily on ebay with some crossposting onto Poshmark and Etsy. 

To save you some time on researching the different e-commerce platforms, I wanted to do a roundup of the top places to sell online so you can see your options and see which ones sound like the best fit for you.  The sooner you find one you like, the sooner you can get started working toward your dreams of owning a business. 

Let’s get started.

1. ebay (New and used items of all kinds)

eBay is where you can sell pretty much anything in any condition. Now just because you can sell it doesn’t mean it will sell, but in general, everything will sell on ebay eventually.

The cool thing about ebay is that you can choose to sell only things you like, like women’s clothing, or you can sell a little bit of everything. Either model will work. I know of people that focus on selling antiques and then people that sell only trendy fashion pieces and then those selling only electronics.

A perk to eBay is they have an international shipping program so the world is your potential customer. I sell quite a few items internationally and it’s not a hassle at all. Ebay’s global shipping program takes care of everything so all you have to do is ship it to their Kentucky warehouse and ebay handles it from there. 

That’s a lot of potential buyers. If eBay sounds like your cup of tea, then you can open your ebay account today and get started. 

They make it super easy to get started selling immediately. Though, if you are brand new to eBay as a buyer or seller, they will limit the number of items you can sell until you prove you aren’t some skeezy internet scammer (which is a good thing).  I’d suggest starting with some items around the house just to get your feet wet. 

2.  Amazon (predominantly new items but only certain brands and categories)

I think it’s more well known know, but when I first started selling online, I had no clue that individual people were selling most of the items on Amazon.

 Amazon is primarily for brand new in box items though there are a few select categories you call sell used items in (e.g. books). The biggest perk to Amazon is they have the option for you to send your stuff to them and then they take it from there. Which sounds awesome, but there is a steep fee for that service (up to 40%). 

When it sells, you just get the money and don’t have to worry with anything else. That can be pretty awesome if you are pressed for time (or even if you aren’t!), but that 40% fee is STEEP. 

People make TONS of money selling on Amazon, but it’s definitely a volume game. You don’t make as much money per item that you sell but you sell so many of them, that it quickly adds up. This being said, it’s A LOT harder to find items with any profit margin to sell on AMAZON. It’s not impossible, but it is definitely harder than ebay in that sense.  I don’t sell on Amazon anymore because I really enjoy finding vintage and antique items as opposed to new items from China. It’s definitely a personal preference, so if that sounds like something you might want to try, then you can get started here. 

3. Etsy (handmade or vintage items)

When prepping for my wedding in 2012, I stumbled upon Etsy. A few years later, I heard about a college friend that was selling on Etsy as her full-time job (what??). This is the first place I found where I realized that people were selling items online and had businesses doing this.

Etsy started as an online artisan marketplace where people were selling handmade goods but it has since branched out to include vintage items. I have sold items on Etsy before but haven’t had as much luck as on eBay. Not to say Etsy isn’t great for selling online but that I just haven’t put a lot of focus on it. I know people that sell vintage items on Etsy for quite a bit more than eBay and love selling on Etsy so it’s definitely something I want to get into in the future. They make it super easy to start selling and if you use this referral link then you get your first 40 listings free (no listing fee; I will also get free listings for full disclosure. Win win!)

4. Poshmark (clothing, shoes and accessories)

This app (and now website) is primarily for selling fashionable, trendy clothing and accessories with a unique twist of being a social platform as well. Basically, you share, like and follow to get your items seen by people and sold. The more you share and engage the more items you sell (or at least have the potential to).

I sell on Poshmark alongside eBay, and it is definitely a viable online platform. Just keep in mind that it’s a completely different market. I know there are plenty of people that make a full-time income selling only on Poshmark. To start on posh is super easy. Just download the app on your phone (both for android and iOS) or just go to If you use the invite code CHICKADEE529, then you get $5 to get started (I also get $5 after your first purchase; again, win-win!).  They just recently rolled out the ability to list from your comp too so that’s super helpful. Just go to and sign up for an account to get started selling.

Which platform is best to start a reselling business? Check out these 5 platforms to get your started.

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5. Mercari

This is kind of like eBay but it’s only an app. Honestly, I haven’t sold anything on Mercari but I have listed a few items on there that sold on eBay before they ever sold on mercari. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it but it’s always good to try new options. You can sell in a variety of categories. To start selling on mercari is super easy. Just download the app and start listing items.

Bonus! Local selling apps.

Another great option is to try to sell items locally. This isn’t really selling “online”, but these apps can be accessed on your phone and can be a great option for sourcing or flipping items quickly.

Most have no fees associated with them so all of the money you get is 100% yours. Of course, you have to arrange meeting up with potential buyers and use your own gas and time for that but overall this can be a nice way to sell items quickly. I have personally sold quite a few things locally on Craigslist, varage sale, offer up and letgo. These are great for selling larger items like furniture. Sometimes you find beautiful furniture for super cheap at yard sales and then you can just turn around and sell it locally.

There you have it. Five major platforms that you can sell on to get your own e-commerce business started NOW. There are definitely others and new ones popping up all the time. These are just my favorite ones.

A lot of resellers, myself included, will often focus on one of the platforms as their main gig and then crosspost the items onto other platforms if possible. This can require some organization and making sure when one item sells, you immediately remove it from another platform.  Technically, you risk the item being sold before you can delete it, but that very rarely happens. Just have to be on top of it. Cross-posting can be a great way to reach more potential buyers (and hopefully sell your items quicker), BUT it takes time. Time that can be well worth it though.

Starting your own business can be scary but also exciting. I hope this gave you some insight so you feel empowered to make a decision to move forward.

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