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4 simple ways to have a productive mommy time. The liberated mommy. Stragtegies for being productive as a working mom.

productivity strategies for busy working moms side hustles

Need productivity hacks to make your time more productive for your side hustle?

Well, you’re in luck. This article is going to give you 4 simple tips that will help you be more productive as you work on your side hustle. (I’ve even got an awesome free worksheet for you to help plan!). You’re already a busy mom, so being productive when you’ve actually got kid-free time is important.

This seems to happen to me every Friday night. It’s the night that my 2-year-old stays with his grandparents and my husband works late. This provides the PERFECT opportunity to really work on my business and get things DONE. But here I am. Again. It’s 9:40 pm and I really haven’t been able to accomplish much of anything. This happens on most Fridays, and it really frustrates me.

So I asked myself, “Why can’t I get things done when I have this HUGE chunk of time to get them finished?” Then it hit me. When faced with the chance to work on anything I want, then I get overwhelmed with the options of my seemingly never-ending To-do list and I freeze. Does this happen to you, too? It’s not that I don’t try to work on stuff, but more that I can’t figure out what to focus my attention on. Should I work on listing on ebay?

What about organizing inventory?

OOO! What about that blog post idea I had!? (you can see what I chose to work on finally haha)

Not to mention the entire house is in need of some serious cleaning from the tirades of a 2-year-old.

Having a lengthy to-do list is always going to be the case. We’re working mothers.

That means that we have a TON of stuff to do that we need to cram into little moments in our day to get it all done. So when there is a giant gap of time, it’s like we don’t know how to process that.

Wait…I can work on my computer without a toddler actively trying to push all of the buttons or close the lid the entire time? No one trying to shut the dishwasher door every time I try to take a dish out?

Here are 4 tips to make sure that when you have a chunk of time to yourself, that you aren’t paralyzed by the freedom of time and are able to actually be productive.

1. Be energized and ready to go

It’s such a bummer to finally have that chance to be able to work on your business and tackle your to-do list only to have very little energy to actually do the work.

This definitely happened to me today. I rarely eat candy, but for some reason, I got my hands on a Reese with Reese pieces IN IT (genius!). I ate it right as I was picking my son up from the sitter.

Like I said, I rarely eat candy. So by the time I got back home from dropping my son off at his grandparents, I was having a sugar crash. I drug myself into the house and fell asleep for an hour! I finally forced myself to get up and make some tea to get my energy back.

Eat healthy and get rest for increased productivity. I wasted an entire hour that I could’ve been using to work on my business. All for some candy. So not worth it!

You might be thinking that you don’t eat candy, so you’re good. But don’t discount eating out. It’s so tempting to grab a quick bite to eat for dinner since it’s just going to be you anyway.  No harm in that, right? Wrong. Eating out is not only a waste of money, but it’s often going to sit really heavy on your stomach and zap your energy ( I don’t know from experience or anything haha).

If you know that you’re going to be working on your business, then you don’t want to compromise that time. Make sure you have had lots of rest (or maybe caffeine if necessary…I may or may not have a giant cup of hot tea beside of me as I write this) and have eaten well-balanced meals to give your mind and body the fuel it needs to get stuff done.

2. Give yourself permission to focus on your business

For me, this one is HUGE. As working moms, we are busy.  Working full-time means that when I am with my son, I want to spend quality time with him; not deep-cleaning my house (though he actually LOVES “helping” me clean; check out my instagram for some posts on that haha), so I don’t always have the time to keep my house looking Pinterest-ready.

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Tonight, I found myself frustrated because I wanted to work on my business yet I look around me at my messy house and I felt like I HAD to clean it. But wait a minute? Why do I HAVE to clean it right now?busy mom productivity hack side hustle

I came up with two answers for why I felt like I needed to clean my house: 1) So that other people wouldn’t think poorly of me and 2) what kind of mom doesn’t take the chance when she has it to make sure her house is clean?

But you know what? My business is important to me, and I deserve to be able to take the time to put into my business to make it a success. No one is even going to see my house until tomorrow. And even if they did, it would just be family.

We don’t have to it all together all the time. It’s completely fine to leave the toys in the floor for one extra day. It isn’t hurting anyone, and you’re making sure that your business is getting the attention it needs.

3. Prioritize your to-dosplanning to do list productivity side hustle time hack

This one might seem obvious, but it wasn’t to me. I don’t know about you, but everything on my to-do list seems super important.  This is the core reason for that overwhelming feeling when you have chunks of free time.

Instead of looking at your entire list, pick the top three things that need to happen right NOW and that you can only do when you are kid-free. To help you work through this, I’ve created this free worksheet. 

Free Productivity Worksheet

Need Help Prioritizing your To-do list to get THE MOST done during kid-free time? This worksheet will help you identify the money-making tasks you need to focus on to get more done!

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If you are trying to run a business on the side, then there are likely many things that you need to get accomplished to make that run smoothly. While all of these tasks are important, there are certain ones that are your money makers.

So for my ebay business, I have the option of organizing inventory, preparing items for photos, or listing items that have been photographed. While all of these are important for my business, listing items is the one that will literally make me money. It won’t do me a whole lot of good to have my inventory all nice and organized but not be generating sales because I failed to list items.

On top of that, my son makes it really hard for me to use my computer when he is home.

On the other hand, I am much more likely to be able to organize clothes into totes while he plays with his toy cars.  

So, pick the money-making task on your to-do list that you can’t accomplish (as easily) when the kid(s) are around. You will not only feel good about getting things accomplished but you will feel good about making money while doing it. 

4. Disconnect from social media for the night (gasp!)

I love social media. Don’t get me wrong, but I swear Facebook is a black hole of unproductive scrolling. I mean that feature where you watch a video and then another funny cat video pops up right after it??? So fun..but definitely a HUGE time sink (unless your goal is to watch funny videos for hours on end, then by all means, proceed).

It’s so tempting to get onto social media and just kind of catch up on everything. But if you aren’t careful, social media will eat up all of your precious free time. So I’ve found that it’s really just best to silence the phone and log out of Facebook.

Being able to focus on the tasks that you set out to work on is going to make it a lot easier to actually accomplish them but also you’ll be way more efficient. (Try timing yourself and see how long you spend on Instagram when you get on there for “just a minute”. I did this and it was waaaay longer than I would’ve thought)


If you want to make the most of your kid-free work time, then you’ll want to :

  1. Be energized and ready to go 

  2. Give yourself permission to focus on your business

  3. Prioritize your to-dos

  4. Disconnect from social media for the night (gasp!)

With these strategies, you can make sure you’re able to make the most of any kid-free mommy time you manage to get.

Ensuring that you take advantage of these opportunities to really focus on your business and move the needle forward is crucial to accomplishing your goals faster.  And that means being able to work for yourself, own your own time, and live the life you want.

So let the dishes sit an extra night and work on your business so you can be a Liberated Mommy sooner.

Productivity tips for working moms with side hustles
Simple ways to be productive on your business as a working mom

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<Use these 4 ideas for how to use mommy time to move your business forward. Get your free printable, too! data-pin-url=””” data-pin-media=””” data-pin-description=”Use these 4 ideas for how to use mommy time to move your business forward. Get your free printable, too!” />
data-pin-url=””” data-pin-media=””” data-pin-description=”Use these 4 ideas for how to use mommy time to move your business forward. Get your free printable, too!” />
Make the most of mommy time without the kids to grow your business. Use these 4 ideas to help you make money with your business during these precious kid free moments. Get a free printable to help! data-pin-url=””” data-pin-media=”img src=””&#8221; data-pin-description=”Make the most of mommy time without the kids to grow your business. Use these 4 ideas to help you make money with your business during these precious kid free moments. Get a free printable to help!” />

13 Comments on 4 Simple Ways To Have A Super Productive Mommy Time

  1. I love your tips, especially number 2 because that is the one I struggle most with! Sometimes I have to work really hard to abandon the mess and just sit focus on what I need to do. I will definitely give them all a try! #DreamTeam

  2. I love that you pointed out what your eating can be a drain on your energy. When im stressed i eat candy and sure enough an hour later…snoozing.
    great article.

    • Yes!! And it’s such a catch 22 because stress over all the stuff you have to do can make you want sweets (it does me anyway lol) and then that is actually going to cause MORE stress later by the fact that you got nothing done except a nap lol

  3. ok so you can totally copy and paste this for my life! It is so nice to know that we aren’t alone sometimes. Thanks for the post and reminding me that we are all only human!

    • Lol. Definitely. Especially as moms we can feel isolated because our kids and circumstances are all unique and then on top of that, add trying to run a business? It can be overwhelming for sure.

  4. This was an awesome read. Thanks for your plan to help me become a more productive mom. And good luck on your journal. I’m on the same journey.

    • Glad I could help Contessa. I have recently added a free printable to help you out if that is something that you like to use to organize your thoughts. Thanks again for reaching out. I will check out your website as well to see what your journey is like 🙂

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