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Figuring out how to fit your ebay side hustle in while working a full-time job as a mom and wife can be challenging. 

You want this side hustle to be your full-time thing at some point, but right now, it feels like that’s not happening anytime soon if you can’t figure out a way to work on your ebay business more. 

I’ve got you covered with these tips that I used to work on my ebay side hustle for 2 years while working full-time with a child under 2. 

So many times I felt like I was stretched pretty thin with all of the things I had to do for my job, to show up as the mom and wife that I wanted to be, and general house cleaning. Add in a side hustle business, and it felt like I was going to have to get creative with ways to fit in my ebay tasks so I could still keep my sanity. 

Use these tips to be smart about your time and work toward turning your ebay side hustle into your full-time job so you can work from home (that’s what I did). 

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Sourcing before or after work or during lunch

Buying inventory is often the most time-intensive part of reselling (and the most fun!). Fitting it in anywhere you can is going to help. 

Swing by the thrift store on your way to work. Use part of your lunch hour to quickly run in. After work, avoid rush hour by using that time to go thrifting. You’d be sitting in traffic anyway. 

For me, I would often go to the thrift store near my son’s daycare for about 30 mins and then go pick him up. Doing this every day can really add up in terms of how many items you can gather. 

Shop in bulk 

By this I mean shopping places where you can get a lot of inventory at once. 

My favorite places for this are community yard sales, church yard sales, and Goodwill outlet store (aka The Bins). 

You can often find a lot more inventory at these places compared to a thrift store or estate sale and use the same amount of time. 

List on your lunch period or breaks

Having items photographed and ready to be listed on your phone can really help. Instead of leaving for lunch or eating with coworkers (who needs to spend too much on lunch anyway?), take this time to drop those pictures in ebay and list them

Batch process items 

This is a technique that can really help with efficiency. Take all your pictures at once and then site down to do all of the listings in one batch rather than taking a few pictures and then listing some and then taking more pics, etc.

Another tip is to try to photograph and list similar items. It’s so much faster to keep taking pictures of shirts than it is to go from a shirt to some shoes and back to a pair of pants.

Weekly reseller planner sheets

Get these free weekly planner sheets just for resellers!

Weekly Checklist

Brain dump all the weekly to-dos for your business

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WEekly Overview

Organize when you'll do your weekly tasks and track your store stats

Make use of your commute time for learning 

While this isn’t technically listing items on ebay, learning about what items are selling on ebay, how to run a better business and how to think like an entrepreneur (because you are one) are all so important. 

On your commute, you can listen to any reselling/business courses you might have, Youtube videos (LISTEN..not watch of course), and podcasts. Here are some of my favorite motivational business podcasts and a list of the few reselling podcasts I’ve found. 

Follow other resellers on Instagram (to learn)

Instagram is a great way to learn what items are selling (or not on) ebay and strategies that people are using to make sales. I seriously learn some new BOLO everyday from scrolling my Instagram feed. 

Some of my favorites are @hustleathomemom and @prime_time_treasure (and of course myself @liberatedmommy). 

Ask for help watching the kids

Instead of chasing your kid as he runs two yards down while at a yard sale (yeah, that happened), see if a family member would love some quality time with your kids. Or ask your spouse to take the kids to the park for an hour and speed photograph during that time (remember you can always list later once you have the pics on your phone). 

I used to feel super guilty about asking for help watching my son so I could do ebay. I think because I actually liked ebay, so it was like asking someone to watch my kid so I could have fun. But remember,  you’re running a business and you want to grow this business so you can actually spend MORE time with your kids. 

So let others have some nice bonding time with the kiddos while you get stuff done. 

Scheduling Your Listings

In the reselling world, there is some kind of pride in doing everything manually and the cheapest way possible. I get it, but at the same time, a lot of those people are doing this full time already and why should you make it harder than it needs to be. 

If you only have time to list on Saturday nights, then go ahead and create your listings but schedule some out for each day over the next week. It’s better to list every day than list them all at once.

If you feel resistant about paying the 10 cents it costs to schedule a listing, ask yourself if you would’ve paid 10 cents more for that item to resell it? (If you say no, then you probably shouldn’t have bought it).

Keep track of how many listings you’ve done and still need to do with these free reseller planner sheets

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Wrap up

With these 8 strategies, you can start to really feel like you’re truly optimizing your time (because it’s precious after all) and making progress with your ebay side hustle business. Track your stats with these free weekly reseller planner sheets

Just to recap, they are: 

  1. Sourcing before or after work or during lunch
  2. Shop in bulk 
  3. List on your lunch period or breaks
  4. Batch process items 
  5. Make use of your commute time for learning
  6. Follow other resellers on Instagram (to learn)
  7. Ask for help watching the kids
  8. Scheduling Your Listings

I’d love to hear how these work for you. Or are there strategies you use to fit ebay in that I didn’t mention? Leave them in the comments below. 

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