Tired of wasting time doing the back end tech stuff in your business? Wish you could just focus on your favorite things like creating content/products and engaging with your readers?

Then you’re definitely in the right place. 

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About me and How I can help

Hi! I’m Alexia and I specialize in all the tech-y backend stuff that comes with blogging.

You know. All the fun stuff like convert kit, WordPress, SendOwl, etc.

I see so many bloggers struggling because they are so stressed with all the backend tasks in their business. This only gets worse when you’ve got little ones under foot. I also see this struggle in new bloggers that don’t understand all the technical stuff behind blogging and either get stalled with tech or give up all together!

Whichever boat you’re in, I’m here to help reduce your stress and help you get back to what you love in your business.

After learning a lot about these processes for my own blog over the past 2.5 years, I am now offering these services to other bloggers like you. 

Tech Services Offered

Email Automation

Automate your emails to go out when people opt-in or purchase items from you. 

Word Press

Backend WordPress tasks like setting up your menu, Pretty links, sorting posts into specific categories, etc. 

Elementor Pro

Create popups, hello bars, building out a page or post just the way you want

Pinterest Ads

Setting up your campaigns with your specifics and helping to analyze the data, adding the right pinterest tags in the right places to ensure they fire correctly

Content Formatting/Editing

Format blog posts (i.e. proper headers, spacing, etc), proofread for grammatical errors, edit for any clarity issues, insert images, etc

Lead Magnet

Everything about getting your lead magnet set up from putting opt-in boxes in your post to ensuring they are connected to your email service provider and the freebie is delivered

Didn’t see what you need here? 

I am tech-savvy and love to learn new things, so if it isn’t mentioned here, then I can likely learn it quickly and can still help you reduce the workload in your business so you can focus on what really matters to you: creating content and engaging with your audience. 

Other programs I’m familiar with: Sendowl, Shopify, Thrivecart, Teachable, Membervault, and more. 


If you’re looking for a full website design, then I highly recommend Create a Website in a week. Not only does it have step-by-step videos on how to setup your website, but there’s also a membership community for ongoing support. She also offers custom design work if you’re wanting someone to just handle it all for you. 



Pricing will depend on the project and services you need. 

We will discuss these in the consult call and I will let you know an approximation for those services for you to approve of before we get started. 

While I’ve been learning about and using these services for almost 3 years, my virtual assistant business is new. To gain experience and ease any doubts of using a new VA, I am offering my services at a discount as I grow my business. These prices won’t last forever, so take advantage of these amazing rates now!

What are some examples of prices? 

Because I totally get not even wanting to book a call if it’s way outside of your budget, I wanted to give you a ballpark guide to what things cost. 

Here are some general examples of how much a project might cost: 

Set up lead magnet with a tripwire – about $35

  • Create tags in Convertkit to indicate who purchases vs who only got the freebie
  • Connect lead magnet to the opt-in box either via an email sequence or to automatically trigger its download
  • Setup the automation to tag them and trigger an email sequence for those that sign up for the freebie 
  • Setup redirect after someone opts in to go to the tripwire page
  • If they purchase the tripwire, then set it up to trigger an email sequence and tag them
  • Once they purchase, redirect it to a thank you page 
  • When the tripwire purchase is made, set it up to be delivered either by a third party like Send Owl or via email

Set up a Pinterest Ad campaign – about $35

    • Ensure the base code is added to your website appropriately 
    • Add the proper event codes to the appropriate pages so that when someone performs an action, such as signs up for your lead magnet or purchases something, it will register with Pinterest
    • Ensures all codes are firing appropriately
    • Based on the criteria decided by you, I can create each campaign and ad group including: 
      •  Selecting the audience
      • Inputting keywords (Broad, phrase or exact)
      • Setting parameters for the budget
      • Selecting the pins to promote
      • Create a log of when the ad started and the initial parameters used plus space to put any tweaks made to the ad and the outcome of the ad

Weekly Consistent Services–  $30/hour

  • A variety of tasks for a specific amount of time per week
  • For example, if your budget is $300 per week, then I would be at your service for 10 hours each week to do anything technical you needed help with. What gets accomplished will depend on the complexity of the project, but the 2 projects above are examples of what I can do in about 30-60 minutes.
  • I work quickly and I’m very honest with my time. You shouldn’t have to pay for services you’re not getting and I don’t want to take longer than needed.
  • All tasks are tracked with a time log so you can see exactly what I’m doing throughout the week.  
  • If you wanted a retainer service, then that’s at $25/hour. For example, you want to reserve my time for 10 hours a week and sometimes you might use it and something you might only have a few things for me to do. In this case, you’re paying for me to be available to work on your projects and not have to wait until I have an open timeslot. 

Guided lessons – $40/session

  • Maybe you really want to learn to do these tech things yourself, but you really just need some extra guidance beyond what you can find on Youtube. You want to know about the specific issue at hand in your business. 
      • Through a Zoom call,  I can walk you through exactly how to do specific tasks so you can understand and be equipped to handle the tech tasks in your business moving forward.
      • These are typically booked in 1-hour increments but can include multiple lessons in that hour depending on what you’re wanting help with so come with lots of questions. 

Note: If you need something smaller done than these projects here, then please reach out and we can work out a price that will work for you.

I want to help all bloggers be successful and not let tech stop your business in its tracks. 

Ready to get started? Set up a consult call

Just fill out the form below and I’ll reach out with some potential times via email. Looking forward to working with you! .

Customer reviews

What people say?

Alexia has been a pleasure to work with. My knowledge about setting up a blog and all that is involved was ZERO. In fact had I known what I was getting myself into I probably would've been too overwhelmed to do it. Thankfully Alexia came to my rescue!!
She communicated clearly what her recommendations were, but let me decide what direction to take it. Once we came upon an agreement it took her no time at all to implement it and she provided me with a "how to" video so that I can manage things on my own. I will continue to use her services as needed and highly recommend her to others!
Kim Cathey
Blogarama - Blog Directory

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