Biblical Mindset Coaching for Mom Entrepreneurs

Want to finally have success in a Christ-centered way without the hustle and mom guilt?

Biblical Mindset Coaching will help you have the clarity to know which direction to go and the confidence to stick with it.

Using mindset tools, you’ll use Biblical truth to overcome negative thoughts and lies holding you back.  

As you shift your thoughts to create a Biblical mindset, you’ll have less stress, more peace, and finally the success you’ve been praying for. 

8 Week Program

-1:1 Coaching Session Every Other Week (4 total)

– Voxer Access 24/7*

– Weekly Action Plans

– Support Tools (i.e. journal prompts, etc.)

-Thank you gift (journal)

– Can start anytime in the next 60 days 

Bonus: Money Mindset Bible Study

You know you WANT to...

And you DON'T want to...

If you're wanting to confidently and boldy pursue the calling God has given you without the mom guilt and stress, then you're in the right place!

I hear this from so many women just like you. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in making your business “work” that you find yourself hustling, striving, and feeling like you’re chasing money. 

But that’s not what you really wanted when you started on this journey. 

You wanted to do what God was leading you to do…

-> Start a business that makes an impact and helps others

-> Build wealth for your family

-> Have a business that you’re excited and passionate about

-> All while having more freedom (financially and with time) to be able to enjoy life with your family

What if I told you that your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs were hindering you from fulling stepping into your calling?

But there's a simple answer: developing a Biblical mindset.

In just 8 weeks of Biblical Mindset coaching, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to know where to focus in your business and how to balance it with your life as a mom and wife. 

You’ll learn how to apply Biblical truth to the lies holding you back and use mindset tools to make lasting changes in your thinking so you can keep pursuing your calling no matter what hurdles you face along the way. 

What's Included

8 weeks of Biblical Mindset Coaching

1:1 Coaching Session Every Other Week (4 total)

This is where the power of coaching helps you process your thoughts so you can see exactly where God is leading you, what's getting in the way (i.e. your thoughts), and how to move forward.

Voxer Support Between Sessions

This is like having a coach in your pocket!
Using Voxer (a walkie talkie type app), you can ask questions, work through any fears or confusion that comes up during your week, etc.

This is powerful for ongoing accountability and allows you to get the support you need whenever you need it.

Hiding in bathroom away from the kids to get a question in? Need to ask about something you're working on late a night when the kids are in bed? No problem. You can ask questions 24/7 when it works for you.
*I'll respond within 24 hours (usually sooner) and between the hours of 8 am-11 pm Mon-Sat.

Custom Weekly Action Plan

Mindset coaching isn't only thinking. To really have that mindset shift, you have to take action to reflect and instill the new beliefs. Each session, we'll create an action plan for your week to accomplish the goals you want to focus on from our session.

Support Tools

As we discover the mindset shifts needed, I will send you personalized coaching tools like journal prompts, coaching exercises, and worksheets to help you make more breakthroughs in your mindset and thus in your business.

Thank you Gift

I'll send you a gift (like a journal) as a thank you for trusting me as your coach and for you to use during our time together.

60 Day Starting Window

You can start now to finish the year out strong or you can start later after the holidays have settled down. Either way, you''ll have your spot reserved at this special offer price.

What clients are saying

Meet Your Biblical Mindset Coach

Hey there! I’m Alexia –  a Christian mindset coach passionate about teaching moms how to renew their minds to find success both in business and motherhood. You CAN overcome the negative thoughts holding you back from fully stepping into your calling. 

I know what it’s like to worry your business will never work, to feel mom guilt every time you work on your business.  To realize your mindset is hindering you, but not knowing how to change it in a Christ-centered way. 

After going through my own journey of renewing my mind with a Biblical mindset and seeing the transformation it had on my stress, life and business, I started helping other women do the same. 

I’m here to teach you how to use the powerful combination of God’s Word and proven mindset strategies to help you break free from negative, paralyzing thoughts and gain clarity and confidence to go where God is leading you. As you step out of the old way of thinking and into God’s way, you’ll find more peace, joy and purpose. 

I can’t wait to support you as your coach as we uncover the negative thoughts holding you back so you can do what God is calling you to do.  

Get ready to let God work in you so He can work through you. 

Payment Plan

3 payments
$ 266
  • Affordable payment plan so you can get started for less.

Pay in Full

Single Payment + Bonus
$ 797
  • Biblical Mindset coaching with 4 powerful 1:1 deep dive sessions to take your breakthroughs to the next level. Includes unlimited Voxer coaching for that ongoing mindset work whenever you are in need.
  • Pay in Full Bonus: Gift sent to you


While some people are going to use coaching to help them make the most of a busy time, if you take a break or feel like it’s too busy, then you can buy now and start coaching within 60 days. 

The amazing thing about coaching is that it’s versatile in how it can help. Working through a hard decision, mindset block, etc. is one way to implement coaching, but many people use coaching to simply process and organize their thoughts for big projects coming up. For example, if you are leading a team of people and want to make sure you are operating as a servant leader, coaching can help you ensure you are staying aligned with where God is leading as you lead your team or your company. That’s just one example. Bottom line: Coaching helps you get clear on where God is leading you and move forward in that with confidence. 

Zoom calls are the best option for coaching because so much is “said” in body language and it builds connection and trust between the coach and client when you can see each other. With that said, I know Zoom isn’t always the best option, so we can do phone whenever you’d like. These are your sessions. 

One hour for our sessions every other week and then about an hour during the week for any additional exercises to help with the mindset shifts.

I know it can feel like you don’t have the time to add another thing, but that’s actually the beauty of coaching. Through coaching, you will work on your priorities, schedule, etc so you’ll actually use your time more wisely and get more done in the end. 

Not ready for 8 weeks?

No prob! A one-time 60 minute session might be better suited for what you’re needing right now. 

Click here for more details on stand alone coaching sessions. 

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