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Blogging Tools

Website in a Week

If you’re the DIY type and really want some help setting up your website, then I highly recommend checking out this workshop-style course. She walks you through exactly how to setup your site to look the way you want and best represent your new business. 


I use BigScoots and love them. They are a little more than some of the other hosting options, but they have amazing feedback (I’ve never heard one person complain about their hosting!). If you use use my link and use the code FYI47WF9AGC5, you can get 50% off for your first month!



Blue Host

To start a blog, you will need to have hosting (place to “hold” your website”).

Many bloggers use Bluehost.

Using my link, you can get a great deal if you’re on a budget. 

Convert Kit

To begin collecting emails for things like a blog, email marketing, etc. you will need to have an email service provider. ConvertKit is one of the best out there. If you’re serious about making money online, get ConvertKit from the beginning. Try it out for free up to 100 subscribers. You’ll be glad you did. 


BluChic Theme

Once you have your domain and hosting, you will need a theme (the design) for your website. I love my Isabelle theme from BluChic. They have a variety of feminine themes and they are compatible with Elementor! 

Simplifying DIY Design

If design isn’t your strong suit or you really don’t want to spend a ton of time creating new graphics, then definitely check out Simplifying DIY Design. Kara has a variety of templates including printables, social media and pinterest graphics, sales pages, and more. She also has a monthly membership where you get new printables each month to use! For starters, she has a great freebie template package that I’ve used a ton! 


If you are doing any video for your blog, Youtube channel or marketing online, then you will need a video editor. Screen-cast-o-matic is very easy to use and is super affordable. I love their feature of letting me record myself and my screen at the same time. 


 Shopify is a way to sell digital products on your website or blog. They also have a way to send the digital products to the customer once they’ve paid. They have a Lite plan which is under $10. So you can use them to process payments and deliver the product but you wouldn’t have an actual store front. To see if you like it, they have a great 14 day FREE trial so you can check it out. Just go here to sign up. 


I love using PicMonkey to make all of my pin graphics, printables, etc. They also have the transparent background feature and the ability easily resize images. I highly recommend them.  They even have a free trial so check them out. 

    Get a 7-day Free Trial at PicMonkey

Side Hustles/ Business Growth

FleaMarket Flippers

Rob and Melissa are amazing flippers (try over $100k in a year!)! They often make hundreds and even thousands of dollars PER SALE! In their course Flipper University, they teach you how to find those awesome items. They also have a course teaching freight shipping so you don’t have to be afraid to ship BIG stuff (think exercise equipment and bigger). Big items can often mean big money. Their Facebook group that goes along with the course is pretty active as well. 

Budgeting and Money

With running a business comes a good hard look at finances. The less you need to make, the more your business can grow. This is a great FREE website that let’s you input all of your debt then look at the different options for how to pay it off. So you can compare debt snowball to paying off the largest card first. Love this free online tool. It also shows you predicted times on when you will be paying off that debt. Motivation! 


This app makes it super easy to track mileage for your new business. If you are traveling a lot to source for your ebay business or maybe driving to meet clients for consults, you want to claim those drives. They add up faster than you’d think. It’s an app and its super easy to use. Just in the first month, I had a few hundred dollars worth of potential claims! 

Quickbook Self Employed

I love how easy this is to keep track of all of my business expenses. I connect it to my business accounts and it keeps tracks of all of the transactions. All I have to do is swipe to indicate it was for business or personal. The bonus mile tracker feature is awesome, especially if you’re reselling. Driving to all of those yard sales counts! If you’ve never tried it, get 50% off the first 6 months