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Meet Your Biblical Mindset Coach

Hey there! I’m Alexia –  a Christian mindset coach passionate about teaching moms how to renew their minds to find success both in business and motherhood. You CAN overcome the negative thoughts holding you back from fully stepping into your calling. 

I know what it’s like to worry your business will never work, to feel mom guilt every time you work on your business.  To realize your mindset is hindering you, but not knowing how to change it in a Christ-centered way. 

After going through my own journey of renewing my mind with a Biblical mindset and seeing the transformation it had on my stress, life and business, I started helping other women do the same. 

I’m here to teach you how to use the powerful combination of God’s Word and proven mindset strategies to help you break free from negative, paralyzing thoughts and gain clarity and confidence to go where God is leading you. As you step out of the old way of thinking and into God’s way, you’ll find more peace, joy and purpose. 

I can’t wait to support you as your coach as we uncover the negative thoughts holding you back so you can do what God is calling you to do.  

Get ready to let God work in you so He can work through you. 

~Alexia Carrillo 

Biblical Mindset Coach

Host of Mama With A Calling podcast

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Stop letting emotions hold you back.

Learn how to identify what’s keeping you stuck and why you haven’t been able to fully step into your calling.