The Essential Guide for setting goals inspired by God to have success in your business and life

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"But I get overwhelmed trying to plan for my business!"

I get it. There is so much to do, little time to do it in, and then you've gotta hear clearly from God on WHAT to do.

Ok, hold on before you go clean something to feel “productive” to avoid planning

It's possible to create business goals that fit your season and move your business forward WITHOUT wondering if you're doing what God is leading you to do or not.

Imagine if...

🙌🏼you knew exactly what God was leading you to focus on in your business (no more second guessing)

🙌🏼you actually finished projects so you start to see traction in your business.

🙌🏼you felt good about the time you put into your business and spent with family (no more momguilt)

No longer just dreaming about having a business, but actually doing the tasks needed to make it a reality.

Making all the decisions for your business can get overwhelming.

Are you going in the right direction? Is this what you should be focusing on right now? Is it going to lead to success?

Is this really where God is leading me or is it me wanting these things?

Here's what's included:

($47 Value)

Today’s Price: $37

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