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Hi, I'm Alexia and my goal is to help you create a God-driven life and business with purpose and impact

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Feeling called to be home with my son, I started an online business and left my career in academia in 2018.  For 1.5 years, I found myself constantly crying over my business, walking in constant anxiety and stress, and seriously doubting why I was even doing this in the first place.

This led me down the path of wanting to have success and certainty in my business so badly that I found myself deep in new age thinking. One day, God spoke so clearly to me that I was heading the wrong direction.

So I dusted off my Bible and started seeking what God had to say about business and who I was as a person.

Here I found peace and joy in my business and my life as a mom and entrepreneur. I’m excited to teach you the core principles found in His word that will transform your thinking about your business, your calling, and yourself. To find out more about me and my story, go here

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