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It’s that amazing week between Christmas and New Year’s where it feels like time slows down.  The kids are enjoying their new gifts and there’s just more down time in general. This is the perfect time to look ahead to next year and decide where you want to focus your efforts by doing a personal business planning retreat. This method helps take the overwhelm out of business goal planning as a Christian entrepreneur.

As Christian entrepreneur, you likely want your business and the goals you set to reflect what God is leading you to do. But what if you’re not really sure how to tell what that is? How do you tell if a goal comes from something you’re just wanting to do or if it’s really from God?

To add to the uncertainty, you’ll find many teachers and business coaches pushing the idea of creating revenue goals. Nothing is wrong with making revenue, but when revenue becomes a goal and a driver for what you’re doing, it can feel like it doesn’t align with what the Bible tells us. Instead, Christian entrepreneurs prefer to have goals focused on impact and service. Revenue, of course, is a by-product of that, but it sits differently when it’s not the focus.

Instead of focusing on goals that “serve” yourself, focus on how you can serve others in the name of Jesus through your business.

To help you with this process, I created Goal-setting for Christian entrepreneurs. It’s not just another way to set goals. Instead, it’s a process for how to have your own personal Business Planning retreat as a Christian entrepreneur. It will guide you through how to tune into where God is leading you in your business and your life as an entrepreneur, setting a yearly intention to walk toward these things, and creating a quarterly action plan to walk in obedience in response to what God told you. This keeps Him at the center and let’s you see where He’s leading as your surrender to pursue that direction.

Goal setting for Christian entrepreneurs mockup with computer screen showing Alexia smiling as she teaches the course, the pages of the yearly overview planner and pages of the quarterly goal planner to show what's included.

Listen to the podcast episode for full details

On episode 72 of the Mama With A Calling podcast, I share about my recent solo Business Retreat where I got an AirBnB for the weekend and just spent the weekend with God hashing out all things to do with my business and life as an entrepreneur.

It was such a refreshing experience. I’d highly recommend it. I share about my retreat so you can see the benefits of doing that for yourself, or something similar.

Also in the episode, you’ll learn:

  • How it was structured, the outcome, and more
  • The framework I used to have an amazing retreat full of insight and revelation about my business (and how you can too!)
  • The benefits of a business retreat
  • 3 tips for having the most optimal planning retreat whether it’s a weekend away or at home

Get ready for the new year with these tips for your next planning retreat and check out the Goal-setting for Christian entrepreneurs course to help you make the most of it. 

I hope you’re encouraged by this episode and that you continue shifting your mindset toward Jesus so you can do all that He is calling you to do. 

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