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Do you want clarity about what to do next in your business? Or how to handle a tough situation? Or just want to simply know you’re on the right path; that you know exactly where God is leading you? 

But it feels like you don’t have clarity. You don’t really know which way to go. You’re doubting your decisions and the path you’re on because you want to choose the option that leads to a successful business. 

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about 3 Biblical mindset shifts you can make about clarity to get unstuck and take action in your business. 

This is a transcript of Episode 59 of the Mama With A Calling podcast. Listen above or on your favorite podcast player.

Today we’re going to talk about clarity. 

Oh clarity. Yes it’s a buzz word, but it is for good reason. 

We all want it, right?

To know where God is leading us. Like with a big neon arrow so we are super clear that it’s the right choice. 

But so often, we feel like we’re fumbling around in the dark. 

Recently I had a huge shift around clarity and I wanted to share that with you today. 

While participating in a program for my business, I found myself in a situation where I really wanted clarity yet I didn’t really have it. Not like I wanted anyway.

I called it “fuzzy clarity” which of course sounds like an oxymoron, but as I journaled through it and prayed about it, I realized there was a valuable lesson in this. Through this, I realized that we need to shift our perspective of what clarity looks like as a Christian. I identified 3 major shifts we need to make around clarity that are based on Biblical truths, and I wanted to share those with you today to help you if you’re feeling like you don’t have clarity around something or you have been praying for clarity but don’t feel like you’ve gotten it. 

3 Biblical Mindset Shifts About Clarity

1. Just because you think you need to know right now doesn’t mean you do.

Maybe the very reason it’s still fuzzy is because God is showing you just enough to take the next step in the right direction, but you will STILL need His revelation for the step after that.

Because what would you really do if you had the entire plan?

Be honest with yourself.

If you knew exactly where God was talking, how to have the success you’re wanting, etc. what would you do?

If you’re like me, you’d be off to the races.

“The PATH!!! The thing I’ve been longing for. NOW I can finally get going with things.”

Because you’re motivated, hard working, ambitious. You’re used to going after big goals and not stopping until they are finished.

When there’s a path that is. God knows you. He knows that if you really knew the entire plan, you’d likely rush ahead and take over doing what you think makes sense. And then asking God to bless you along the way.

Do you really want that?

2. Don’t compare your journey to that of other’s.

This can really cause stress when you take a course or are part of a program about business, and they’re asking you to make business decisions like who you are serving or what product you are going to create for your next offer.

Then when you look around, it feels like everyone else has answers but you don’t, so you can start to panic. Racking your brain and trying to make sense of it, but you’ve got nothing.

But know that while some people may be ready to know or they’re at a different pace in their journey, that’s not for you to be concerned with.

It’s like when Jesus told Peter not to worry about what He did with John. He needed to focus on Himself. You are on your own journey. It’s not better or worse than anyone else’s. It’s just yours. So remind yourself of that. 

3. Trust Him as the Good Shepherd.

Our brains don’t like not knowing something. It feels unsafe and our brains are designed to keep us safe.

So when we feel like we’re in uncomfortable territory, feeling vulnerable, at risk, and like we aren’t sure where we are heading, then it is natural to want to find clarity.

To find that footing so you can feel safe and extinguish the fear.

But what if you didn’t have to feel fear in this situation?

Think about a path going into the woods, and you can’t see where it leads or even the next few feet around the bend.

As an adult, you might look at it and think it’s too risky to just wander into the woods.

What if there are wild animals? What if you get lost?

But think back to when you were a child. You probably would’ve looked at the same path with wonder.

It could be somewhere fun, like a secret place.

What happened to us over time?

As adults, we are depending on ourselves. The fear comes when we ask: what do I know to keep me safe and avoid any risks?

So when you have no way of knowing where the path goes, you’ll never start walking because your criteria of needing to know the answers won’t ever be met.

But here’s the truth for you as a Christian: you aren’t alone.

You have a Good Shepherd. He knows the way and knows where it’s taking you and that it’s to somewhere good.

If you trust Him, then that fear dissipates.

Psalm 23 and the Good Shepherd comes to mind. He is leading you to green pastures and still waters. You don’t know the way, but He does and you can trust that He’ll take you there. 

Final Thoughts

“A glimpse is not a vision, but to a man on the mountain road by night, a glimpse of the next three feet of road may matter more than a vision on the horizon.”

C.S. Lewis

Basically, seeing the destination way up in the distance doesn’t mean as much as the person on the winding path in the dark. What matters more is the next 3 feet in front of you or you’ll never make it to the destination. 

If you are struggling with the lack of clarity in your life, I want you to reframe how you see the situation. It’s not that God isn’t giving you clarity. It’s that the clarity you have is perfect for where He is taking you.

Yes, you want more clarity, but that’s because you want it to be safe.

It doesn’t mean you don’t already know exactly what to do. You have what you need.

Take that next step in faith and trust Him. He will give you the light you need for the path ahead. But there’s no need to show you until you get to that part of the journey.

Next steps?

Even though I’m saying this, you may still need extra help figuring out what clarity you do have or working through the emotions of fear and doubt that are keeping you paralyzed because you can’t see the whole path in front of you.

Friend, I just want to pray over you right now that God would show you what He’s wanting you to know. That he would make it abundantly clear which was to go and give you the strength and courage through Jesus to follow Him. Amen. 

I’d also love to invite you to grab a Breakthrough session where I can help you identify those negative thoughts getting in the way so you can have that clarity and take God-inspired action in your life and business. I only have a few spots for those each week, so make sure to book yours if you’re wanting that 1:1 support through this process. 

I hope this episode encouraged you and helped shift your mindset a little more toward Jesus so you can do all that He’s calling you to. 

When you redefine what clarity is, then you will have more peace and the confidence to make progress doing what God is calling you to do. 

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