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Are you an artist by heart but doubt if you could ever really make a career out of it? Maybe you’re creative and would love to get paid to create, but it doesn’t feel like it’s important enough compared to other career options. If that’s you, then you’ll want to listen to the story of how Amy Kavelaris followed her calling to be an artist. (Spoiler: It didn’t look anything like she would’ve planned.)

Highlights of Interview with Amy Kavelaris

In this episode of the Mama With A Calling podcast, Amy Kavelaris shares her journey from her job in the broadcasting industry and sales to being an artist and full-time mom. Through her art, she has now authored and illustrated 2 children’s books sharing the love of Jesus with families everywhere.

Two of Amy’s recent books: “Good morning, Little One” and “Good Night, My Darling Dear

In this episode, we talk about:

  • how she made the decisions she did along the way
  • the role her faith played on her journey
  • working through doubts as an artist
  • and how to manage time to get it all done while still being present with her kids.

Even if you’re not an artist, I hope Amy’s story of following God at each step of her journey will motivate you to keep seeking God and following Him – even when you can’t see where it’s leading. 

As a mom of 3 little ones, an artist, and an author, Amy talks about how she manages to get it all done while still prioritizing her kids as well, so there are lots of great nuggets of wisdom in this episode for everyone.

Listen to the full interview here:

A little more about Amy Kavelaris

Bio provided by Tommy Nelson Publishing:

Amy is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur who has been capturing nature’s beauty since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Captivated most by the study of light, Kavelaris vividly recalls sketching and writing poetry while sitting in a tree overlooking a lake as a child. Now her work can be spotted in Target, Walmart, Anthropologie, Altar’d State, Better Home & Gardens as well as in homes around the globe. She has collaborated with countless brands, including Skechers Shoes and Pampers Diapers, and served as a judge for the Miss America Foundation. Her impressionistic, bohemian style merges with her painterly whimsy. 

Kavelaris’ painting style for children is showcased on every page of her latest book Good Morning, Little One: New Mercies and Prayers to Carry You Through the Day whimsical & playful with a touch of bohemian elements that invites viewers into a charming and delightfully elegant experience.

Amy and her husband live in the Midwest with their three small girls. 

See her art at and @amykavs on Instagram. 

Check out Amy’s website at for more information on her, her work, and the book tour.

Following the call of God to be an artist with Amy Kavelaris

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