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Do you have a giant list of books to read for your new life as a mom entrepreneur (or aspiring to be) but you can’t seem to find the time to actually read the books? You keep hearing about how amazing these books are on all of your favorite podcasts so you know you’ve got to read them but being so busy, you find yourself saying that you’ll read them someday

This is why every mompreneur needs Audible

Here are the 5 reasons that every mompreneur needs to have Audible. 

Allows you to fit in reading as a busy mom entrepreneur

As a mompreneur, you’ve got books on your “gotta read these” list that are about business and how to become a better entrepreneur in general. You’ve heard all about how amazing these books are, so you know how important it is to read them. But making time to sit down and read isn’t always feasible. 

This is where Audible comes in. 

It lets us fit reading into our lives when we can’t sit and read.  

Having Audible allows you to listen to the books on your “gotta read list” while driving or cleaning or going on a walk. I know for me, Audible made my morning commute much more bearable if I felt like I was growing and learning as an entrepreneur instead of just sitting idle.

And if you’re thinking that listening to a book is somehow cheating, believe me it’s not.  The most important thing is to absorb the content so you can apply it to your life. It definitely counts.

Become more business savvy

There are tons of books out there are marketing strategies and tips for how to run your business. Learning these tips from successful entrepreneurs is going to help you avoid making needless mistakes in your own business. Many of these books are available on Audible as well. 

Some of my favorites on there are Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

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Hear it from the experts themselves with bonus stories

One thing I love about audiobooks today is that most are read by the authors themselves. It’s not like those audiobooks that you got from the library back in the day when it was some random person trying to read someone else’s story. 

Hearing the books from the author makes it feel more real in some ways; like they are sitting there sharing all of their top-notch information with you. In my experience, I actually retain the information better hearing it this way. An added bonus is that since the author is reading it, some will throw in random side stories and extra info that’s not included in the book so that’s always a fun surprise and a great way to hear extra tips to help you in your business.


Easy way to practice self-care

As a busy mompreneur, it can be hard to stop for a minute and do something that’s really just for you. Yes, I know you love your business and reading all of those business books really is enjoyable. Believe me, I get that. But it’s also good to turn off all of the business chatter in your brain and allow yourself to do something else. So many entrepreneurs will attest to the fact that when you’re doing something completely unrelated to your business, that’s when you’ll have amazing ideas and breakthroughs. 

Maybe you love reading fiction books but don’t feel like you have time anymore. Maybe you love reading the latest best sellers or hearing Harry Potter just makes you happy (no judgement). Audible is a great way to be able to fit in these kinds of books as well. 


There are 5 reasons why having an Audible subscription is definitely worth it as a mompreneur. Right now, they have a special going on for new subscribers. This is better than when I joined so jealous. 

Are there any other reasons that having Audible is amazing? I’d love to hear them in the comments. 

phone and headphones for a mom entrepreneur to listen to audible

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About The Liberated Mommy

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