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If you’re a mom entrepreneur, things can get overwhelming trying to balance being a mom and starting up and running your new business. To help you tackle some common issues of being a mom entrepreneur, I’ve put together a list of the best books every mom entrepreneur must read. 

I wish I had read these before starting my business instead of learning the hard way.

Save time and reduce overwhelm and stress with these books to guide you. 

Getting Started with Your Business

Not sure if your business idea is good or if you’re really working on something that you love? These books will help you do a deep dive into your passions and interests to make sure you’re business idea gets you excited and brings you joy. 

48 Days to The Work You Love by Dan Miller

Learn how to tune into what you really love so you can create a business getting paid to do that. No need to settle for a j-o-b or doing something to just make money. Find what lights you up with this book.

Dream Big, Step Small by Kristin Ostrander

Kristin grew her Amazon FBA business to over 7-figures as a work at home mom. In this book, she talks about how to dream big about the life you want and how taking small steps will get you there one step at a time. For more about Kristin, check out the interview I did with her. 

Business Boutique by Christy Wright

Christy helps you find your passion and figure out how to make that passion into a business. For more like this, check out her Business Boutique podcast as well.

$100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Wondering if your business idea is weird? Or not sure if anyone would pay for what you’re interested in? Then this book is for you. In this book, Chris inspires you with case study after case study and shows you that you really can make a business doing almost anything.

Getting Past Your Own Fears and Insecurities as a Mom Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is amazing but it’s also bound to bring out all of your insecurities and weaknesses. To be successful, you have to figure out how to face these head-on and either improve or figure out a way to be 100% ok with who you are and own it. These books will help you do just that. 

Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup


If you’re scared to get started on your business or find that fear is getting in the way of you making progress, then this book by Ruth is a must-read.

It even comes with a free Fear Assessment to tell you the top Fear Archetype (Mine is a procrastinator. I’d love to hear yours.)

Seriously, after reading this book, I can see how fear was stopping me in my business and life and with the strategies from the book, I now have tools to combat that fear.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

If you’re feeling a lot of guilt around wanting to grow a business and be a mom, then this book can help.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

This is the second book in this series where she talks more about how you don’t have to give up on your dreams even if you’re a mom. You really can have it all and you shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting it all either.

The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman

Learn how to do all of the things you’ve been wanting to do but have been too nervous about by using this hack by Todd Herman to embrace your alter ego.

Productivity and Motivation for Mom Entrepreneurs

Learning how to balance being a mom and an entrepreneur requires mastering productivity and getting things done. It might seem easy but sometimes, we get in our own way. These books will help you with strategies for increasing productivity so you can be successful in your business. 

Boss Mom by Dana Malstaff

As this title suggests, you’ll learn how to juggle being a mom and an entrepreneur from the boss mom herself.

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

Motivation to work on your business when no one is telling you what t do or when to do it can be challenging. In this book, Gretchen talks about the Four tendencies we all have and how they affect our motivation. This was mind-blowing to me when I read this. For more info on applying these concepts to your life as a mom entrepreneur, check out this article on it.

Start by Jon Acuff

Stop stalling and just start. Jon Acuff helps you get the motivation to actually start the projects you’ve been putting off for so long.

Finish by Jon Acuff

Starting is great but follow-through is required to actually make an impact in your business. This book will help you finish so you can make strides in your business.

Entreleadership By Dave Ramsey

  The motivation for how to be a great leader in your business even before you have employees. Years of business experience in one book.

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

Sometimes you really don’t need to do all of the things. This book will help you find the things that you need to be focused on in your business to move the needle forward instead of getting distracted by all of the random things that come up in your day.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

I heard about this book from Brooke Castillo. Sometimes you have to show up in your business day in and day out even before you see results. It’s this constant effort that leads to big outcomes in your business.

Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt talks about specific techniques to help you focus more while you’re working on your business so that you are more productive which ultimately allows you to have more time to enjoy the things in life that are the most important like your kids and family.

The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs by Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod’s story is amazing. So many successful entrepreneurs have a morning ritual that sets them up for success. This book helps you set your perfect routine to get the day started right.

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

This is a classic. Tim talks about how to change the way you view working and create a passive income lifestyle so you can live your life the way you want and not be enslaved your business.

Strategies to Help Make Your Business Run Smoothly

Most of us don’t step into our business having any sense of what it really takes to run a business from a logistical standpoint. To help give you a leg up and make sure your business runs smoothly, these books will help guide you through some key aspects of running a business. 

Profit First by Mike Michaelowicz

Learn how to manage your business finances in a super easy and relatable way with the Profit First system. Grow your business while also paying yourself with these techniques.

Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz

As an entpreneur, we can often feel like we are wearing all of the hats at once. With this book, Mike teaches you how to separate the different tasks in your business. This allows you to manage them while staying sane. ?Doing this early on will make it so much easier to hire these different processes out down the road.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Once you’ve figured out what your business focuses on, this book will teach you how to get the message across to your customers in a very clear way. Learn how to use these techniques to sale to people in a genuine way and have customers wanting to pay you for your services or products. 

Crushing It By Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary V is the ultimate social media guru for entrepreneurs. In this book, he talks about why social media is so important as an entrepreneur and how it can be used to grow your business.

Did I miss any any? Let me know in the comments which books you love that I may have missed.

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Business books for mom entrepreneurs like Do it Scared by Ruth Soukup.

About The Liberated Mommy

About The Liberated Mommy

As a mom wanting to work from home, figuring out which business to start and how to transition smoothly can seem overwhelming. At The Liberated Mommy, we cover everything to help you on your journey to working from home, including side hustles, starting and running an online business, budgeting and finances, parenting tips, reducing stress and overwhelm, and more.

Alexia Carrillo, the main author, has been writing about helping moms leave their 9-5 jobs since 2017. In 2018, she left her job as a scientist/high school teacher to be home with her son in 2018. She works from home as an ebay and Poshmark reseller and blogger and absolutely loves it.

Being a mom entrepreneur is hard and you don't have to go the journey alone. Let us support you on your way to accomplishing your dream life.

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