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Looking for the perfect side hustle business to start so you can be a work at home mom? 

A good brain dump can help get the overwhelming thoughts onto paper and out of your head.

Then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I am going to help you figure out the perfect side hustle to get you started toward having your own online business that you can run from home so you can make money and spend more time with your family. 


Side hustle ideas for moms based on skills and interests so you will grow a business you love.

It almost feels like this is impossible in today’s world of corporate america working long hours and weekends.

As a mom, this can be even harder because we have that pull to want to be with our kids but that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t want to work.

I know for me, I was very career focused and wouldn’t have dreamed of anything else…until I had my son. They say kids change everything, and they’re right. You’re perspective and values change and that’s totally fine!

At first, it can feel alarming. You went to school all that time and have worked all those years to “give it all up”!?

But actually, there’s a great way to take the skills and interests you’ve already acquired through your training and personal hobbies and create a life you will love.

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    So what’s the solution?

    Starting your own online business and becoming a mom entrepreneur.

    If you don’t know what that is or think it sounds a little out there, just stick with me. I promise it’ll be worth it.

    The internet has created the perfect opportunity for moms to be able to feel fulfilled running a business with a purpose and contributing financially to the home, while also allowing them to be more present with your kids.

    As an entrepreneur, you’re the one in charge of your schedule and your time.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it’s definitely possible.

    But is this for real?

    I thought that same thing.

    People actually make money from the internet? How? What do they even do? Is it even legal? Is it going to be comparable to the money I’m making in my “real” job?

    These are all very valid questions, and I completely get it. You can’t just leave your job and start an online business without having some sort of proof concept.

    How do you start your own online business?

    The first step to having your own online business so you can move toward your goal of working from home is to start with a side hustle.

    Not only is the side hustle going to provide you with proof of concept, but it will allow you to figure out what your business should be before you scale it to full-time capacity.

    If you start researching different side hustle ideas, you’ll quickly see that there are so many options to choose from that it can feel overwhelming when trying to pick just one.

    Which Side Hustle Is Right for Me?

    If you’re like most moms, then you’re wanting to go down this road because you want to be happier with your career.

    Yes, you want to make money, but you also want to be happy, feel like you have a purpose and actually enjoy the work you’re doing, right? 

    This is why it’s so important to tune into your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses when trying to pick a side hustle business.

    What is it that you truly enjoy? If money and schooling wasn’t a factor, what would you do all day?

    Which side hustle should you try?

    This article may include links that are affiliate links which means I get a small commission for your purchase and doesn’t affect your shopping experience. I am part of the Amazon Associate program as well as others. My recommendations will always be honest. For more information, you can find our disclosure policy here.  

    Which Side Hustle Should You Try?

    To help reduce the overwhelm when choosing your side hustle business idea, I have created this list of potential side hustles based on skills and interests.

    This’ll allow you to pick the side hustle that really fits with your personality and interests and thus increases the chance that you’ll actually enjoy your business which will ultimately lead to you being super successful. Win-win!

    I’ve broken them down in the following sections:

    • Side hustles for writers
    • Side hustles for teachers
    • Side hustles for fashion lovers
    • Side hustles for Vintage and Antique Lovers
    • Side hustles for Artists and Creatives

    Side Hustles for Writers

    Writing is a broad skill that will take you far in business. Depending on the type of writing you enjoy, you can apply writing to almost any online business.

    Freelance writer

    This is where you write for others based on their immediate needs. It could be for a client that wants you to write regular blog posts for their website or for an author needing a ghostwriter for a novel. When considering freelancing, you want to determine the type and style of writing you are either already trained to do or what to pursue further because you enjoy it. I’ve personally written, edited and proofread academic articles for clients using Upwork but there are many other places to find freelance writing opportunities. Resources to help get started: These are two very different freelancing models but both are very successful. Elna Cain is a very successful blogger and freelance writer. You can find out more about her freelance business, including courses to get you started, here. I haven’t taken this freelance course, but I’ve taken her blogging courses, and she packs a ton of value in her courses and is very clear in the way she teaches.  Jorden Roper is a very upfront and honest freelancer that writes more for businesses. Warning, she does use profanity but it’s not every other word, but her content is good and provides a lot of value. Her Youtube channel provides a lot of free content that’s really helpful. I’ve also taken her free masterclass and it’s a great place to start as well. 


    Wait, bloggers actually make money? I said the same thing, but the answer is a big giant “yes!”. Having a blog is a great way to write your own content on whichever topic you like, and the income potential is really high (Check out this podcast episode to hear how one blogger makes over $100k per MONTH!). The key is to pick a subject for your blog that can be monetized since you want this to be a business rather than an online journal. Once you’ve got that, then check out my article on how to set up your blog. Resources to help get started: I have to say I honestly love both of these products. Suzi at Start a Mom Blog has great and very affordable courses teaching you all about how to get your blogging business started. There is even a free 12 month blog plan to get you going!  Ruth at Elite Blog Academy is the premier blogging course that many of the top bloggers have taken (including the one I mentioned making $100k a month). It’s quite expensive but with the income potential, it’ll totally be worth it.

    Self publishing on Amazon

    If you have always wanted to write a book but didn’t want to go through the whole process of finding a publisher, then you’re in luck because Amazon literally makes it to where anyone can be a published author. You can publish your book digitally through Kindle or even use their print on demand service . Resources to help get you started: To learn about this, check out this blog post with a ton of valuable info on it. 

    Virtual Assistant

    A lot of people running online businesses really love outsourcing their writing tasks such as drafting emails, writing blog posts, editing their written work, etc. To meet this need, you can create a virtual assistant business where you offer these services centered around your writing skills. Resources to help get you started: One of the top virtual assistant teachers is Gina Horkey  where she teaches all things about how to start and run a successful virtual assistant business.

    Side Hustles for Teachers

    Having a teaching heart means that you love to help people learn something new and guide them in the process of mastering a skill. This is a great skill to have that can be combined with whatever your super interested in (i.e. photography, gardening, etc) to create a sustainable online business.


    Starting a blog is the perfect outlet for a teacher. This is why I started my own blog actually.

    I loved teaching in my job, so when I started my online business, I knew teaching was something important I had to incorporate.

    A blog allows you to reach many people teaching about whatever you’d like. Think of each blog post as a little lesson. There’s even the chance to create online courses where you will really step back into that teacher role.

    Resources to get you started: To get you started, I wrote this post on how to set up your blog in 10 easy steps. At the end of that post, I also point you toward some amazing resources for growing a profitable blogging business.



    Vlogging as a business

    If writing isn’t really your thing, then creating a YouTube channel could be a great option.

    People use YouTube to learn new skills all the time. Appealing to the visual learner, you can create tutorial videos, informational videos, etc about any topic that interests you.

    I love creating YouTube videos because I can say what I want much faster and easier than writing it out. I use it to drive traffic to my blog and have the pair work together.

    While having a great YouTube channel can lead to money in and of itself from the ad revenue, you can really to maximize this outlet by driving traffic to a blog or products you may create that people will pay for.

    Resources to get you started: For help on getting started creating a YouTube channel, check out these YouTube channels: Gillian Perkins (focused on teaching about working from home), ThinkMedia (all things youtube), and Jessica Stansberry  (all things Youtube as well as running a home business).


    This is where you help guide people to their goals either 1:1 or in a group setting. This really puts to work your love for teaching and allows you to have a direct impact on people’s lives. You can essentially coach people on whatever they value enough to pay for (I know that sounds a bit harsh, but money is simply an exchange of value).

    Some examples of how people might coach would be helping someone decide on and start a business or helping someone reach their healthy living goals.

    People love to have that extra guidance and push so if helping people excel by teaching and guiding is your thing, then this would be perfect for you.

    Resources to get you started: To learn more about how to start a coaching business, check out this article  and this one by Convertkit

    Self publishing Books on Amazon

    If you love to teach, then teaching all the things you know in a book can be a great way to not only reach people but make some passive income as well.

    Once the book is written, then it has the potential to literally make money while you sleep (though it’s not necessarily that easy). 

    Resources to get you started: Check out this post to learn more about self publishing

    Side Hustles for Fashion Lovers

    If you love all things fashion, being a fashion designer isn’t your only option. There are actually quite a few side hustles where your eye for fashion can really give you a leg up and help you be successful.

    Fashion blogger

    If you love writing, then being a fashion blogger can be a great way to showcase your love of fashion. On a blog, you can cover any aspect of fashion that you’re interested in such as how to dress certain body types, how to be fashionable on a budget, or even all about the latest fashion trends.

    To monetize this kind of blog, you could showcase certain outfits and then people will buy the products you recommend and you’ll get a commission.

    Resources to get you started: To help you get your blog started, check out this guide I put together. At the end of it, you’ll see some amazing resources on how to make a profitable blogging business.

    Fashion vlogger/influencer

    Fashion as a side hustle

    If you love being on camera and interacting with people, then you can showcase your fashion favorites on YouTube or Instagram.

    I’ve seen fashion vloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers and all they talk about on their channel is literally their favorite outfits. You can do the same thing with Instagram showing off your outfits. Eventually, companies will want to work with you.

    Here are a few examples: MissAlex with over 600k subscribers and Miss Louie with over 350k subscribers.

    Resources to get you started: If this’s something you’re interested in, then check out this YouTube channel for how to setup a YouTube channel that can actually make money. This article is a guide on how to start a fashion vlog.


    Selling on Poshmark

    If you love shopping for stylish clothes, then selling on Poshmark can be a great option.

    The Poshmark app is designed to sell stylish clothes, shoes and accessories easily right from your phone.

    You could start with clothes from your closet and progress to buying gently used items from thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales.

    Another option is to buy items wholesale, either from a distributor of a certain brand or Poshmark has a boutique option for you to buy wholesale directly from them.

    I personally sell on Poshmark and they make it super easy to do.

    Resources to get you started: If you are new to Poshmark and use my code CHICKADEE529, you’ll get $5 credit to get started. Also, check out this article on which items you’d need to get started with a business like this. Here are a few Youtbe channels that focus on Poshmark as well:  Bexa Boss Lady and The Empty Hanger


    Selling on ebay

    This is similar to selling on Poshmark but you have a different audience. All age groups shop eBay where mostly younger people below 30 shop on Poshmark. This means that you can  sell pieces that are worth good money but may be tailored to an older audience.

    You don’t have to be fashionable to do this.

    Believe me.

    I have very little interest in fashion for myself, but I love selling vintage and higher end clothes on eBay. My favorite thing to sell is men’s shoes. I know. Weird. But there’s lots of profit there. 

    Before selling on eBay and finding these YouTube channels, I had zero clue about quality and style of clothing and shoes. There are so many resources out there for brands and styles that do well on eBay that it makes selling clothes on ebay really easy. 

    Resources to get you started: To get started, check out this article on the materials needed to get going. Then check out these tips for starting a successful ebay business. Finally, knowledge is power. Check out these YouTube channels that share a ton of info about selling clothes on eBay.


    Sell vintage fashion pieces on etsy

    People often think of Etsy as the place to sell handmade items but you can also sell vintage pieces.

    The crowd on Etsy is a bit younger so keep that in mind when sourcing vintage pieces to sell on there. They’re looking for more unique pieces.

    Resources to get you started: Here’s 40 free listings to get started on Etsy. To learn more about selling on Etsy, check out Margaret’s channel  Texas Gal Treasures and this article about setting up a successful vintage Etsy shop. 


    Shopify store

    This is where you essentially create your own site, offering your own items for sale through Shopify. It can be amazing vintage pieces or it can be wholesale products.

    One thing to note is that in this scenario you would need to market yourself and drive traffic to your store.

    This can work well if you pair it with a blog or a vlog where you are showcasing the pieces and showing the different styles to wear with them. Or it could even lend itself to featuring clothing that you designed yourself.

    Resources to get you started : To get started setting up a clothing business, this article on Oberlo is super helpful. 

    Side Hustles for Vintage and Antique Lovers

    Sell on ebay or Etsy

    This is a unique category but I included it because I wanted you to know it’s an option and a very lucrative one at that. If you love antiques and vintage items, then consider opening a store on eBay or Etsy. For this business, you’d go to auctions, estate sales, thrift stores, and yard sales looking for antique and vintage items of value. I love selling items like this on eBay. Some of my favorite things to sell are vintage electronics and toys. You want to find items that are rare, collectible, nostalgic or some combo of the 3 to bring more value. Resources to get you started: To get started on Etsy, here 40 free listings. For tips on running an eBay store, check out my favorite tips. To learn more about selling vintage and antique items, check out these YouTube channels.

    Side Hustles for Artists and Creatives

    As an artist or creative spirit, it can feel like the only option is to either have art be a hobby or try to sell your pieces in art shows, but there are other ways.

    Selling on etsy

    Etsy is where you can sell all things art. It can be earrings, drawings, knitted items, wood carvings, etc. You can even sell digital products.

    This is a great way to get your art out there in front of millions of people to find your perfect customers.

    Even though I don’t consider myself an artist, I love jewelry and am creative so I took a chance and tried my hand at an Etsy store in 2014 selling handmade earrings.

    While I love buying handmade artisan earrings, making them definitely turned out to be a whole different story. The biggest lesson I learned is that you really have to be comfortable expressing yourself and being unique. Also, learning SEO and all of the algorithms on how to stand out in a sea of other artisans is key.

    I have a friend that started creating and selling baby photography props when she had two kids under 3. Her Etsy store took off and she ended up making 6 figures with it so it’s definitely doable for moms. 

    Resources to get you started: To start your Etsy store off with 40 free listings, join Etsy here. For more info on how to master Etsy SEO, check out this channel by Marmalead, one of the leading Etsy SEO programs out there. For info on running a successful creative Etsy business check out this article.


    If you love creating digitally, then Fiverr can be a great way to express that talent. With so many websites. blogs and startups, there’s a huge need for people to create logos, infographics, podcast intros, etc.

    This is where Fiverr comes in. On Fiverr, you create your profile, highlight what you have to offer and create various packages with different price points. Customers can choose to work with you and you’re in business. 

    Resources to get you started: For tips on how to get your Fiverr business setup, check out this guide. Figuring out what to do for your Fiverr gigs might turn out to be challenging, so for more help with that, this podcast episode of Side Hustle Nation is a great reference for some ideas. 

    Merch by Amazon

    This is a print-on-demand service by amazon. Basically, you submit your original design for t-shirts (and now popsockets) and then when someone orders, Amazon makes it and sends it out while you get a portion of the sale.

    I’ve sold some things on there myself and have also designed some popsockets.

    If you really enjoy the creative aspect as well as trying to figure out what will sell based on customer interest, then this can be a lot of fun.

    To sell on Merch, you do have to apply and it can vary how long it takes for them to accept you.

    In the meantime, there are a few other websites that allow you to do print on demand services like Teespring, Gearbubble, CafePress and Zazzle. The big difference with these is that you will need to market your own products and drive traffic but the big pro is that you can do more than just Tshirts with them. CafePress allows you to design pretty much anything from cups to Ipad cases. 

    Resources to get you started: To learn more about running a successful Merch business, check out Merch University and Texas Gal Treasures


    Blogging (craft blog/sell printables)

    Applying your creative side to blogging can manifest in a few different ways.

    If you love teaching about crafting and helping others fine tune their own craft such as by helping moms create fun activities for their kids or creating DIY decor for the woman on a budget, then blogging can be a great business.

    Basically, you’d write blog posts about the backstory of a project, explaining every step and then getting people excited about trying it themselves.

    Think Pinterest. All of the things you see on Pinterest come from bloggers.
    You might be thinking how could this be a profitable blog niche. Check out Jennifer Maker’s blog . She has a very successful crafting blog that will definitely get you motivated. You can read more of her story as a blogger here

    The other aspect of using a blog to showcase your art is by creating printables and selling them to your blog audience.

    Basically, a printable is a digital file (typically a PDF) that you’ve created for people to buy, print and use in some way.

    Some examples might be patterns for crafting, activity sheets for kids, etc.

    For an amazing example of how this has been wildly successful, check out the blog by Sarah Titus and read about her success selling over $2M in printables in 2018.

    Resources to get you started: To start a blog, check out this easy step by step guide. After you’ve done that and set the foundation for how to run a successful blogging business, dive into how to create a profitable crafting blog with Jennifer Maker. She has some courses that I’ve heard amazing things about.

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      While the idea of working from home is amazing, you don’t want to just pick any business or job that makes money just so you can quit your job.

      Believe me.

      Being a work at home mom is challenging (Related post: Transition to being a Work at home mom like a boss). But if you truly love what you’re doing, then it won’t feel like work. I seriously have to make myself stop working because I love doing it.

      You don’t want to leave your day job just to hate the job you have from home.

      We’re aiming for a happy, fulfilled life.

      Start by finding your perfect business that reflects what you truly love to do.

      Over to you. Which side hustle ideas are you interested in? Any that I forgot?

      Which online should your start to become a work at home mom? THese side hustles are based on your interests to get you started.
      Find the perfect side hustle based on your skills and interests.
      Learn how to turn your passions in a legit online business so you can work from home.
      Which side hustle is right for you based on your interests and passions.

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      1. Wow, what an amazing list! These are truly some great ideas for anyone looking for a way to make more money. Personally, I’m trying the blogging and Etsy route…Love it!

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