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Are you finding yourself considering leaving your career to stay at home with your kids?

Mom happy laughing with child.

Maybe childcare is getting too expensive or you’re starting to feel a lot of guilt about having your child in daycare so much or maybe you’re just tired of working for other people for so many hours a day.

That career life made a lot of sense when you first set out on this journey but having kids can change everything, especially your priorities.  

It’s not that you don’t enjoy your career, but the life (or lack thereof) that comes with it, just doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

Long hour days and working weekends means less time with your kids and they’re only little once.


But making this kind of a career move can be scary.

After all of those years of schooling and training, it might feel like you’re choosing to stay at home with your kids and just give it all up.

How do you even go about explaining this to your family and friends?

Here’s where a lot of women get stuck.

They feel like they’re stuck in their career because they don’t see a way to work from home in their field or at the very least, a job they can do from home that will even remotely replace their current income.

I’m here to tell you that there are lots of women that have left their good paying careers to stay at home with their kids, but they aren’t giving up all together on their drive to work and contribute to the world.

So, how can you actually make money from home?

Create your own online business.

Before I lose you, this isn’t some kind of scammy internet thing, but a legit, viable business that’s allowing these moms to work from home to be with their kids and replace, or even surpass, their former income.

So how do these moms actually make money from home?

They are blogging.

If you’re like me, then you’re probably asking “How in the world are they making money blogging? Isn’t that just where you basically have an online diary?”

Turns out this is a legit business that’s capable of making some serious cash.

The first time I was tuned into this was while listening to the Side Hustle Nation podcast. Nick was interviewing Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter.

As I’m listening to this interview, I’m in awe as I hear her say that she was clearing $25k a month. Per MONTH?! (That was back in 2017. She’s got a 7 figure blog now.)

I was hooked. Went home that day and started my blog.

You might be thinking that Rosemarie was a fluke example.

I thought that same thing.

So I started doing some research to see how likely it was that I could even make 1/5th of what she was making.

Turns out, she’s not just a one-off example.

Moms Making a Full-Time Income with Their Blogs

To help you feel confident that you can be a stay at home mom, make good money, and not feel like you’re just giving up your career (you’ll be running a business after all), I have generated a list of women that are making a full-time income from their blogs.

This can be anywhere from $2k-$125k per month.

Many of you are going to want to see proof that this is a legit option, so I decided to bring you the data.

Alice Bolte at Cape and Apron

Career Before Blogging: Art Director for Top Video Game Companies
Current Average Monthly Income: $2-$5k

cape and apron blog homepage

Reason for Blogging:

Alice spent a decade pursuing her dream.

I asked why she considered blogging and she said:

I’d finally “made it” and I found I hated it.

Why don’t they ask you “how do you want to live?” instead of “What job do you want to do?” before you go to college?

I wanted a family and to raise babies so I left that and turned to blogging.


“Do a serious, hard reality check and decide if your career is TRULY worth the 40/40+ plan (working forty hours plus for forty years). If you aren’t sure, take a look at the lifestyle of the superiors in your career ladder.

Do you want both their income and lifestyle? If the answer is no, take those realities truly to heart.

You CAN custom build your OWN life and dream. 

Do a budget, set income goals, fill out a “time budget” of hours you will work pursuing your dream and stick to it.

I also would encourage learning and taking advice only from bloggers with fruit on the tree. 

Get the ball rolling. 

Don’t let excuses get in the way of the life you want. Any excuse will work. You can do this.”

Kristen Skiles at StepMomming

Career Before Blogging: I led a team responsible for strategy of a Fortune 500 company.
Current Average Monthly Income: $2.5k-$5k

StepMomming homepage


“Stop feeling guilty right this minute.

You are entitled to your dreams and your own passions, and you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

I know it’s scary, and I realize it’s risky. But you are a rockstar, and you were meant for so much more than working for someone else. T

he world needs you and your unique message. Stay focused, eye on the prize, and chase your dreams, girl!”

Jenny Mayas at This Tiny Blue House

Career Before Blogging: High school history and math teacher
Current Average Monthly Income: $5-$10k
this tiny blue house homepage
Reason for starting a blog:

“After multiple pregnancy losses, I got pregnant with my daughter and was put on bedrest for the entire pregnancy.

As much as I loved teaching, I needed to find a way to help support my family that would allow me to be with this little girl as much as possible.

Because, she is the priority in my life. I wanted to be as present as possible in her life.

She’s only little once and I was desperate to find a way to side hustle so that I could be part of her childhood as a stay at home mom.

The blog was actually started as a hobby while I searched and experimented with alternative side hustles. 

At the time I didn’t realize that my blog could make me money.

Instead, I started it to help me connect with other moms because although I LOVED being home with her I needed to connect with other moms to beat the isolation.”


“YOU have value to add to the blog world. Many moms shy away from taking the plunge because they don’t think they have anything of value to bring to the table.

The blogosphere is huge and there’s a cozy space waiting for you to share your ideas and creativity.

Making money from a blog is possible! I’m proof. I did it and so can YOU.

Be kind to yourself, be open to learning and most importantly stick with it.

You wont make 6-figures overnight but the potential to earn is there if you’re willing to explore, learn and adjust as you move along on your blogging journey.”


Cate Rosales at Sweet and Simple Life

Career Before Blogging:
Administrative manager for financial advisor firm
Current Average Monthly Income: $5-$10k

sweet and simple life homepage


“You have options. Blogging for a living is one of them, and it can be so fun, flexible, and lucrative!

The world has changed and women now have the opportunity to build their own businesses from the comfort of their own home, and have the same success as someone sitting in an office.

It’s always scary venturing into unknown territory, but once you find your groove working from home and start making money, your confidence grows right along with your income.

You’ll start to realize that you are capable of so much more than you thought, and the opportunities are endless.

You will have to work hard for what you want, but it will be worth it.

Treat your blog like a real business, show up and work hard every day, and amazing things will happen!”


Carly Campbell at Mommy On Purpose

Career Before Blogging: Waitress*

*While a waitress might seem outside of the realm of the other careers these women have had, the reason I included Carly here is because she said it herself. She didn’t need some special skills or training to be successful as a blogger. She just figured it out and made it happen  

Current Average Monthly Income: $5-$10k

mommy on purpose home page pic


“Anyone who wants to try blogging SHOULD – because you won’t know if it will work for you unless you try.

Blogging IS a viable option to make good money, the question is whether or not you have what it takes.”


Chelsea Clark at Her Paper Route and Blog Tips

Career Before Blogging: Corporate Marketing Strategist
Current Average Monthly Income: $10k+

her paper route homepage picture

blog tips homepage
Reason for Starting a Blog:

“I was pregnant with my first baby on the way, and I couldn’t imagine going back to work and leaving him in day care.

I was determined to make my blog work, so that I could stay home with him, and never have to work for someone else again.

I’ll never forget the day I left work for ‘maternity leave.’

It was so good!

Everyone was saying ‘See you next year’ and in my head I was singing ‘noooope!’ “


“The one thing is I wish I had started my blog sooner.

I wasted far too many years working for someone else!

I always tell new bloggers you don’t need a background [in corporate marketing] in order to be successful.

If you have the desire and dedication to learn blogging and marketing, and the patience to grow, you can become a successful blogger.”


McKinzie Bean at Moms Make Cents

Career Before Blogging: Academic advisor in higher education at the undergraduate and graduate level
Current Average Monthly Income: $10k+

moms make cents homepage picture


“It’s going to be hard, but it is worth it!

I remember when I was first getting my blog going I would work every night from 10:00 PM until 2:30 AM. It was absolutely exhausting and there were times that I thought I couldn’t do it any longer, but I made it!

Many bloggers expect overnight success and then give up when after the first few months they don’t see results.

Don’t be that person!

Many blogs take 6 months to a year to really start getting traction and the reason that many blogs fail is that most give up before that time.

Be stubborn and don’t stop. If you are persistent you can get there!”

Suzi Whitford at Start A Mom Blog

Career Before Blogging: Engineer
Current Average Monthly Income: $40k+
Start a mom blog homepage

What I love about Suzi’s story is that she left her job as an engineer to be a stay at home mom, but she really missed that adult-level thinking at the same time.

She created her blog and has built up an amazing business over the past few years while having 2 babies in there somewhere. You can read more of her story here.

She provides a lot of great free content on her Facebook page and her blog is super helpful if you want to learn more about blogging in general.


“I would advise her to start a hobby blog at first. She’ll learn a lot just from creating content and building a website.

I would not advise someone to leave their career to start a blog if they are not 110% sure they want to do this.

Blogging won’t bring an income overnight, so you’ll need another source of income before your blog can fully support you.

It grows slowly, but it can grow exponentially and passively with time. “

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More Amazing Bloggers Killing It With Their Blogs as Stay at Home Moms

In addition to the wonderful women featured above, I also wanted to include some more women that I know are killing it with their blogs and have created a legit business for themselves.

Even though I couldn’t get their feedback for this post, I wanted to include them to show you that these successful women come from a variety of backgrounds and blog on a variety of topics.

Monica Froese at Redefining Mom

Career Before Blogging: Corporate Marketing
Current Average Monthly Income: At least $10k/month (check it out here)

While Monica chooses not to share her blogging income for privacy reason, I do know that she is making a full time income from her blog.  

Monica specializes in helping moms runs their online businesses from home.

To see more of her reasons for choosing to leave her corporate job at a Fortune 100 company, check her out here.


Chelsea Brennan at Smart Money Mamas

Career Before Blogging: Hedge Fund Investment Manager
Current Average Monthly Income: At least between $2k-5k. See her income report from mid-2018 here.

Chelsea uses her background in finance to help moms with all things money.

She started blogging to have more time with her family and it’s clearly paid off.

You can read more about her story behind her blog by going here.

Caroline Vencil at her blog Caroline Vencil

Career Before Blogging: Stay at Home Mom
Average Monthly Income: $25k+ (according to her last public income report. Check it out here)

Caroline’s blog is all about budgeting and saving money.

What makes her story unique is that she was a teen mom, has 4 little ones now and decided to make this whole blogging thing work. 

She has a lot of great enthusiasm and energy and I love reading her posts. 

As a young family, they learned to live off of her husband’s income and she took that passion of saving money and turned that into her blog and is killing it! 

Jennifer Marx at her blog Jennifer Maker

Career Before Blogging: Work at home mom writing published books
Current Average Monthly Income: $50k+ (podcast episode 46 of Do It Scared )

Jennifer’s story is one that has taken over the blogging world by storm.

Her blog has exploded and grown the level it is within 2 years of joining Elite Blog Academy.

That’s insanely fast but also insanely motivating.

And the crazy thing to me is that she has a craft blog!

She’s got a lot of business and marketing savviness to combine with her amazing craft talent that really makes for a great blogging business.

I highly suggest checking out that podcast episode because she explains her story in more detail and it’s so awesome and motivating to hear.

Rosemarie Groner at The Busy Budgeter

Career Before Blogging: State Trooper
Current Average Monthly Income: $100k+ (podcast episode 268 of Side Hustle Nation)

Rosemarie is literally the reason I was ever turned on to the idea that blogging was a viable online business option.

I was listening to the podcast episode where she was talking about making $20k a month back in 2017 and I was hooked.

The amazing thing to me about Rosemarie is that she literally works as little as she can!

She strives to work less than 25 hours a week because she wants to be a stay at home mom.

That life just sounds amazing to me and it’s something I’m sure many women dream of having.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

Career Before Blogging: Financial Analyst
Current Average Monthly Income: $125k (Check out her 2018 income report here)

Michelle is another blogger I heard on the Side Hustle Nation podcast (Can you tell I love podcasts yet?).

At the time, she was getting ready to make just over $100k in one month.

That sounded insane to me (and still does) but it definitely solidified that there was this whole other world of blogging that I knew nothing about but I needed to learn ASAP.

Final Thoughts

I hope these amazing women have inspired you and helped bring to light that it is definitely possible to run your own business from home, make a decent living, and be with your kids.

You really can have it all. These women are proof.

They blog about all sorts of things from money to crafting.

But the one thing in common between them all? They started.

If these examples got you interested in starting a blog and you want to go ahead and get started, check out my easy step-by-step guide to setting up your blog.

If you want to make this a business, then I highly encourage you to purchase a blogging course.

Yes it’s money spent before you know if it’ll work, but I thought of it like school.

If I can take a comprehensive blogging course to teach me how to make my blog into a profitable business making that kind of money, but actually get to live a life I will enjoy, then you can bet it’s worth every penny.

The two courses I’ve taken and highly recommend are Blog by Number by Suzi at Start a Mom Blog and Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup.

These are both great options, but Elite Blog Academy is only open for public enrollment in March each year. Get on the waitlist so you can get all updates about it and they have a great blogging newsletter that goes out with great tips in it.

Another great resource that I personally buy every year is the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles.

It is this amazing bundle deal on a ton of different blogging courses by successful bloggers at a severely reduce rate of only $97 (like 98% off). It only happens in Oct and then they sometimes have a flash sale some other time in the year.

What I love about this one is that it is basically everything you need to start a blog, learn all of the different components you need to in great detail, and it’s so cheap!

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

 It changes each year, but usually there are courses on setting up your blog, creating content, social media, email, etc.

I love having this in addition to the big comprehensive courses because these courses often go deep on one topic to expand my knowledge even more.

Get on their waiting list so you can be notified of the flash sale when they have it. This one is totally worth it.

My goal with this post was to give you hope so that you don’t have to feel stuck in your career and feel like you’ve got choose between being the mom you want and having the career you want.

If you’ve got questions about working from home or how to make that happen, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help. 


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About The Liberated Mommy

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Alexia Carrillo, the main author, has been writing about helping moms leave their 9-5 jobs since 2017. In 2018, she left her job as a scientist/high school teacher to be home with her son in 2018. She works from home as an ebay and Poshmark reseller and blogger and absolutely loves it.

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