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If you know a busy mom that is hustling to run a business on the side, then you’re in the right place. I’ve put together a list of the best gifts that any busy mom with a side hustle would want, so you can know your gift will be loved and appreciated. 

14 Must have gifts for a busy mom with a side hustle.

These gifts are going to make her life easier by helping her get organized, have more energy, and tackle her business goals with more enthusiasm than ever. 

And believe me, those are things she wants and is hyper focused on.

Commuting to work, working a full time job, being mom, taking care of household to-dos and being a wife already make a full plate. 

Add onto that running a side hustle and you’ve got one busy mom.

But she’s got dreams. Ambitions. Big goals and plans to turn this side hustle into a business one day and change her life by owning her own business.

With these gifts, you’re going to help her get there. And she will love you for it.

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Must-have gifts for the busy mom with a side hustle

Since you may want to get more than one item, below each item, I’ve given a suggested gift bundle idea to make it easier for you to make a great gift set.

These are in no particular order, so let’s get into it. 




More likely than not, her side hustle is based on the internet in some way. 

What better gift than a new laptop

Her life is her computer and if she is running a side hustle, she probably wishes she had a new laptop but doesn’t want to spend the money right now to invest in one. 

That’s where you come in. 

Amazon has a large selection of laptops to choose from and they have the square warranty add-on option in case anything crazy might happen to her precious laptop (like her toddler pulling on the cord and it crashing to the ground…trust me, it happens.)

Gift Bundle Idea: Honestly, anything goes well with a new laptop. The Rocketbook Everlast with Frixion Pens would make this a nice bundle because she can jot down her ideas, scan them and work on them at her fingertips on her new laptop

Business-minded books




There are so many great books such as the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris or the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Checkout this list of my favorite entrepreneurial books here for some ideas. 

You might think it’d be lame to get business books but believe me, if she is serious about her business, then she will love these books and how they are going to help her grow as an entrepreneur. 

Keep in mind there is also the Kindle if holding a physical book is too 90s (or maybe too burdensome to carry around 21 books).

Gift bundle idea: Books go with anything. A nice gift bundle would be to pair books with a motivational coffee mug and a shirt to really get her in the spirit of crushing her goals. Bonus would be to add an awesome bookmark or 5. If she’s like me, she will read a bunch of different books simultaneously.



If time is of the essence, then audiobooks can be a great way to gain a ton of knowledge without having to take time to sit down and read. 

She can listen in the car on her commute, at the gym, while doing dishes. 

You get the idea. 

I love Audible because listening to audiobooks is more than just listening to that juicy vampire novel. 

There are TONS of business, personal and professional development books on there. 

Every entrepreneur knows that developing a business mindset is going to be key to success as a business owner. 

Getting this as a gift would be a wonderful way to help any mom with a business move in the right direction.

Gift bundle idea: Pair with a nice pair of earbuds for crisp sound, and the Rocketbook so she can jot down all the amazing business ideas she’s going to have listening to inspiring books. 


RocketBook Notebook

This thing is amazing! 

It’s a notebook that you can write in, use an app to scan the page and send it to Dropbox or Google drive or wherever you want, and then erase the pages with WATER. 

With this gift, she’ll never have to get another notebook again and all of those amazing business ideas can quickly be organized with the app. 

This one is a no-brainer and it comes in pretty colors, too. 

You can only use Frixion pens with it, but it comes with one black one. 

You can get it at Amazon or you can use the coupon code FromTheFuture to get 10% your order of 15% or more by using this link.

Gift bundle idea: To got with the theme of planning and organizing, you can pair it with the extra set of Frixion pens and a planner.

Frixion Pens

Erasable pens that don’t suck and they come in fun colors. 

These aren’t your crappy erasable pens like we used to have in the 90s. 

These pens write smoothly and erase completely. 

Having erasable pens is great for a busy mom because she can jot down ideas or move her schedule around without having a jumbled mess. 

Erase it and rework it. I don’t go anywhere without these.

Gift bundle idea: For an emphasis on planning and goal setting, pair these with the Rocketbook and the Happy Planner.

Motivational List Pads


Ok you might be thinking “Seriously? Stationary??” but trust me! 

As an entrepreneur, there are a million things she’s trying to remember to get done and having fun stationary to write it on will add a bit of fun to her day. 

Those little words of inspiration can really give that extra boost she needs when the to-do list is longer than the page. 

Gift bundle idea: This would go well with a new laptopnew planner and a Rocketbook with Frixion pens for a nice office gift bundle.


Amazing New Planner

Every busy mom needs a planner to organize all of her to-dos, business ideas and make sure that she hits her big goals. 

There are so many options on Amazon. 

Check these busy mom planners out and see which one speaks to you. 

One of my personal favorites is The Happy Planner

Not only can you do daily tasks, but they have a variety of insert packs that you can buy to tailor the happy planner to your needs. 

The other thing that the Happy Planner has going for it is that it has fun designs, motivational quotes, and fun sticker packs you can add to the mix to make planning go from boring to exciting and fun. 

These can be found at Michaels where they sometimes go on sale, but they run out of styles pretty quickly. 

Get it on Amazon to get it fast for free if you’ve got your Prime membership and make sure you get the styles you want.

Gift bundle idea: Pair the planner with the Frixion pens (especially the color combo pack), a pack of stickers, some inspirational stationery and the Rocketbook for all of her business ideas to create the perfect planner bundle for the big dreamer.

Motivational Quote Home Office Art

Having beautiful and inspirational words hanging on the walls can be a great reminder to keep pushing through when business life gets tough. 

Depending on what vibe you’re going for, there are a variety of colors and styles that will be sure to fit any home office.

Gift bundle idea: This would go well with a new laptopnew planner and a Rocketbook with Frixion pens for a nice office gift bundle.

Fun and inspirational coffee mugs

Many busy moms with a side hustle are going to be working late nights or early mornings just to get all of the things done. 

She is going to need lots of caffeine to fuel that drive, so what better gift than a fun and inspirational coffee mug?? 

There are so many good ones it’ll be hard to pick and choose but whichever you get, it’ll be sure to be a small but great reminder to keep pushing through.

Gift bundle idea: Pair it with her favorite tea, tea infuser and/or coffee or Starbucks gift card

Bunn Coffee Pot…or anything coffee related really



As a busy mom working her full-time job, she is going to need some pep in her step to be able to stay up and work on her side hustle or fuel for getting up super early. 

What better way than to have a nice cup of coffee? 

I personally love my Bunn Coffee Pot because it makes an entire pot of coffee in like 2 minutes. 

So she can have as much coffee as she needs ASAP. 

So no having to buy expensive pods or generating a ton of waste just to have fast coffee. 

If making her own coffee or tea is a bit too time intensive, you can always go the gift card route. Choose from Starbucks or maybe her favorite local coffee shop offers gift cards.

Gift bundle idea: This would be great to pair with that cool mug we mentioned earlier as a big coffee-themed gift package.

Tea infuser


Coffee isn’t for everyone and not all occasions need such a burst of caffeine. 

In comes tea. 

If she uses loose leaf tea, then there are some seriously cute tea infusers like this sloth one.

These make a great gift because if she is really into something specific, you can really personalize the gift. Have fun with it.

Gift bundle idea:  This would go great with her favorite tea and an awesome, fun motivational mug.

Audible Subscription

For the busy mom with a side hustle, being able to listen to all the business and personal development books on her list is going to be such an amazing gift.

Getting Kindle Unlimited is also a great option if she’s not into listening to books. 

Gift bundle idea:  Make sure she has some great bluetooth headphones or AirPods for this one. 




These are great for keeping her organized and on the ball. You can tell it to remind you of things, add things to your list, order something last minute, etc.  

Gift bundle idea:  Anything really. 

Bluetooth Earbuds


These are so important for busy moms with side hustles because they allow her to listen to podcasts or business development ideas while doing laundry, “watching” cartoons with the little ones, or going for a run. 

Having a nice set of earbuds is a must-have to optimize those times (like while going for a much needed walk) when she can multi-task and listen to audiobooks, podcasts, etc. to be inspired, motivated, and improve her mindset so she can rock her business. 

Gift bundle idea: Pair with an audible subscription, new cell phone and/or new laptop for a tech inspired gift.

Bonus Item: Amazon Prime Gift


This is a nice add-on gift. Having Amazon Prime gets her access to free books with Prime Reading, tons of  music, and then of course that fast shipping.  

Amazon makes it super easy to give a Prime membership as a gift, so if she doesn’t have it already, then this can be a huge

Gift bundle idea: This is a nice add-on to any gift to really round it out. 

Wrap Up

There you have it.

The best gifts that any busy mom with a side hustle will love.

These gifts are going to make her life easier and help her reach her goals faster. 

And since it’s going to look like you read her mind with these amazing ideas, she’s going to love you for it and be forever grateful. 

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