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Wondering how to have work-life balance as a mom entrepreneur this holiday season?

I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’m going to share my favorite work life balance tips that will allow you to move your business forward and nurture your relationships this holiday season. 

This holiday season, master work life balance with these tips.
The holidays are finally here.

That time of year where things get crazy busy with all of the traveling and cooking and shopping. But things also seem to slow down at the same time. Being off of work gives everyone a chance to take a much needed break from their jobs and just relax and spend quality time with family.

Then there’s you.

The busy mom and entrepreneur.

While everyone else is jumping at the chance to lounge on the couch binge watching Netflix, you see all of this vacation time as a chance to work on your business.

It’s your baby. Your passion project. The thing that will set your family up for life and allow you to be financially free. You just need more time to work on it.

So what better time than the holidays, right?

Believe me. I get it. I LOVE working on my business. In fact, I’ve been working for over 10 hours today and I am actually sad that I have to go to sleep because I just LOVE what I do so much.

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So I get it when you are thinking that the holidays are a great opportunity to get some traction in your business. To finally get ahead on some things.

While this is true, this is also the holidays. THE time of year to really reflect on what you’re grateful for and enjoy your family.

So how do you manage work-life balance during this busy time?

Here are some work-life balance tips you can use to work on your business and nurture your relationships this holiday season.

Remember that time with family is important as well

When you are super passionate about your business, it can be easy to get lost in the hustle of trying to get ahead to that next milestone in your business. You are so used to taking advantage of every kid free moment you have to work on your business, and the holidays are no exception. But maybe they should be. Yes, your business matters and yes, the holidays are a great time to get some work done, but you also have to remember your “why”. If you’re like a lot of mom entrepreneurs, you are hustling to make this business work because you want to spend MORE time with your family.
So I encourage you to look at your holiday schedule and figure out where you can really make time for your family and then embrace that. Really be mindful of being present with your family when you are spending time with them. Not only will it make them feel like they matter, but it will refuel and recharge you for your business when you get back to it.

Remind people that this isn’t just work.

It can be hard for people to understand that your business is just that: a business. They think that since it’s the holidays, you have the option to just take a vacation from everything. And while you technically do have that option, if you’re getting your still getting your business up and running and it’s not generating the income you are wanting, then you’ll probably need to work on your business in some capacity during the holidays. Otherwise, you’re going to really lose traction and momentum.

It’s important to convey to your family and friends that this isn’t just work. It’s a business and it’s your dream. Let them know how much it means to you and your big goals. If they understand that you’re goal is to be able to quit your day job next year or maybe for you to be able to pay off all of the credit cards, then they can appreciate your dream, too.

If you worked at a 9-5 job and didn’t have the holidays off, no one would say anything. They might grumble a bit and wish you were home, but they couldn’t require to take the time off.

The same applies here. You just don’t have as much time off from your business as it appears. Select specific days off and let your family and friends know when that is. That way they can look forward to that time with you and will expect (hopefully) you to still be working during the other days.

Compromise by creating balance between family and work.

It’s not like you don’t want to spend time with your family during the holidays. Of course you do. But you also have this drive to move your business forward. I get it. To make the holidays go smoothly, it’s really important to be deliberate about creating balance between family and work time. Of course this can be tough to manage when everyone around you is on vacation and you’re trying to run a business. To help, let your family know the specific days you will be spending time with them. Let them know that if they respect the days you need to work, then when you are not working, you will be wholly present with them. They are probably used to you constantly trying to fit work in all the time, so this will be a nice gift for them as well. Be mindful and present when you’re working and when you’re with family so both get the attention they need.

A break can actually fuel business ideas.

I know it’s hard to imagine, but taking a break from your business can actually help your mind create new connections. (check out this awesome TED talk on the science behind it). Believe me, I totally get wanting to work on your business every free moment you have. It’s not just a business. It’s something you are passionate about and that means that you genuinely LOVE working on it. But as much as you may not like hearing it, giving yourself a mental break can actually allow you have big business breakthroughs. Ever heard people say they have their best ideas come to them in the shower? Or while on a walk? It’s because of this concept. Let your mind relax and think of other things and suddenly you will come up with novel solutions to things you’ve been stumped on for a week. My favorite is how I actually come up with new business ideas (products, marketing ideas, etc) when I just relax. So allow yourself to sit and relax with your family this holiday season. You’ll be building relationships with your family and growing your business. That’s a win-win for sure. Make sure to keep a notebook handy (like this awesome Rocketbook Everlast notepad) and your phone for keeping track of  those ideas as they come flooding in.

Final Words

Navigating the holiday season as an entrepreneur can be hard, but keep these strategies at the forefront of your mind, and hopefully you will be able to have work-life balance between your business passion and your family.

  • Remember that time with family is important 

  • Remind people that this is a business .

  • Compromise by creating balance between family and work.

  • A break can actually fuel business ideas.

Reader Tips

Do you have any other tips for creating work-life balance during the holidays? If you’d like to have your tip featured on this post, send me your ideas by clicking below. The more ideas we have the better moms and entrepreneurs we will be.

Happy productive Holidays.

Find work-life balance this holiday season with these easy and practical tips for mom entrepreneurs.

Find work-life balance this holiday season with these easy and practical tips for mom entrepreneurs.
Find work-life balance this holiday season with these easy and practical tips for mom entrepreneurs.
Find work-life balance this holiday season with these easy and practical tips for mom entrepreneurs.
Find work-life balance this holiday season with these easy and practical tips for mom entrepreneurs.

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