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Here are some of my favorite work from home mom tips from the interview with Kristin.

1. Supporting your family while working from home with little ones is possible

           It might seem like being able to work from home while raising little ones is short of impossible but So many moms, including Kristin, have started their business when the kids were still young. In this interview, you’ll hear some tips on how to balance being a mom with running a successful business.

2. Persistence and perseverance are important as an entrepreneur

Starting your own business is easy.

You just start.

But keeping at it day in and day out when everything feels like it’s not working is the hard part.

You could run into technical issues, sales slumps, or even just getting burned out on the mundane tasks that every business has.

When you start one business, you may find out that you don’t enjoy it at all and start another one.

The important thing is to not give up and keep going.

Keep trying to figure out the right business model for you. Develop systems to get through the hard stuff. Tackle the technology head-on or hire it out if you want to. You can’t ever succeed if you quit so if you want to make this work, you’ll have to be committed to it no matter what comes your way.

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3. Don’t let overwhelm stop you from reaching your goals

As a work at home mom, you have a lot on your plate from cleaning the house to keeping the kids fed and alive to running your business.

It can feel like a lot at times.

Then your business to-do list will feel endless as you think of all of the things you want to do to reach your goals.

If you aren’t ready for it, this can paralyze you with fear. Feeling like you can’t get “enough” done or you don’t have time for it all.

In this interview, Kristin talks about taking it one step at a time using her 15-minute hustle strategy. Even if those steps are simply in 15 minute increments. Anything you do is moving you one step closer to accomplishing your goals. That’s how she built her business and this is such a good tip for busy work at home moms.

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4. You can be a great mom and a great business owner.

There is usually a lot of guilt around being a working mom because you feel like you aren’t around your kids as much. Even work at home moms experience mom guilt just in a different flavor.

When working from home, it can be hard to balance working with spending time with your kids.

Even though it’s hard, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be an entrepreneur and a good mom.

Show them what it’s like to pursue your dreams and how to be an entrepreneur.

This insight from Kristin was great: You wouldn’t tell your kids to give up on all of their hopes and dreams when they become a mom and then start going after those again after their kids are grown. So why would you do that same to yourself? Showing your children that you have passions and ideas that don’t revolve around them demonstrates a healthy balance in life that your children can one day emulate.

5. Mindset and perspective are key to your success.

Thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur might feel weird, but it’s so easy for us moms to downplay what we’re really doing.

You aren’t just making a little bit of extra money online.

You’re running a business. Using your ideas and your time so that makes you an entrepreneur.

Embrace that.

Viewing yourself as an entrepreneur with an actual business is going to affect the way you think about yourself and influence the actions you take each day.

Final Words

To hear all of the tips and insight Kristin shared about being a successful work at home mom, check out the video below.


If you’re thinking of starting a business but aren’t really sure how to get things going and really be successful, then you’ll definitely want to check out Kristin’s new book Dream Big Step Small.

This book covers everything from figuring out what your true passions are (so you can start the right business for you)  to managing the day to day challenges of being a work at home mom. Every aspiring mompreneur definitely needs to read this book to help you get an action plan for achieving your dreams while keeping sane in the process.

I hope you were encouraged and inspired by this interview with Kristin. I’d love to hear your favorite takeway in the comments below.


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