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You’ve got big dreams but are scared of starting your own business.

You’d love to work from home, be with your kids more, and make more money, but the thought of finding the courage to actually quit your job and then try to make money from your own business feels impossible.

What if it doesn’t work? What about insurance? What will people think? What if I fail?

In this article, I’m going to help you find the courage to start your own business and quit your job so you can finally stop letting life happen to you and start taking action to pursue the life you want.

And it all starts with failure.

woman afraid of working from home and starting a business

Failure is key to your success

I know. You’re trying to succeed at starting your own business. Not fail at it. But this is such an important concept that a lot of new entrepreneurs miss and I don’t want you to be one of them.

Failure is something that a lot of us think is a bad thing. We even go far as to fear failure. What would it say about us? What would others think if we failed?

If you really think about it, failure is just a perception. We can choose to see something as a failure or we can choose see it as a lesson. You get to control how you view it.  I know that might sound cheesy but it’s true. You learn something every single time you don’t succeed in the way you planned or expected.

Really failure is required to lead to success. This is true both in life and in business.

In life, let’s look at jobs. Your first job teaches you a lot about what you love and don’t love to do at work. Maybe you found out that you loved working with people but really don’t like being in a fast-paced environment. So you find another job that aligns more with these values and you keep repeating this until you find the job or career that works best for you. 

The first job wasn’t a failure. It was simply part of the process to finding the right job for you down the road.

The same thing goes for starting a business and for going after the dream life you want. You’re going to have to try and fail in order to get to the success you’re looking for.

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So, how to get past the fear of starting your own business and go after your dream of working from home?

Which side hustle should you try?

1. Figure out your big why

This is just a fancy way of saying that you need to figure out your big reason for wanting to pursue this life in the first place.

There’s a reason that you want to do it. Really take some time and think about your root reason for having these thoughts of starting your own business and living life on your own terms.

Is it for your kids? Is it to spend more time with your kids? Is it because you’re tired of working for other people and you really want to have more control over your income and your time? Maybe you really want to travel. Or you want to have more life experiences with your family and feel that I’d 9 to 5 job hinders that.

Whatever it is for you to write it down on a piece of paper so that you can refer back to it time and time again when things get hard and you need a reminder.

2. Name your fear

Figuring out what’s really stopping you can help you to conquer it. The book Do it Scared by Ruth Soukup is a great resource for this. With the book, she gives a free fear assessment that will tell you your top fear archetype (there are 7). It’s really fun and interesting to see what your top fear is.

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Here’s the important part: once you know what is really holding you back, you can figure out ways to overcome that fear and not let it get in the way anymore.

For me, when I took the fear assessment, my top archetype is a people pleaser. This means that I care a lot about what other people think and fear that I’ll let them down or disappoint or bother them in some way.

One of the hardest things I had to overcome was my fear of disappointing others when I started my business.

After going to graduate school and getting a PhD, I quit to be a work at home mom. Talk about thinking I was disappointing people. But I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s my life and the people that really matter to me will love and support me in whatever I do. And they did.

So figure out what fear is really getting in your way so you can deal with it head on.  

3. Map out your dream life

Write it all out. Don’t hold back. You need to feel how amazing that life would be.

This is such a fun and motivating exercise. If you really dig deep and be true to your desires, you’ll be able to create this amazing picture of what life could look like for you.

Does it include being able to eat breakfast with your kids every day? Maybe you have the freedom to travel the world and give your kids those life experiences.

Whatever it is, don’t hold back. Your brain is going to try to tell you that some things aren’t possible but write them down anyway.

Seeing this dream life will give you the motivation to strive for it. Compare that dream life to where you are now and I’d be surprised if you instantly didn’t get fired up about wanting to make changes to get you closer to that dream life.

4. Tap into your skills and passions

If you can get paid to do anything, what would that be? Don’t think logical here. Just dream and put down everything that you love to do and would love to get paid for on a daily basis.

When it comes to your skills, are there things that you have learned through a job or schooling that you really don’t want to give up?

You want to be true to yourself here. One of the best ways to get the courage to start your own business is to make sure that you are excited about the business idea. What better way to get excited than to imagine a life where you get paid doing something you love?

5. Start a side hustle

You don’t have to quit your job tomorrow and start a business. You can ease into it with a side hustle.

Starting a side hustle is a great way to test out your ideas. It doesn’t require a ton of commitment upfront. You can start it while you maintain your job security and just see what it’s like.

The best way to do this is to tap into your skills and passions, figure out the best side hustle for you and make a commitment to yourself to simply get started.

For side hustle ideas based on your skills and passions check out this article.

In that article, I also point you to a variety of resources to help you get started if you’d like a little more guidance.

If you’re a podcast person like me, then there is a great podcast called Side Hustle Nation with Nick Loper that has a lot of great examples of different side hustles people are doing. That’s how I heard that people made money blogging. Who knew??


6. Know that failure is part of success and that’s ok.

The issue a lot of us have with failure is that we think it means it’s the end. But if failure is simply part of the process and required for us to get to that dream life, then embracing failure is really the best way to get to our goals the fastest.

You might start a side hustle and it might not work at all.

At that point you have the option to either throw in the towel and go back to life as it was or you could learn from it, figure out what you should’ve done differently, what you didn’t like and try again.

Doing this over and over and over is not only going to give you the confidence to keep pushing through and figuring out what works but it’s also going to get you closer and closer to that dream life that you mapped out.

This is how I did it.

I tried Etsy. Totally failed. Learned a lot through that (like that I really didn’t like creating physical products).

I tried selling on Amazon FBA. Didn’t fail at it, but I didn’t love it. Doing retail arbitrage and selling brand new items wasn’t exciting for me.

I tried ebay. Loved it and still do it, but I also know that I love to teach and help people so I couldn’t see myself only selling things on ebay for the rest of my life.

In comes blogging. It’s perfect! I can help and teach moms how to navigate being a work at home mom while using my years of teaching experience and selling online to help me do that.

If I would’ve stopped with Etsy, then I’d still be working my 9-5 job and just trying to make it through. But I kept trying until I found something that works for me. And I’m sure it will continue to change as I change.

For more on how to keep taking steps toward your goal, you’ll definitely want to check out the book Dream Big, Step Small by Kristin Ostrander.

Grab this guide to help you align your online business with your calling.


Up this point, you’ve been wishing you could have the life where you are working from home, being with your kids more and making amazing money to live an amazing life, but you’ve been holding back.

Using these tips, you can get past your fear and move toward your goals.

The 6 steps you need to take are:

  1. Figure out your big why

  2. Name your fear

  3. Map out your dream life

  4. Tap into your skills and passions

  5. Start a side hustle

  6. Know that failure is part of the process and that’s ok

With these strategies, you’re going to go from just thinking about quitting your job to actually taking action steps toward that goal and making it happen.

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About The Liberated Mommy

About The Liberated Mommy

As a mom wanting to work from home, figuring out which business to start and how to transition smoothly can seem overwhelming. At The Liberated Mommy, we cover everything to help you on your journey to working from home, including side hustles, starting and running an online business, budgeting and finances, parenting tips, reducing stress and overwhelm, and more.

Alexia Carrillo, the main author, has been writing about helping moms leave their 9-5 jobs since 2017. In 2018, she left her job as a scientist/high school teacher to be home with her son in 2018. She works from home as an ebay and Poshmark reseller and blogger and absolutely loves it.

Being a mom entrepreneur is hard and you don't have to go the journey alone. Let us support you on your way to accomplishing your dream life.

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