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Stocking stuffer ideas for busy work at home mom entrepreneurs that she will actually love and use.

Looking for Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Busy Mom Entrepreneurs? 

While you’re sharing all of the amazing gifts on your list this year, don’t forget to drop hints to the hubby about stocking stuffer ideas.

You want a stocking with more than just some candy canes and some lottery scratch off tickets (though $1,000 might be nice).

These stocking stuffer ideas are awesome and, bonus, they’ll actually help you be more productive which in turn means a better, thriving business and one happy mom entrepreneur.

The kids aren’t the only ones that get to have all the fun with stocking stuffers. Share these with your spouse and friends to have the best stocking ever.

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Gift Cards


This is a great one and can be easily customized based on interests. You could get coffee gift cards or gift cards for Amazon to buy whatever you’re wanting. They could be gift cards to your favorite office supply store or lunch spot where you go to work like Panera. The options are endless with this one and you can get gift cards on Amazon or a lot of times at your local grocery store they’ll often have a carousel of gift cards to choose from.

Pop socket

I love these little gadgets. They stick on the back of your cell phone and make it SUPER easy to hold your phone study for pictures and watching movies. They come in a variety of designs including these awesome mom hustle pop sockets. If you are doing lots of social media with your phone or taking pictures for your online store, then this is a MUST have.

Portable charging battery

These are great when you’re gonna be traveling and won’t have access to a charger or if you’re going to be using your phone for a long time such as recording video or taking pictures then you won’t have to worry about stopping in plugging in your phone. Because we all know that either Mom entrepreneur your business very likely can be managed from your phone so you want to make sure it’s charged. They even have nice colors that are not clunky.



As a busy mom entrepreneur, being able to listen to music or podcasts or audio books can be a great way to fit in business development in the middle of busy days. A nice pair of earbuds could really help me doing dishes more bearable.

Rocketbook Everlast (Pocket Size)

This awesome little notebook can be used forever. Literally. You have to use these erasable Frixion pens, but they are really good pens. I personally love the colored pack. Once you’ve got the idea jotted down, you just snap a picture with the Rocketbook app, send it to your Google Drive or where ever you like and done. Then, you can either erase it or use water to simply wipe the page clean. How awesome is that? I love the bigger version of the Rocketbook Everlast where I write down all of my business ideas. The small one would be perfect for jotting down quick ideas on the go.  

USB mouse

As a mom entrepreneur, your business is likely computer-based and as a busy mom, you’re probably dependent on your laptop to move where ever you need to to get work done. Not everyone loves using the touchpads on laptops because they can be super finicky! (Can you tell which I prefer?) That’s why I love having a really cute USB mouse, like this owl one. It can really help make using the laptop a lot easier plus it’s fun to add that pop of color to reflect your personality.

Tile finder

Part of being a busy mom entrepreneur is that you might often find that you’ve lost you keys (blame the toddler). This Tile goes right on your key chain and allows you to use your smartphone to find them.  Save time and reduce stress using this little gadget because we all know you don’t have time to go on a scavenger hunt for you keys when you’re already running behind.  

Motivational Bookmarks

Reading is a huge part of growing as a person and growing as an entrepreneur. It’s nice to have bookmarks for all of the amazing books that you’re bound to be reading this year. I opt for a motivational bookmark whenever I can. Seeing those little quotes as I’m reading a book about growing my business or expanding in someway can be really inspiring.

To Accomplish Sticky Notes

I don’t know about you, but sticky notes are life. I use them for all sorts of reminders when the thought just comes into my head. To give some order to the yellow sticky note chaos, these sticky notes have labels to help organize your thoughts better. So instead of looking through the sea of yellow notes, you can find exactly what you need quickly.

Instacart Express

Instacart express delivers groceries straight to your door.

This one is kind of pricey but when you look at value added to your life, it’s TOTALLY worth every penny. Instacart Express is a grocery delivery service. Our local grocery stores here offer it, and I LOVE it. I just go onto the app, pick the store I want to shop from, create my shopping list, and select a time window for the items to be delivered and Boom! Groceries done. 

Normally there’s a fee per trip for them to deliver which is about $6 for my area (may be different in other areas), but with Instacart Express, it’s $99 for the whole year and you get unlimited free delivery! So for less than $9/month, you can have someone do all the grocery shopping for you?! Uh. Yes please! The orders have to be over $35, but if you’re a mom with kids, I’m sure that won’t be an issue.

Here is $10 off your first order if you want to give them a try first. They have a free two week trial of the Instacart Express so you can see how awesome they are. Would be nice during the holidays in all the chaos.


Wrap Up

There you have it. Ten must-have stocking stuffers that will make your life easier as you head into the New Year. Make sure to have all of your friends and family see this list so they aren’t wondering what to get you this Christmas.

Stocking stuffer ideas for busy mom entrepreneurs that are actually useful.


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