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Gift Guide for Busy Work at Home Moms

This roundup of awesome gift ideas comes from my own perspective as a busy mom entrepreneur.

Anything that save me time and sanity is something I want on my wish list.

Here you’ll find items that will help with cleaning, cooking, relaxing, and more.

This article may include links that are affiliate links which means I get a small commission for your purchase and doesn’t affect your shopping experience. I am part of the Amazon Associate program as well as others. My recommendations will always be honest. For more information, you can find our disclosure policy here.  

Anything that does the cleaning for you is a definite win.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, this Deebot has good reviews and, as a perk, connects to Alexa.


Saving time cooking is always a win. This version of the Instapot has all the perks but also wifi so you can start it, monitor the cooking temp, and more. If you don’t want to get that techie about it, the original Instapot is cheaper. 

Bunn Coffee Maker

Caffeine is important fuel for any entrepreneur. The reason I love the Bunn because it makes an entire pot of coffee in less than 2 minutes and no plastic waste to worry with. 

Espresso Machine

Sometimes life just calls for drinks to be a bit more fancy. Plus, if you are a coffee shop fanatic, this espresso machine will definitely save you money and help with budgeting. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser

These aromatherapy diffusers are a great bonus to any home office because it can add a nice relaxing scent to the air. Essential oils have been used to calm anxiety and stress and give energy. If anything, it smells and looks nice. 

Desk Terrarium

Some green in  your home and work space can really brighten your mood. And as an entrepreneur, there will be days when you feel frazzled and stressed so this terrarium will be a nice touch. 

Laptop Desk

As a mom of little ones, sometimes you have to work where you can and that might mean the couch while the kids watch cartoons (educational ones of course). This laptop desk is meant for the couch so you won’t have you computer in your lap while your toddler is also trying to sit there. 

Productive Kid-Free Time

Need Help Prioritizing your To-do list to get THE MOST done during kid-free time? This worksheet will help you identify the money-making tasks you need to focus on to get more done!

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Bathrub Tray

Relaxing and self care are very important and even more so as a mom entrepeneur. This luxurious bath tray will make it a bit easier to convince yourself to take a few minutes and enjoy some down time. 

Kitchen Herb Garden

This serves so many purposes. You’ll save money and time by having your own herbs right there ready to be used, and you’ll have green in your kitchen which will help your mood and reduce stress. This indoor herb garden makes it super easy to setup and maintain. 

Amazon Echo Plus

This does all the things. Ask questions, play music, and more. If you have the compatible smart devices, it can control those, too. 

Wrap Up (pun intended)

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas as much as I did. No shame in casually share this article with friends and family so they can get the hint and get you the perfect gift this year. This gift guide showcases the best gifts for busy work at home moms. They help with cleaning, cooking, relaxing and more. Make life a little less hectic with these gifts that are perfect for any busy mom.

As busy mom entrepeneurs, gifts that help with saving time and sanity are welcome. This gift guide highlights gifts that will help you with cleaning, cooking, relaxing and more.
As a mom entrepreneur, life can get hectic sometimes. These gifts will help you gain back some sanity as they help you with cleaning, cooking, relaxing and more. Perfect ideas for mom entrepreneurs.

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