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Looking for the ideas on which products you can use to keep your toddler busy so you can be more productive as a work at home mom?

These gifts are perfect to keep your 2-4 year old toddler entertained while also encouraging exploration, development of motor skills, and creativity. You can feel good about your child playing with these while you work on your business. Win-win! Products a work at home mom can use to keep a 2 year old busy.

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My Giant Busy Box

My 2.5 year old loves this busy craft box. He will sit for a good hour and play with all of the items in the box, especially the stickers. 

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Melissa and Doug Jumbo Building Blocks

Building stuff is always a fun activity for toddlers. It encourages creativity and even teaches early concepts of physics. To help little hands build, these jumbo sturdy cardboard blocks are perfect.

Little Kid Trampoline with Enclosure

This might seem a bit much, but my son absolutely loves this trampoline. I use mine outside on the patio. I get to sit outside and work while my son gets to have fun (and burn some energy!). If you have a large indoor space, it’d work well there, too. It has a door that zips closed for safety as well. 

Play-doh FUNdamentals Box 

Play-doh is a great way to keep your toddler entertained. I love this fundamentals box because it has the play-doh, play mats, and most importantly, the play-doh squeezer (not sure if that’s official but it makes sense to me). My son loves this and will play quite well with this. 

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Crayola My First Doodle Board

If your toddler is into art, this is a fun, mess free option. My son is fascinated with this doodle board and loves “drawing” me pictures on it. 

Kids Dyson Vacuum

If you can work with some noise, this is a great option. Like most toddlers, my son is fascinated by the noise of the vacuum. This kids Dyson has two levels of noise, the little plastic pieces in the canister swirl around to simulate a real vacuum, and while it “works”, it will only pick up fuzz balls or very light weight items.

Toddler Racer Car

This is fun to watch my toddler figure out. It requires hand eye coordination and problem solving as they try to get the car to move in the direction they want using the controller.

Think & Learn Rocktopus

This one is on the wish list because it looks so much fun. Coordinating commands and making music are perfect for keeping your toddler busy and entertained for a bit.

Ride on Police Motorcycle

Being able to navigate and ride around the house has kept my son busy many times. This little rechargeable motorcycle is controlled by a push pedal and using the handle bars to turn. The light works and has a siren for an added bonus.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

In a world dominated by technology, I think its important that our kids learn how to use technology.

With that technology comes so many learning opportunities!

It really gives me piece of mind that he is using tech but getting so much good out of it. 

My son has learned so much from the shows on Amazon like SuperWhy that teaches problem solving , reading and writing as well as Daniel Tiger which teaches a lot about manners, social etiquette and conflict resolution. 

Honestly, it seems to get through to my son better when he can see it acted out with his favorite characters instead of me trying to explain it to him.

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Final Words

These are my top picks for items that keep toddlers busy.

As work at home moms, we need to be creative in how we get work done and sometimes that means letting our kids play in a way that encourages their own independence and development.

I’m sure there are other great ways to keep toddlers busy while we work.

Share your ideas in the comments below.

I’d love to hear them.

Products work at home moms can use to keep a toddler busy and entertained.

Toddler gift guide for work at home moms looking for something to keep their little one busy so they can work.
Toddler gift guide for work at home moms. Things that will actually entertain and teach your little one something useful.

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