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Struggling to manage your home, motherhood and growing your online business? Join me for a conversation with Lauren Kinde about how a simplified home and routine  can really help you find the right balance for you. 

While it’s not real balance, there is a balance that works for you and your life. 

In this podcast episode, I interviewed Lauren about everything from mom guilt to decision making and decluttering to productivity with little ones at home. You can listen to the episode for more in depth conversation or read the highlights here in this post.

Lauren’s story and how she started her blog

Lauren Kinde from This Simplified Home

Lauren found herself with the opportunity to be a stay at home mom right after having her first child. 

In 2019, she realized that trying to grow a business and be a full-time stay at home mom was too much and she needed to hire help with childcare. She found 2 amazing schools to put her then 2 and 4 year old into and she was working 30 hours a week growing her business. Then COVID hit and both kids were back at home, and that was tough. 

After trying multiple blogs and businesses, she realized that she was called to help moms with decluttering. The road to get here wasn’t always easy though. She knew she was supposed to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know exactly what to focus on. When she had an unsuccessful wedding photography business, it really weighed on her and challenged her self-worth. For years, this failure stood out to her as an example of why wasn’t meant to do business, but God kept prompting her. This idea of being an entrepreneur just wouldn’t go away. 

Finding her niche in decluttering

On her decluttering journey, she started to truly understand her worthiness (that it wasn’t tied to anything she did or how hard she worked) and regained her confidence. 

Through her own journey to overcome hoarding, she learned to shift her mindset and overcome the emotional reasons she was holding onto clutter and she started her decluttering journey. Seeing how hard it is for so many moms to manage the clutter in their homes and how much it can weigh on them, Lauren’s blog This Simplified Home teaches women how to declutter in a simple yet effective way to reduce overwhelm and find joy. 

Grab Lauren’s Free Decluttering Starter kit to cut your decluttering time in half. 

Clutter and entrepreneurship 

You might not realize it, but struggling with clutter and organization is often related to how successful you are as an entrepreneur. I don’t have official data, but just by talking to a lot of other mom entrepreneurs, when you are disciplined with cleaning, declutter and organization then you are often organized and disciplined in your business. 

Decluttering requires discipline and a lot of microdecisions that actually can translate into being more efficient in your business. Getting better at making decisions, even hard ones, about letting go of clutter can help you learn to make better decisions in your business.  

Not to mention the mental fatigue clutter causes and the distraction from your business. 

Then there’s the confidence that comes with creating a home that works well for you and your family. It might not be what others would choose or how you were brought up but learning to find something that works for you and being 100% ok with that decision, even if others don’t like it. This confidence translates to our decisions as entrepreneurs as well. There are a million opinions about how to run a successful online business, and we struggle to choose who to follow. But really it boils down to having the confidence to create the business that works for you and your life. Being confident in your ability to choose the things that work well for you and the things that don’t, even if they don’t fit in the mold of what somewhat else is teaching. 

What about women trying to do it all – grow a business and manage the home while being a stay at home mom? Lauren says that at the end of the day, we are still the brain of the operation even if you can get help cleaning it. This is why having a simple home makes life as a work at home mom so much easier. 

Listen to the full episode on the Mama With a Calling podcast (Episode 13). 

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