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Are you finding yourself struggling to make decisions in your business? You have a ton of ideas and a giant to do list, but you often feel paralyzed with the choice of what to work on next. You know that God has called you to start this business. Even though you really want the business to do well and people to be impacted, you also find yourself frustrated by the lack of productivity in your business. 

In this episode, we’re going to talk about 5 mindset shifts you can make around productivity and how you’re viewing the work you’re doing to really allow you to work diligently for God doing the work He’s given you. 

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Episode Highlights: 

  • What can happen when you aren’t able to be productive in your business and struggle with making decisions
  • How to change how you view your work (it’s not just yours but God’s)
  • Busy vs productive
  • CEO day – what is it and why you need one
  • CEO vs employee tasks – balancing the two 
  • Realizing you can’t mess up God’s plans by choosing the “wrong” thing

I hope these tips are really helpful for allowing you to be more productive in your business. If we aren’t producing anything, then we don’t have a business, so these mindset shifts are really important to your success. 

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