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Is God asking you to pivot or is it a temptation or distraction? This is something you might ask yourself if you’re an entrepreneur and suddenly a big opportunity comes out of nowhere. It could be a job with a great salary, the chance to do a freelance gig, or even a new business idea that seems so lucrative.

It might seem obvious to some, but you’re a Christian entrepreneur and you don’t want to just bounce around from thing to thing online. You want to do what God is calling you to do with your business. So is this a sign that God wants you to pivot or is it just the enemy distracting you from doing God’s work?

In this post and podcast episode, you’ll see how to prepare your heart to truly hear from God on something like this and how to clarity so you can make decisions.

Getting your heart clear to hear from God

As you probably guessed, this situation happened to me recently, and the only reason I was able to discern that it was probably a distraction was because I am very clear on where God is calling me to serve and what He’s calling me to do.

Of course we want to be willing to pivot if God asks us to do that, but we also have to be prepared for all of the distractions, road blocks, etc that are going to come up for us on this journey of growing a business. A key part of recognizing a potential distraction is being very clear on what God is calling you to do. What is heavy on your heart that you’re 99% sure God is calling you to. Once you’ve accepted that and own it, anytime some wild new job opportunity pops up, a red flag will come right along with it.

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Every Choice Isn’t a Sign From God

I don’t know if it’s because I watched too much TV as a kid or what, but I love to look for signs of where God is asking me to go. Sometimes, this can get me into trouble, because I will just assume anything happening a lot in my life is a sign, a good sign, from God. But that’s not always the case at all.

If you’re following God and doing His work with your business (which you are), then the enemy wants you to be distracted, defeated, or discouraged. If you’re any one of those, then you’ll be less likely to actually show up and do the work that God’s wanting you to do, right? And what better way to distract you than to throw tempting new jobs and shiny new business ideas at you. Remember Jesus getting tempted in the wilderness in Luke 4? The devil tempted him 3 times by twisting Scripture itself to make it sound like it was a good idea. Of course Jesus knew better, but if He got tempted in an attempt to thwart the whole mission, then we can, too.

How to tune into what God’s saying (even after we’ve learned to tune Him out)

This isn’t a warm, fuzzy thing to hear, but I truly think so many of us have trained ourselves to tune God out. Over time as we’ve ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit over and over, eventually we just get used to ignoring it all together. Not that He ever stops pursuing us or calling to us, but we train ourselves to ignore the voice that might be leading us down a road that feels uncomfortable in favor of the safety of our comfort zone. 

I’m not say we did it on purpose or we were trying to ignore God, but it still happens and now that you’re aware of it, let’s talk about changing it.

Tuning Back Into God

As always, all hope isn’t lost when it comes to our connection with God. He’s always welcoming us back no matter how far we’ve gone. So even if it’s been quite a while since you’ve really heard from God or even tried listening (like me…it was 10 years at least), you can take these 5 steps and start getting back in touch with God and hearing His voice.

5 practices to help you learn how to discern God’s prompting in both your business and your life: 

  1. Prayer 
  2. Listen for God’s reply (like Elijah in 1 Kings 19:11-13 )
  3. Taking action
  4. Examples of how God leads people in the Bible
  5. Practice

Recognizing that our hearts may have been hardened to hear from God is the first step in softening our hearts to be able to hear from Him again. 

These 5 steps are going to help you do just that. 

To hear more about this and go into more depth, listen to episode 11 of the Mama With A Calling podcast.

As always, I’m here to support you as you’re pursuing your calling and starting your online business.

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