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Ever wondered if you should start a ministry and leave your career to run it full-time? Maybe you’re at a point in life where changing careers feels crazy at this stage, but you also want to follow God. How do you know if He’s really calling you to do this or if it’s just a wild idea?

In this episode, I interview Martha Bragenberg from sheWorks4Him (and iWork4Him) about how she did just that. As she turned 50 years old, Martha was stepping out in faith with her husband to go full-time into ministry. 

So if you’re ever thinking that it might be too late or should you really do something like that, then this interview is for you. 

Martha brings so much wisdom and insight about so many things that are going to speak to you no matter which phase of your entrepreneurial journey you’re on. 

We cover topics like 

  • How to follow God in creating a business to honor Him
  • Overcoming fear and doubt when following God in business 
  • Leaving a career for this calling 
  • Working with your spouse
  • Hearing from God (and what to do when you got it wrong) 
  • Can you serve God with a business that’s not overtly “Christian”? 
  • The role of money in decisions along the way 
  • Deciding between a ministry and a business 

I hope you’re encouraged and inspired by Martha’s story and seeing what it looks like on the other side of taking that leap of faith and following where God is calling. Hint: It’s not as much a sudden “leap” as we make it out to be most of the time. 

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