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You know you’ve been called to be a mom but you’re also feeling called to be an entrepreneur. These are both really big jobs and you want to do well at both of them. But how do you create a version of balance as an entrepreneur mom giving attention to both motherhood and business? How do you show up as an entrepreneur mom in a way that honors God with what you’re doing?

The first thing to recognize about creating a balance between these two big areas of your life is that you get to define balance. It doesn’t necessarily mean equal energy and effort. You have to really do a lot of self-reflection and determine what you’re truly seeking when you’re thinking about balance so that you can create that.

We’re going to be talking all about navigating life as an entrepreneur mom and how to create your own version of “balance” and what works best for you and your business (without going crazy). 

I’m interviewing Shi Chen and talking to her about her own journey from teacher to life coach, and how she continued to grow her business as she became a mother and grew her family.

We talk about everything from hiring people to which mindset shifts are needed to be able to truly show up for your business and be the mom you want to be.

It’s really all about how to create balance as an entrepreneur mom so you can enjoy this journey.

To dive in and hear the entire interview, listen to Episode 27 of the Mama With A Calling podcast.

More About Shi Chen

Shi Chen is a certified business coach, wife, mama of two daughters, and avid journaler. She helps coaches, creatives, and online service providers build a solid business foundation with simple visibility, sales, and leadership strategies so they can get fully booked with their dream clients. You can learn more about her on her site.

The interview outline and details

Shi started noticing that a lot of her clients were wanting to start businesses themselves so she started focusing on helping them accomplish that. 

As we talked about Shi’s personal journey and the things she has seen with her own clients over the years, we covered so many topics that are bound to help you in your own entrepreneurship journey and finding that balance of being both a mom and an entrepreneur.

Some questions and topics we cover in the conversation are:

  • How did you overcome any shame or thoughts about leaving a career like education that’s already so impactful? 
  • What it looks like to start a coaching business in person vs online
  • How did you approach working on your business when you had your first child?
  • When did you decide that hiring people for your business was the right choice?
  • Deciding on putting your kids in childcare or not and how to decide what’s best for your business and family? 
  • Were there any mindset shifts that allowed you to be confident in being both a mom and an entrepreneur?
  • Getting support from your husband as you run your business. 
  • What has helped most when it comes to balancing your business and being a mom of 2 kids?

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    Final Thoughts

    I hope you’re encouraged by Shi’s story and can apply some of these tips to your own life as you’re figuring out how to create a life that lets you do what God is calling you to do with your business and being the kind of mom you’re wanting to be. 

    Where to connect with Shi: 

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