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Being a mother is amazing. But if we’re being honest, it can also be really hard. Of course, it’s not a secret that motherhood is full of many frustrations, but there are also many joys.

Beyond the typical frustrations that come with being a mom, there are also others that come when you realize you want to do more in life.

You might want to start a business, write books, or speak at conferences. Or maybe you were pursuing the career you’d always dreamed of and found yourself a mother and your priorities shifted all around. You either quit your job to be home with your kids or you now find yourself wanting to figure out how to make it happen.

But does being a mom mean you have to lay down every other desire you have to do big things in life?

No, but the journey may not look the way you envision or even want it to.

Today on the Mama With A Calling podcast, I am talking with Sandy Cooper (thescooponbalance / The Balance MomCast) about how to navigate the calling of motherhood and honoring the other things in life God may be calling you to, like starting a business.

(Listen to the full conversation on the podcast)

In this conversation, you’ll hear about: 

  • How to recognize the lies we believe as moms and how we can overcome those beliefs
  • Being obedient to God in the given season you’re in even when you wish you could be doing “more” for Him
  • How to reduce stress being a mom and an entrepreneur
  • So much more! 

More about Sandy

Sandy Cooper is a writer, podcaster, Bible study teacher, and professionally certified home chef. She has been a wife to Jon for over 28 years and is mom to Noah (deceased), Rebekah (23), Elijah (20), and Elliana (15). She has been encouraging women since 2008 at and podcasts weekly at The Balanced MomCast from her home office in Florida, where she lives with her family. 

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Sandy’s latest book Mom, You’re Amazing! (affiliate link) is the fuel behind our conversation on the podcast. The book is an amazing compilation of her years of blogging during those moments of struggle and learning along the way as she was going through the different seasons of motherhood and entrepreneurship as well. I started reading it and found myself laughing and crying at the stories and wisdom shared. Most of all, it was great to hear another mom put words to my own feelings.

To enter to win a free copy of Sandy’s book, leave a review on the Mama With A Calling podcast and send me a screenshot of your review either via email or on Instagram by May 27, 2022.

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After leaving my career as a scientist to be home with my son in 2018, I realized that while it was one of the hardest things I’d ever done, it was also one of the best. Along the way, I learned how to figure out what God was really calling me to do, embrace my role as mom, learn all things needed to manage my home and my life while keeping my sanity, and more. But the most important of all was learning how to read God’s Word and walk in faith every single day. This journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship has strengthened my faith in ways I would never have imagined. I’m here to help you experience the same as you pursue the calling God has given you as well. Learn more about my story here.

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