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Now that you know what reselling on ebay is all about, you’re interested in starting your own reselling business.

As with any business, you can go the free option by browsing through a lot of info on Google and trying to piece it all together.

While it’s great if you’re on a budget, it also means a lot more time on your end to go through the content and find what you need. If you’ve got some money to invest in your new business, then getting an ebook or course can really help you get over the learning curve really quickly and get your business running profitable sooner rather than later. 

To help you get your new reselling business started off on the right foot, I’ve put together a list of resources all about where to learn about all things to do with running an ebay business including both free and paid options. 


Blogs about reselling on ebay

    1. The E-commerce Mom – As a mom that’s sold over $100k on ebay, Kayla knows a lot about selling on ebay and fitting into mom life. She covers topics like how to get started, selling on platforms other than ebay, fitting ebay into your busy life, and much more. The unique thing about Kayla is she teaches about how to get started reselling other things besides clothing if that’s not your thing. 
    2. Listing to freedom – Lee left her engineering job to be a work at home mom and selling clothes and shoes on ebay and Poshmark allowed her to do that.  Read more about her story here when I interviewed her. She covers a variety of reselling topics and talks about how reselling has helped her pay off debt, too. 
    3. Flea Market Flippers – Rob and Melissa are full time resellers with little kids at home as well. Their specialty is reselling unique items for big profit, like a rowing machine they bought for $182 and flipped for over $700! They also sell normal things like shoes. 

While there are probably other blogs out there about reselling on ebay, these listed here are ones that teach solid info and focus on reselling used items. A lot of the ebay information you find when you google is going to be about dropshipping or ordering brand new items in bulk from China and reselling them on ebay. 

Ebooks, Courses and Memberships to teach more about ebay 

4. Kayla from (mentioned above) has a course to teach you how to get started as a reseller. Check out her course here. 

5. Lee from (mentioned above) has a number of products to help you get started with selling clothes and shoes on ebay and Poshmark. You can check out her products here. 

6. Suzanne A Wells offers a premium video library for a monthly fee that teaches you about specific niches that sell well on ebay. For example, she has a video dedicated to teaching all about cross stitch patterns and needlework that sells well. 

7. Bonafide Hustler product: Chris is super knowledgeable about ebay and has some products, such as how to flip bikes, that he lists below his YouTube videos, like this one

8. Hustle at home mom ebook: Perfecting the Garage Sale Treasure Hunt.  After selling over $130k from garage sales alone, Ashley puts all her info into this ebook. 

9. Flipper University Rob and Melissa have a very comprehensive course on how to go from knowing nothing to running a reselling business pretty quickly. You can check out Flipper University here. They have a free webinar that helps you see if you like their teaching and if reselling is a good fit for you. (Hint: watching the webinar is worth it for the bonus they give at the end.)

10. There are more courses floating around the internet I’m sure but these are some great places to get started. When I first heard about reselling, I had gotten a little intro course on There are some ebay courses on there but I can’t vouch for how reliable the information is.

There are also a number of ebooks on Amazon that focus on selling on ebay. Most of them are going to serve as a really nice guide for how to get started and the general concepts of being a successful reseller. They often won’t tell you specifics like what is selling though. You’ll just have to search on Amazon for reselling books to see what’s out there. 

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve decided you want to start an ebay reselling business, learning all the things about what to sell, how to sell it and the best way to run your business is the next step. After reselling over $50k on eBay, I have learned how to spot the quality instructors out there. 

I hope this list has given you a lot of resources to help you get your reselling off the ground or improve the one you’ve already got.