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You’ve finished school and are well into your career path when suddenly you feel things start to shift. You’re feeling like maybe this career isn’t right for you, but you thought you had all of that figured out already.


So now what do you do? How do you figure out where God is calling you at this point? 

If you’re feeling this shift in your heart to pivot your career to work from home, then that is on your heart for a reason.

Before you make the jump, it’s important to evaluate what your calling really is so that you can create a business that focuses on those strengths.  

Get a guide to help you figure out your gifts to decide which business you should start.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about what the Bible says about your calling and how you can look at the clues God has already given you to find out what your calling really is. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • The story of how I figured out God was calling me to a different path
  • How to recognize a calling on your heart
  • What does the Bible say about our calling
    • Spiritual gifts
  • Self-reflection question to help you find your calling

I hope this helps you feel more clarity around what your calling is and that God has equipped you for a purpose. 

For more help figuring out your calling, grab the free guide at

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Full Transcript of the Show

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